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Medications or supplements being taken will not affect the testing results. You or your pet can continue with any medication or supplement they are taking on a routine basis.

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Hair dye does not affect the results of the test. You will not have to wait until your natural hair grows in. You can test anytime.

It is not required for your hair to be freshly washed prior to submitting your hair sample.

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1. Parchment paper bag to put the hair into

2. Anti-static bag to put parchment paper bag with hair into

3. Return shipping label (only with poly bag)

4. Return poly shipping bag or envelope

5. Your information card to keep

*Your instructions will be printed on the inside of the test kit box*

If one or more of these items are missing, first carefully check inside the return poly shipping bag. Sometimes the very small items will be in there and are easily overlooked. If you are still not seeing an item that should be included, email us at or call us at 833-600-8378.

5Strands chooses to use hair, because in the context of convenience and mail regulations, the hair strands are the simplest, most effective option. Yes, hair does not deteriorate like blood or saliva. Bioresonance can also be measured through saliva, but then mailing bodily fluids in a safe manner increases the costs dramatically as they are passed to the customer.

Any body hair can be used to conduct the test (arm hair, leg hair, nose hair, ear hair, facial hair). If the hair is longer than 1 inch, please provide 10-15 strands. If the hair is shorter than 1 inch, please provide 20-25 strands.

It is not required to bathe your pet prior to the testing. However, the lab does need a sample that does not have any other visible items (dirt, leaves, etc.) attached to the hair.

You can take the hair sample from anywhere on your pet’s body. Brush with a clean comb/brush, cut, or gently pull. Whatever is easiest for you and your pet. The root is not required. If the hair is longer than 1 inch, please provide 10-15 strands. If the hair is shorter than 1 inch, please provide 20-25 strands.

Once the lab has completed the testing, it is stored in a container for up to 30 days. A biohazard company comes every 30 days to pick up the samples and disposes of them according to EPA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines.

5Strands Affordable Testing kit does not have an expiration date. Once the test has been purchased, it can be completed at any time.

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WHAT IS AN ALLERGY? An Allergy is an abnormal response of the body to a foreign body (antigen). It involves the immune system. Reactions are immediate.If an individual has a true food allergy, it is required to avoid that food for life or risk the consequences.

Note: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reports that 5% of children and  4% of adults have a true food allergy.

WHAT IS AN INTOLERANCE? An Intolerance is a deficiency in certain enzymes that breakdown the components of food. This will result in abnormal byproducts that produce unwanted symptoms.  With a food intolerance, the individual can eat small amounts of food without obvious consequences while eating larger amounts may lead to stomach cramps, nausea, or diarrhea. So there is a direct correlation: the amount of the food that the person eats determines the severity of their symptoms.  Food Intolerance symptoms may take awhile to emerge.  It can take several hours to several days.

Note: According to an article in PubMed, over 30% of the population suffers from food intolerance symptoms

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5Strands uses Bioresonance technology to test the hair sample and obtain the results. Bioresonance technology is a safe, non-invasive form of assessment for energetic alignments in the human body. Bioresonance works by scanning a hair sample to create a profile of the energies that radiate from a person or pet. This is called their energetic blueprint or profile. With this created profile, it can now be compared to all of the energetic profiles of all of the other items we test for. If the created profile from the hair sample does not harmonize with the items tested, the energy is distorted and the intolerance or imbalance is detected. The stronger the distortion, the higher the intolerance or imbalance.

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The two results are not directly comparable.  The physician uses a clinical approach with a laboratory test (laboratory values) to determine how an individual reacts to an allergen.  

5Strands utilizes bioresonance which neither tests symptoms nor is it a clinical laboratory test. We test with frequencies and therefore will not detect pathogens or allergens.  It tests on the finest energetic level for possible disturbances in the organism's ability to regulate. If the laboratory finding comes to the result of an allergy (regardless of what kind), then the bioresonance test will show us which causal relationships on an energetic level contribute to the allergic reaction.

