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Why You Should Sell 5Strands In Your Store?

5Strands is a unique and innovative product that can provide an incremental item to your store, setting you apart from competitors and attracting new customers. With a higher price point, selling 5Strands can help increase the average order value, ultimately boosting your store's sales revenue. Offering a reliable and effective product like 5Strands can also improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in a higher return rate and increased sales over time.


5Strands is the #1 intolerance testing product available in the market. Incorporating this product enables you to distinguish yourself from competitors while generating net new sales.


Selling 5Strands in your retail store will enhance your store's average order value and optimize your overall revenue and profitability.


5Strands holistic at-home test kits are like annual check ups, which encourages repeat purchases and for consumers to buy other relevant items based on their test results.


Seaside Store

Pet Wants, Chardon Store owners Danielle & Jason Moats not only sell β‰ˆ$2,000 of 5Strands test kits per month, they also align with our values that health is dependent on what we put into our bodies. Loyal Pets Wants customers are now trusting 5Strands as a reliable annual/bi-annual checkup for their cats and dogs, also returning often to make different pet food choices based on their updated test results.

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