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Your Road Map To Better Health

5Strands Affordable Testing offers 4 different types of tests for people & pets: (1) Food Intolerances 600 Items (2) Environmental Intolerances 190 Items (3) Nutritional Deficiency 80 Items (4) Metal & Mineral Imbalances 60 Items. Our easy 4 step process provides you with a road map on how to achieve your desired dietary & lifestyle adjustments.

5Strands chooses a hair sample collection method and utilizes bioresonance technology to identify temporary imbalances causing symptoms such as upset stomach, headaches, bloating, joint pain, & water retention. 5Strands does not provide testing for IgE or IgG mediated responses (true allergy involving the immune system causing anaphylaxis response).

You will receive a comprehensive elimination guideline of food intolerances (this includes key proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten, lactose, etc.) and environmental intolerances (cleaning materials, fabrics, pollen, trees, lotions). The results will show only the items you registered an imbalance to upon exposure. That exposure is placed onto a severity scale and provided to you as a level of response your body may be experiencing.

5Strands also provides a Nutritional Deficiency test and a Metals & Minerals test. The Nutrition covers 80 key vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (vitamin b12, d3, calcium, GABA, etc.). The Metals & Minerals test for 60 items (mercury, boron, tin, lead, copper, etc.). This testing provides the severity of the response upon exposure to each item. Unlike traditional testing, it will not provide you with a physical measurement of the amount of the item in your body.

Testing results take 7-10 days after the hair sample is received at the processing center. Our incredible customer support team is accessible via email or phone to assist with any questions along your journey. When you get your emailed results, don’t be overwhelmed, take a deep breath, and be excited to start your journey to better health.

“Our mission is to empower families with a voice about their own health care and that of their pets. We strive to fill the void of consumer-driven needs with our affordable testing.”

Adults and Children


(5Strands testing DOES NOT provide answers for the symptoms below)



(5Strands testing CAN provide answers for the symptoms below)
  • icon-hover121
    Swelling of the lips, face, and tongue.
  • icon-hover123
    Hives, itching, nausea, and vomit.
  • icon-hover122
    Tightness in chest, wheezing, and abdominal pain.
  • icon-hover125
    Headache, mood swings, eye mucus, and runny nose.
  • icon-hover124
    Bloating, IBS, water retention, and diarrhea.
  • icon-hover698
    Joint pain, skin irritation, itching, and acne.



(5Strands testing DOES NOT provide answers for the symptoms below)



(5Strands testing CAN provide answers for the symptoms below)
  • icon-hover187
    Swelling of the mouth, chin, and eyes.
  • icon-hover156
    Hives, eczema, vomit, and diarrhea.
  • icon-hover148
    Ear infection, breathing difficulties, and snoring.
  • icon-hover189
    Hot spots and excessive hair loss.
  • icon-hover198
    Chewing on the paws and joint pain.
  • icon-hover178
    Severe gas, diarrhea, and runny nose.


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Customer Testimonies 


Purchased this test for my dog, because he would always behave differently when I would change his food. Come to find out through the test, that he is allergic to fish. I no longer purchase any food that contains fish and now he is great. I would like to thank the makers of the pet intolerance test. Would highly recommend this product.

Cameron Estep

My dog has been experiencing itchy, red, scanned skin recently. It wasn’t anything that was too concerning but we were monitoring it to make sure it didn’t get any worse. I figured it was some sort of allergic reaction and I was correct, after reviewing our results from this test. My dog was intolerant to the chicken in her food we were giving her. We’ve recently switched food brands, hoping that works!


I was skeptical but desperate to find out why my 3-year old cat had chronic diarrhea. I tried switching foods, a prescription diet and all kinds of tests and ultrasounds. The cat was diagnosed with IBD but without a clue as to the source of her condition. On a whim I bought this test and found out my cat is highly intolerant of “guard gum, agar” which are (like xantham gum) is found in almost all the grain free canned food I buy. So I experimented with a raw diet (Natures Instinct Raw Bites) and within 2 days she had solid stool! If it wasn’t for this test, this cat would’ve been placed on steroid medication! I’m so happy I bought this test!

Amazon Customer

I purchased this test because my dog was constantly scratching and the vet could not figure out what was causing it. She had been on steroid medications for several months and nothing was helping. After receiving the test results, it showed that my dog has an intolerance to beef which was the main ingredient in her dog food. Within 2 weeks of changing her dog food, the itching has stopped! This test has been a life saver! I would definitely recommend this product to any pet owner.

Elliott Larmie

We have an 8 1/2 year old Olde English Bulldog. She had been having back to back allergic reactions both food and environmental based across almost 90 days. We had her allergy tested with the company who gave us wonderful fast results and very clear findings. This is a hair follicle DNA test for which she didn't have to be off her px to take. Results came back in a week! The company offers test kit on Amazon and you send it back to their research labs in Atlanta. I highly recommend this test option if your pet is too ill to wait to be off meds for a blood allergy test and seeing a dog allergist is not a viable option. The best part is the test results come back in a week!

Aaron Stockle

Definitely recommend! My pup was having really bad diarrhea after we switched brands of dog food to a less expensive brand. We heard about this test from a friend and decided to try it out. The test came back that our dog was having a reaction to the fish in the food which was one of the main ingredients.