These are completely different approaches and therefore not directly comparable. We cannot confirm or refute their diagnosis either. Nevertheless, we can draw conclusions from both methods: Inevitably, the test results cannot be exactly the same as laboratory values. We have now seen how both disciplines complement each other wonderfully in order to provide patients with the best possible help.  Ultimately, we want to create connections for understanding when looking at things. The only thing that matters for bioresonance (energetic) therapy is that we consistently harmonize the disturbed frequency ratios in order to support health. For holistic, cause-oriented physicians, this is an important basic requirement to make the body resistant, whatever challenges our body faces every day.  Start with a healthy lifestyle and diet.  Bioresonance also wants to support this path.

Important note: Bioresonance still belongs to the field of empirical medicine. Unfortunately, it is still neither recognized nor accepted by conventional medicine. The relationships shown, how bioenergetic vibrations work, sometimes go far beyond the current state of science.


An elimination plan is the Gold Standard to determine whether or not you have a food intolerance. It is almost impossible, and it is not always financially feasible to attempt an elimination plan on your own. 5Strands provides you with an instant elimination guideline from the unique responses. The first steps in conducting an elimination plan is to utilize the master list that is emailed to you with the results. You would cross off your registered level 3 and level 2 food items on the master list. The remaining items would be the items you would want to eat for 6-8 weeks. After eliminating these level 3 and level 2 intolerances out of your diet for 6-8 weeks, you can add back one offending food item at a time. Wait up to 48 hours to see if you experience any noticeable symptoms. Your body may have been able to heal and rebalance itself from this intolerance, and you will be able to eat the food item again without any issues, but only in moderation. If you notice a symptom after eating this offending food item, keep in mind that you can eat this food again, but you may still experience an undesirable symptom. The purpose of this testing is to be more in tune with what your body is trying to tell you and to achieve better health. Rotation and moderation is key. You should never be consuming the same foods every day.
Whats the plan?
Top Elimination diet mistakes

The testing parameters are determined by the lab that conducts the testing.  The lab will set the parameters in the machine as to where they consider an imbalance to occur. These parameters are proprietary to the lab and can not be compared to any other blood or saliva testing conducted at another lab. So if you take your results to your doctor and they decide to run a blood test, the results will likely not correlate with your 5Strands Nutrition Test.

What is the reference range for the Nutrition Test

The testing process actually provides you with a roadmap or guideline to conduct an elimination plan.  The elimination plan will only be successful if the individual adheres to the guidelines and is diligent in following instructions.  The accuracy of the results has never been in question when the individual/pet complies with the outlined results.  The results report removes the guesswork and makes the elimination plan easier by providing a list of food items that should be removed from the nutrition plan.

A strict elimination diet is truly the only way to test for food intolerances with complete accuracy. While an elimination diet is considered the Gold Standard, it is extremely challenging for an individual to be disciplined in their food intake and control every aspect of their food sourcing. The amount of time required to conduct such a regimented diet can be very lengthy and costly, especially if the individual has no guidelines on how to determine potentially offending items.

Affordable Testing stands behind the bio resonance hair-testing technology and takes every precaution and quality assurance protocols to ensure the accuracy of the testing results.  Accuracy is questioned in all types of medical testing. Regardless if conducted by blood, saliva, or skin prick, negative results almost always mean that you are not intolerant to a food. Positive results however are not always accurate. It’s been reported that about 50-60% of all skin prick tests yield “false positive” results, meaning that the test shows positive even though you are not really allergic/intolerant to the food being tested.  Even with one of the largest medical laboratories in the US, they include a disclaimer on their testing results that the test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by LabCorp.  It has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. 

5Strands Affordable Testing follows real world case study outlines to record the successful implementation of the elimination plans and the results achieved. These case study outlines are a record of a human or pet and their experiences based on the implementation of their testing results. 5Strands customers have an opportunity to fill out a questionnaire after implementing their results. We also ask for a before and after picture.

