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Sensitivity & Imbalances Test

41 Reviews

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    Introducing our Sensitivity & Imbalance kit, your all-in-one solution for gaining personalized insights into how your body interacts with current dietary habits and lifestyle patterns. With over 234 food items, 125 environmental factors, and 83 vitamin and mineral, items tested, this holistic assessment provides a thorough examination of your health and wellness needs.

    The Shift You Needed: If you're ready to uncover personalized insights into your body's interactions with your diet and lifestyle, then this holistic assessment is for you. Simply provide us with 5Strands of hair, and within one weeks, we'll deliver personalized results that identify the factors contributing to your health and wellness challenges.

    100% of People Have Intolerances: Our intolerance test identifies the items responsible for creating chemical imbalances within the body, which may manifest as weight fluctuations, digestive issues, inflammation, skin irritation, neurological issues, and more. Please note that this test does not diagnose food allergies, such as anaphylactic shock or severe swelling.

    At-Home Health Care: No need to take time off work or schedule appointments. Our process is simple: (1) Purchase the kit, (2) Receive and register the kit, (3) Collect a hair sample, and (4) Send it to 5Strands. The provided hair sample's electromagnetic signal is compared to the frequency of each item tested. Based on the severity of the imbalance, our color-coded results categorize intolerances into four levels, each suggesting a timeframe for eliminating the offending item. With no prescriptions or painful bloodwork required, only a hair sample is needed to gain valuable insights and enhance your nutrition plan today.

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    The Personalized Health Insights You Need

    Uncover a detailed overview of your dietary and environmental sensitivities with the 5Strands Sensitivity & Imbalances test, which efficiently identifies over 440 food, environmental, and nutritional items that may be affecting your well-being. Endorsed by functional medicine doctors worldwide, our innovative hair-analysis testing method is both non-invasive and simple to complete from home, providing fast results in just a week. Utilize your personalized report to strategically eliminate severe intolerances and enhance nutrient absorption by adjusting your intake of whole foods or organic supplements. By embracing a patient and proactive approach, supported by our expert team, you can begin a transformative health journey towards achieving balanced nutrition while alleviating discomfort.

    0 Food Items
    0 Environmental Items
    0 Vitamins & Minerals
    Parchment Bag
    Silver Anti Static Bag
    Shipping Bag W/ Label
    Test Kit Box


    1. Parchment paper bag to put the hair into

    2. Anti-static bag to put parchment paper bag into

    3. Return poly shipping bag or envelope

    4. Return shipping label (only with poly bag)

    5. Your information card to keep

    *Instructions printed on inside of box*

    If you believe an item is missing, carefully check inside the poly shipping bag. Sometimes the very small items will be in there and are easily overlooked. If you don't find the item contact us at or 833-600-8378.

    Reading Your Test Results

    Get Results In 4 Steps

    • Register Kit Icon


      Login to and click REGISTER KIT. Use unique ID code provided inside kit.

    • Collect Hair Icon


      Collect 5Strands of hair from head, arm, or body and place it inside the provided bag.

    • Mail Sample Icon


      Place bag back inside the kit. Make sure postage is good to ship box back to us.

    • Receive Results Icon


      A week after we receive the kit, we will be able to send the results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are 3 tests included: (1) Food Intolerance (2) Environmental Intolerance (3) Vitamin Mineral Imbalances

    After you have collected your hair sample and sent it back to our processing center, we can promise results within 7 days!

    We have recently heard from some of our pet customers indicating that their pet insurance has reimbursed them for their pet test. Currently we have not heard of any health insurance companies covering the cost of the human testing.5Strands Affordable Testing has tried to keep the cost of the testing at an affordable price so that most consumers can afford the test without insurance reimbursement.

    Once the hair sample has been received at the processing center and entered into the system, you will receive a confirmation 'Sample Received' email from

    *You can also log into your portal account and see if the order status has changed from 'awaiting sample' to 'sample received.' (see example below)

    Adult Deluxe.
    Subject: Jane Doe.
    Purchased: Jun 24, 2020.
    Order Status: Awaiting Sample.
    Reference Number: CD8C9K8Z.

    Adult Deluxe.
    Subject: Jane Doe.
    Purchased: Jun 24, 2020.
    Order Status: Sample Received.
    Reference Number: CD8C9K8Z.

    5Strands is happy to announce that we can offer our testing anywhere in the world. Shipping prices on our website are determined by your location. We can also offer a downloadable option for other countries. Please contact our customer support team at or call 1-833-600-8378 if you would like to inquire about our downloadable test kit option or have any questions about shipping. Unfortunately, 5Strands does not offer free return shipping for our international customers.

    Sensitivity & Imbalances Test

    Sensitivity & Imbalances Test

    41 Reviews

    Regular price   $164.00 Sale price   $144.00

    5Strands excels in offering premier food sensitivity testing solutions, focusing on enhancing your health and wellness journey through our straightforward, lab-based testing kits. *Disclaimer: The information derived from 5Strands tests is meant for informational purposes only and is not to replace professional medical consultation. These insights are not intended for diagnosing, treating, or managing any health or medical conditions. Should your symptoms cause concern, it is imperative to seek advice from a healthcare provider. The content on our website serves an educational role and should not be used to neglect or delay seeking professional medical care. 5Strands interprets Food Sensitivity through bioresonance technology. Please be aware that 5Strands tests are not designed to detect celiac disease or lactose intolerance. Also, our testing services are not offered in the state of New York. Numerous clients have noted improvements in their health and well-being after using the 5Strands test, as reported by various research surveys

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