-If you would like to take a look at our human case studies sent in from our customers, please visit: HUMAN CASE STUDY

-If you would like to take a look at our pet case studies sent in from our customers, please visit: PET CASE STUDY



While there has not been a specific clinical trial to verify our testing services, a vast amount of documented research has been conducted over the last 30 years which supports the electromagnetic/electric/magnetic scientific field on which the testing is based. Today, energy medicine is officially recognized by the U.S. healthcare system as a subspecialty within the larger field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a center within the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is the federal government’s leading agency for scientific research on CAM. NCCAM reports that more than 42% of Americans use alternative medicine to address their health and wellness concerns. The Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) of the Congress of The United States produced a lengthy report entitled “Assessing the Efficacy and Safety of Medical Technologies.” The report stated the following: “It has been estimated that only 10–20% of all procedures currently used in medical practice have been shown to be efficacious by controlled trials. Personal experience is perhaps the oldest and most common informal method of judging the efficacy and safety of a medical technology.” We are proud to report that we have received countless testimonials from individuals who have personally experienced positive outcomes as a result of utilizing 5Strands Affordable Testing for themselves or their pets. Please refer to the case studies that are reported on our website and shared on our social media platforms. If you would like more information or wish to share your success story, please contact our office at 1-833-600-8378.

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We have included a link that will show you what an actual test results report will look like for an Equine Health Package.


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The lab will retain the hair sample for approximately 30 days before it has been disposed of. As long as the sample is still available, we can run the additional test for you once payment is completed. You would need to contact our customer service team at 1-833-600-8378 to process the request.

  • The return label provided in your kit has its own unique tracking number on the label. 5Strands does not have access to this number. You must write this number down on the leave behind card in order for you to be able to track the package. The average return shipping time can fluctuate depending on mail holidays and weekends, however if you are within the United States, we are likely to receive your sample between 3 to 10 business days.
  • If you are located outside of the United States, we do not provide a shipping label with tracking. You will have an envelope that you will have to purchase postage or racking for yourself.



We have recently heard from some of our pet customers indicating that their pet insurance has reimbursed them for their pet test. Currently we have not heard of any health insurance companies covering the cost of the human testing. Affordable Testing has tried to keep the cost of the testing at an affordable price so that most consumers can afford the test without insurance reimbursement.

Each HSA and FSA account has different rules and regulations. You will need to contact them directly to see whether or not they have coverage for at home testing kits.

  • Place the antistatic bag (with the hair sample) inside the box. Close the 5Strands box and place into the provided poly bag. Secure the provided shipping return label on top of the poly bag. Place the bag inside the mailbox and wait to receive your confirmation email upon your sample's arrival at our processing center.
  • If you do not have a poly bag and shipping label, but an envelope, place the silver anti-static bag with the hair sample inside the envelope and mail. If you wish to have tracking, you will need to go to your postal carrier and purchase tracking.

-Once the hair sample has been received at the processing center and entered into the system, you will receive a confirmation 'Sample Received' email from

-You can also log into your portal account and see if the order status has changed from 'awaiting sample' to 'sample received.' (see example below)

Adult Deluxe.
Subject: Jane Doe.
Purchased: Jun 24, 2020.
Order Status: Awaiting Sample.
Reference Number: CD8C9K8Z.

Adult Deluxe.
Subject: Jane Doe.
Purchased: Jun 24, 2020.
Order Status: Sample Received.
Reference Number: CD8C9K8Z. 


It is rare that samples are lost in the mail, but unfortunately it can happen. If you have your tracking number written down on your leave behind card, you can check where it is in transit. If you are concerned that your sample may be lost in transit, please contact our customer service team via email at or call 1-833-600-8378. We can provide a contingency plan for you if this situation arises.

What happens?

  • 5Strands is happy to announce that we can offer our testing anywhere in the world. Shipping prices on our website are determined by your location. We can also offer a downloadable option for other countries. Please contact our customer support team at or call 1-833-600-8378 if you would like to inquire about our downloadable test kit option or have any questions about shipping.
  • Unfortunately, 5Strands does not offer free return shipping for our international customers.

Go to register my kit.
-Enter the unique identifier number provided on the information card inside the kit and on the anti-static bag.
-Follow the prompted instructions



If you realize that you have purchased the wrong test, please contact our customer support team for further instructions at 1-833-600-8378. Sometimes it may be able to be rectified over the phone instead of having to return the kit for a refund.

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5Strands tests for intolerances, and not true allergies. True allergies trigger the immune system, and intolerances do not. If you have a true allergy to an item, it does not mean that you will be intolerant to it also.

When it comes to intolerances, it does not make a difference where the item is listed as an ingredient. It could be the last item on the list and it could be the trigger that is causing your pet to experience unwanted symptoms. It is best to make sure that when preparing to do the elimination plan, all of the level 3 items have been eliminated from your pet's food for at least 6-8 weeks. You can then begin introducing those items and see if your pet does not respond to those level 3 items. If this elimination plan is followed the way it was intended, you should see improvement within 2-3 weeks. If you choose to feed your pet items that are on their level 3 intolerance list, just remember that it could take longer to see improvement. Unfortunately, we never know for sure, which items on that level are the ones that are triggering the unwanted symptoms your pet may be experiencing.


The different levels indicate the severity of the symptoms you may experience from ingesting or being exposed to items you registered an intolerance to. Level 3 items can present themselves as noticeable symptoms such as joint pain, diarrhea, constipation, itchy skin, dry skin, inflammation, headaches, mood changes, and more. Level 2 items are less severe, and IF they are noticeable symptoms, they will be more mild than the level 3 item reactions. Level 1 items are just beginning to affect the body at a cellular level and will most likely not have any noticeable symptoms.Can you explain what the different levels

This test will indicate your body’s inability to absorb and process the particular nutrient tested. It does not mean you are intolerant to the nutrient, it means your body is not getting enough of it, and you will need to consume more foods that are rich in that particular nutrient.

Fruits are considered to be generally "healthy foods"! Just because fruit is considered a healthy food, does not always mean it's healthy for you. If you are lacking the digestive enzymes that will break that food down, it may take only 1 or 2 items on your Level 3 list to disrupt or disturb your gut health or microbiome. Once this is damaged, generally healthy foods can start to cause you those unwanted discomforts. In order to restore your gut health, you may have to say goodbye to a few of your favorite fruits, but just for a while!  Also don't forget that over consumption of an item can cause stress on your body. Daily intake of a specific fruit could prevent  your body's ability to process and break it down. This is where we suggest removing, replacing, allowing the body time to restore balance, and then consume in rotation and moderation.  

I thought Fruits & Vegetables were HEALTHY

Try focusing on what you CAN eat. Look at your test results and see all of the items that are listed as insignificant responses. These are the food items that you can consume during the  6-8 week elimination period. You do not want to consume the level 3 items. If you choose to consume level 2 and level 1 items, try not to consume them more than 2 times a week. Our testing results format makes it much easier to identify the foods that you should be consuming.

My 5Strands Food Intolerance results make it seem like I cannot eat anything

Your 5Strands Food Intolerance test results are not your forever diet. This report is an elimination guideline.  After you conduct the elimination plan, if your symptoms have lessened or disappeared, you can reintroduce one offending food item at a time back into your nutrition plan. If you do not experience any noticeable symptoms, it means you will be able to consume the once offending food item in moderation again! As we always say, rotation and moderation is key.

Is the 5Strands Food Intolerance Report My FOREVER Diet?

If the elimination plan is done correctly, you or your pet should start experiencing improvements within 2-3 weeks of the elimination plan. However, you want to continue with the elimination for 6-8 and then start reintroducing foods.

Rotation and moderation is key. What we mean by this is that your diet needs variety. You should not consume the same foods every day. If you eat a food that you have an intolerance to every day, you will experience noticeable symptoms.  Once you have completed your elimination plan and let your body rebalance, you can reintroduce the food item. On average, most people may be able to consume a food item 2-3 times per week without experiencing any symptoms.  You will have to figure out what is your normal. Just remember not to go back to eating the same item every day.

What does 5Strands mean by "Rotation & Moderation"? 

We want to emphasize that purchasing a cheap bottle of supplements will probably NOT fix your nutritional deficiencies. Your body has a hard time recognizing supplements in this form. When you think about it, from the beginning of time, how did people receive their nutrients? Through whole foods! Nutrients don’t become bioavailable when you take them as supplements. If you eat the nutrients as they naturally occur in foods, the body can more easily recognize them. 

What does Bio-Available Nutrients mean?

Any time heat is added to a food, the composition of the food changes. Therefore it can affect the way your body reacts to it. This is true for any process a food undergoes. That is the beauty of this type of testing. It opens up more food choices for you when you are preparing your elimination plan.

When you take a particular food items and add ingredients to it, it will change the chemical and physical composition of the item, therefore your intolerance to it can change. In the case of soy sauce, the soy in the sauce is “fermented." That means that the soy is broken down by microorganisms, and the remaining sauce doesn’t have the same soy proteins as soybeans.

How can I have an intolerance to soy but not soy sauce?

E-items are additives, other than the basic raw ingredients, used in processed or pre-packaged foods that affect the food's characteristics.
Here is the breakdown of what an E-item number refers to:
- 100-199 Food Coloring
- 200-299 Preservatives
- 300-399 Antioxidants
- 400-499 Thickeners, Emulsifiers, Stabilizers
- 500-599 Acidity Regulators, Anti-caking Agents
- 600-699 Flavor Enhancers
- 700-999 Sweeteners, Foaming Agents, Gases

For the full description of each E-Item please visit our Items Tested tab

What do the "E-Items" mean on the 5Strands Intolerance Test? 

While some of the items on both your Nutrition report and your Metals/Minerals report may overlap, they do not indicate the same information. The Nutrition report indicates your body’s inability to properly absorb and process the particular nutrient tested. It does not mean you are intolerant to the nutrient but that your body is not properly utilizing it and you may need more of it. The Metals/ Minerals test results, on the other hand, indicate a severity of response report of your body’s ability to process and eliminate each item tested or you may have too much of it in your body.

What is the DIFFERENCE between the 5Strands Nutrition Test & Metals Test?

It's easy to come into contact with any of the metals and minerals that show up on your results. It can be in the air that we breathe, water we drink, food that we eat, as well as the appliances that we use to cook the food, and don't forget about the containers that foods are stored in!  It's hard to completely avoid these items since they are literally everywhere. Utilize your test results to become aware of what you come into contact with on a daily basis. Then you can make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle such as using a water filter, purchasing foods stored in glass containers or changing your cookware as a start.

How do I come into contact with harmful Metals & Minerals?

An item showing up on both the Nutrition test as well as Metals/Minerals test indicates that the body is not processing the item properly. Rather than being absorbed by the body to be used in beneficial ways [reported as a nutritional imbalance], excesses are being stored in the tissues and the imbalance is reported as an overload of that item (metals/minerals imbalance).


If you are currently supplementing with a particular vitamin/nutrient, and you registered that item on your results report, it can indicate that the source of the supplement is not being absorbed properly by the body. This would mean you need to try and consume whole foods that contain the nutrients you need versus continuing on the supplement. Our bodies are designed to naturally absorb nutrients from whole foods instead of synthetic supplements. If you are unable to incorporate the whole foods containing the nutrients you need into your diet, you can search for an organic/all-natural supplement that may be better absorbed by the body. Always consult with your doctor or healthcare practitioner before starting a supplement.

Why do the results show a nutrition imbalance

We are excited that you are feeling better and congratulations on sticking to the plan. Digestive enzymes may help with breaking down different parts of food such as fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They may help aid your digestion. Since some intolerances may be due to a lack of good gut bacteria, aiding them may be beneficial. Probiotics help add good gut bacteria to your body and prebiotics feed them. At this point you should have become more aware of your body and the issues that may begin to present themselves. Try to keep eating a variety of foods and listen to when you may to need to temporarily cut some something out. For more information go to our helpful links page on our website.

I have completed my Elimination Plan

The items on the list are reviewed at least once a year.  Depending on food trends and what the majority of the population of people and pets consume, will decide what new items will get added and those that will be removed.  Just because someone requests an item to be run on the test, does not mean that it will get added.  The lab has the final determination on whether it can be done or not.

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  • The first course of action is to make sure that you have entered the correct URL or website address.
  • Next, make sure that you are using the correct username and password. You should have written this information down on the leave behind card.
  • Make sure that the time on your computer is exact. Go to
  • If you still cannot log into your account, please email with a description of the issue and any screenshots that you can provide.

-Once the hair sample has been received at the processing center and entered into the system, you will receive a confirmation 'Sample Received' email from

-You can also log into your portal account and see if the order status has changed from 'awaiting sample' to 'sample received.' (see example below)

Adult Deluxe.
Subject: Jane Doe.
Purchased: Jun 24, 2020.
Order Status: Awaiting Sample.
Reference Number: CD8C9K8Z.

Adult Deluxe.
Subject: Jane Doe.
Purchased: Jun 24, 2020.
Order Status: Sample Received.
Reference Number: CD8C9K8Z. 


The average turnaround time at the lab is between 5-7 days. Please be aware that the completion of the results can vary around the holidays.


Once the hair sample has been received at the processing center and logged into the system, it will be immediately sent to the lab. Once the results have been completed, they will automatically be uploaded and available on the portal and your app. You will also receive an emailed copy of the testing results to the email you provided.


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Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We want you to be happy with your decision to purchase a 5Strands® Affordable Testing Kit.

  • We can only consider refunds where you purchased the kit from our website.
  • If you purchased from Amazon or a retailer, you must request a refund from that location.
  • If you change your mind after purchasing, we will offer you a full refund provided that you notify us of your decision to cancel your order within 7 days of placement and before mailing in your hair sample.
    Unused kits are subject to a full refund, if all items are present when returned. Refund requests must be submitted within 60 days of purchase.
  • Once you’ve mailed your hair sample and it has been received in our office for processing, NO refunds will be issued. Used kits are not eligible for a refund.

  • Remember that we will not honor a request for a refund just because you or your vet does not like the results or someone told you this testing is not valid after the fact. We can only consider a refund where the results were implemented to conduct an elimination diet for 6-8 weeks. If you have met this requirement, your request will be reviewed by the manager for approval.

To claim your refund, please email our customer service team at
with the following details:
● Name used to purchase
● Email address used to purchase
● PayPal Transaction ID, website order number, or Amazon transaction number
● Transaction amount
● Date of purchase
You will need to return the box and the entire contents before receiving your refund to the following address:

5Strands Affordable Testing
Customer Service Department (Returns)
595 Old Norcross Rd, Suite D
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your concerns, please contact our customer service department at 1-833-600-8378, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm EST.

We are happy to help!

5Strands® Affordable Testing and this website do not make any medical diagnoses nor are they intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider if you have a medical condition or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and/or medical symptoms. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or the emergency services immediately. Reliance on any information provided by 5 Strands® Affordable Testing and this website is solely at your own risk. Some of the content on this website may be provided by third parties and we are not in a position to verify this content. We do not warrant that any such third party content is true, accurate or complete. Our method of testing does not test for type IgE allergies. Since these reactions can be serious, you should seek the help of an allergy specialist.

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If you were currently feeding your pet commercially prepared pet food, we are unable to endorse a specific brand of commercial/processed pet food. Sometimes it is not as simple as changing the protein source of the pet food. They may have intolerances to all the other fillers and additives in the pet food that can be causing their issues.  You may have to consider taking your pet off of kibble and cook for them or even consider feeding raw.  Our helpful link section on the website has several DIY dog food recipes. During the elimination period you really need to find one or two protein sources and a vegetable.  You will feed this to your pet for the next 6-8 weeks and see if their symptoms lessen.  If so, you can then begin the reintroduction process.  That is how you will determine their forever diet. If you are still having difficulty understanding how to do this or do not want to cook for your pet, we do have a pet nutritionist that we can refer you to that will help you figure out what to feed your pet.  Just call or email our customer support team and we will be happy to send you her information.

No.  You should not feed anything to your pet during the 6-8 week elimination period that was not tested for.  You will not know whether or not your pet is intolerant to it.  Wait until the reintroduction period and test that food item out for at least a week and see how your pet responds to it.

Our testing is very item specific. Each item listed is processed differently. If you are feeding your pet kibble, you may see these listed as ingredients on the bag.  Since we are testing for Intolerances, each item will affect your pet differently.  Whereas if your pet has a true allergy, they will likely have an issue with all of these items.

Chicken- meat from a chicken (this will be in kibble or it will be what you can buy at a store)

Chicken Meal- This will also only be found in processed pet foods.  It consists of chicken tissues that are not edible for humans.  

Chicken by product- is used as a major component only in processed pet foods. It will consist of chicken carcasses, bones, feathers, and possibly even roadkill!

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At 5Strands, we currently cannot make recommendations for particular pet foods that your pet can have based on their test results. However, on our website, we do provide several helpful links that can aid you in creating the best elimination plan for your pet. If you need additional help, we have a pet nutritionist who can consult with you and help  you find the right food for your pet.

If your pet has a food intolerance, it means that your pet is lacking the digestive enzyme to break that particular food down. So the reaction is not life threatening and may take hours or days after eating the food to manifest any type of symptom. Unlike a true allergy, where only a trace amount can trigger a reaction, with an intolerance symptom, it may manifest only if they eat a substantial amount of the food. So it is not the act of consuming the item often that creates the intolerance. The intolerance is always there, it is really the manifestation of the symptoms that becomes more apparent with overconsumption. That is why it is always recommended to feed in rotation and moderation after the initial elimination period to avoid triggering any unwanted symptoms.

5Strands tests for intolerances, and not true allergies. Your dog may register intolerant to other dogs if the hair, fur, or dander creates a response in their body. The best way to eliminate any potential issues that may come with this, is to keep your dog(s) washed and brushed, keep your floors cleaned and vacuumed, and potentially purchase an air filter/purifier.

Metals and minerals are everywhere including the air that they breathe, water that they drink, food that they eat and the ground they walk on. But it doesn't stop there, it's in the grass from the pesticides and fungicides that are sprayed on yards, it could be a cleaner that you use in your home each day. Let's not forget that it could even be in their toys and bowls. They are hard to avoid since they are literally everywhere! But you can make adjustments such as filtering your pet's water, reading the ingredient list on your pet's kibble, and wiping down their paws before they come inside, or changing your household cleaning materials.

Our test is very item specific. Certain cuts of meat and organs can resonate differently with the body. If it is listed on the master list of food items we test for and it does not show up on the results, then it is ok to consume that particular item.

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There are 4 different types of proteins in wheat. One of which is gluten. 5Strands tests for single ingredient food items and not individual sources of proteins within a food item. If we were to test for gluten, we would need to test for albumin, globulin, and gliadin also.

Bulgar wheat
Wheat berry

Cassava Flour
Corn Flour
Rice (brown)
Rice (white)
Rice (wild)

No, a wheat allergy isn’t the same as a gluten allergy. There’s no such thing as a gluten allergy. A gluten allergy would be more in line with Celiac's Disease.

A wheat allergy and celiac disease are sometimes confused for each other. However, they’re different. With a wheat allergy, your immune system responds with an IgE mediated response, causing symptoms associated with any type of allergic reaction, including anaphylaxis. With Celiac's disease, your immune system responds by attacking the lining of the small intestine. The damage to the hair-like villi causes the inability to absorb nutrients resulting in malnutrition.

  • A gluten intolerance is a digestive system response. Your body is unable to properly digest gluten, which causes sickness.
  • A wheat allergy causes your immune system to overreact and create antibodies.

Navigating the complexities of gluten and wheat-related diseases involves understanding diverse symptoms and conditions. View here.

Wheat germ, wheat starch, durum, einkorn, emmer, farina, matzo, kamut, fu, seitan, malt, udon, and semolina

  • pasta, noodles
  • breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, cereal
  • spices & seasoning mixes, marinage
  • chicken broth, canned soups, bouillion cubes
  • salad dressing, malt vinegar, soy sauce, barbecue sauce
  • condiments like ketchup
  • sauces, gravy
  • beer, brewers yeast, bottled wine coolers, drink mixes
  • flour tortillas
  • potato chips, pretzels, energy bars, granola bars
  • pre-seasoned meats, meat substitutes (veggie burgers), hot dogs
  • processed cheese, egg substitutes
  • food coloring
  • pudding

Yes! You would be surprised. Reading labels is a must.

  • lipstick, and other cosmetics used near the mouth
  • dental products
  • communion wafers
  • herbal & nutritional supplements
  • some medications
  • some vitamin & mineral supplements
  • Play-Doh
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A dairy product is a food that contains the milk of mammals such as cows, sheep, goats, and buffalos.

The nutritional composition of milk is complex. It contains almost every nutrient the body needs to survive. Milk is over 80% water with the remaining solids made up of fat, carbohydrates/sugar, and protein. The proteins are both soluble and insoluble.

  • Casein is the insoluble protein that forms 80% of the milk proteins.
  • Whey is soluble and forms the remaining 20%.

The principal carbohydrate found in milk is Lactose. This natural sugar is broken down in the body and digested with the help of an enzyme called Lactase.

Lactose is a major component in milk. It is composed of simple sugars. It can only be broken down by the enzyme called Lactase.

When the body is not producing enough lactase, you may develop lactose intolerance. When lactose is not fully absorbed, it will pass down to the colon where bacteria will begin fermenting it. This causes symptoms such as bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Whey protein is a mixture of proteins that can be isolated from whey, the liquid created as a by-product of cheese production. It is composed primarily of:

  • B-lactoglobulin
  • A- lactalbumin
  • Bovine serum albumin
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Proteose peptones

Whey protein accounts for 20% of the protein in milk. It is considered a complete protein which means it has all of the amino acids your body needs. It is also very easy to digest.

Caesin is a protein found in milk and dairy products. It accounts for around 80% of the protein in milk. It is a complete protein which means it contains all of the essential amino acids required by the body. Caesin is slower to digest than whey protein, so it stays in your system longer and can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

A milk allergy is when your immune system overreacts to one or more of the proteins in milk. It is much more serious that lactose intolerance as it can be life threatening.

Milk allergies are more common in children that adults.

Main symptoms can be skin rash, swelling, breathing problems, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stools, and even anaphylaxis.

It's all in the processing!

Regular plain yogurt is constructed by heating milk and then adding bacteria, then letting it ferment.

Greek yogurt is constructed by taking plain yogurt and removing the whey and other liquids. By this straining process, it reduces the volume so it requires much more milk to achieve the same size batch as the regular yogurt. It is much thicker and more tart. It consists of twice the amount of protein and half the amount of carbs/sugar.

Margarine, chocolate, bread, baked goods, frosting, breakfast foods, processed foods, marinades, sauces, salad dressings, hot dogs, instant mashed potatoes, flavored potato chips, canned tuna, canned or boxed soups, gum, vegetarian meat products, protein or energy bars, vegan cheese, granola, some medicines, and some vitamins.

Soy milk, Almond milk, Oat milk, Coconut milk, & Rice milk.

These can be healthier options because some of them are low in sodium.

They can also be used to make other dairy alternatives such as vegan butter, soya cheese, coconut oil, & pea protein.

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