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Equine Health Test

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Equine Health Test
BlueGreen Algae Water Test

7 Day




The Equine Deluxe Package includes 4 different types of tests for horses:

(1) Food Intolerances, (2) Environmental Intolerances, (3) Nutritional Imbalances, (4) Metal & Mineral Imbalances. This simple at-home test kit uses a hair sample collection method. Testing results take 7-10 days after receiving the hair sample at the processing center.

How ARE WE DIFFERENT? With this at-home collection kit, learning about how their body responds to current dietary & lifestyle decisions has never been so easy. We use BIORESONANCE technology to determine which of the 466 items tested resonate as an intolerance or imbalance. Results will help guide you to eliminate or avoid the items causing them physical discomfort.

The Food Intolerance Test covers proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, fats, additives and preservatives. The results of the 150+ items tested will show only those your horse registered an intolerance to. The intolerances are listed into three levels based on the response upon exposure.

Utilizing the items that register a Level 3 response will create the recommended 6-8 week elimination guideline. Please try not to feed your horse any food items that were not tested for during the elimination period. You will not know how they will respond to these items. Once you know what food items may be causing your horse’s discomfort or intolerance symptoms, you can eliminate them from their diet and see if the symptoms lessen or disappear. After the 6-8 week period, you can then re-introduce an item one at a time in small quantities and see if the symptoms return.

The Environmental Intolerance Test covers fabrics, grasses, trees, insects, and essential oils. The results of the 100 items tested show only the items your horse registered an intolerance to. These intolerances are listed into three levels based on the response upon exposure. It can be challenging to eliminate environmental items. However, knowledge is power, and this report will help you avoid these triggers as much as possible and try to manage any symptoms your horse might be experiencing. Unlike an allergy, intolerances do not involve the immune system.

The Nutrition Test will indicate which essential vitamins and minerals your horse’s body is not absorbing correctly from their food and supplements. Of the 15+ items, the report will not indicate a result for all tested items. Only those items that exceed the threshold set by the lab will be on the report. Unlike blood testing, it will not physically measure the amount of nutrients in their body. Since this type of testing is energetic in nature, it will indicate items that your horse’s body may need more before it manifests into a physical issue (lameness, lethargy, seizures, trembling, weight loss, dull haircoat, and muscle deterioration). This test will allow you to alter their food or supplement consumption accordingly.

The Metals & Minerals Test will indicate your horse’s ability to process and eliminate the items tested. Of the 14 items, the report will not indicate a result for all tested items. Only those items that exceed the threshold set by the lab will be on the report. Unlike blood testing or HTMA testing, it will not provide a physical measurement of the amount of the metal or mineral in the body. If and when your horse comes in contact with any of the metals/minerals that register on their results, their bodies may be unable to process and eliminate those items the way their body intended to. This can end up causing symptoms in the body (hoof problems, rough, dry coat, hair loss, muscle weakness, stiff gait, and skin conditions) that may be hard to pinpoint where it is coming from. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity in horses may take years to develop. Once exposure to a significant amount of a toxic metal has occurred, it stays in the system until an antagonist removes it, and the minerals it has displaced are replaced.

ACT NOW! Our process is simple. (1) Purchase kit (2) Register kit (3) Collect hair sample (4) Send back to 5Strands (5) Receive testing results on our customer portal within 7 days *of your samples arrival. Be sure to keep your tracking information when sending back the hair sample. This test requires 100% interaction to see ANY RESULTS. This is not a quick fix. It is an investment in better health.

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Results in 5 Days


    Once your collection kit arrives, register your unique ID code online.


    Collect 10-15 strands of hair so your results are accurate and successful.


    Mail hair sample to 5Strands. We will let you know when it arrives.


    Give us 5 Days to provide your road map to better health.


There are 4 tests included:
- Food Intolerance
- Environmental Intolerance
- Vitamin Mineral Imbalances
- Metal Mineral Imbalances

After you have collected your hair sample and sent it back to our processing center, we can promise results within 7 days!

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5Strands Affordable Testing Equine Health Test Review

Horse allergy

It was great. Having issues with my horse and found out what he was allergic to made all the difference. Made changes and have a healthier happy horse. Thank you 5 strands. I recommend you all the time.

Kimberly a.
United States United States
5Strands Affordable Testing Equine Health Test Review

Big help for our horse with hives

This test was super easy and results came fast. Was a big help is finding out which foods don’t agree with our boy. Now we have eliminated foods and items he is intolerant to and the hives are gone.

Nicole H.
United States United States

Super helpful tool

This test was easy & helpful tool in eliminating discomforts

Christopher L.
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Lots of items tested

My wife and I used this test on 3 of our horses. Learned that each of them are different with food needs, but had similar environment issues. I will have to make some adjustments, but happy about the positive change ahead.

Nick S.

Huge help

This was a huge help. My mare who was always wanting to work started acting like the girth was killing her and she wouldn't jump anymore. It was like she was trying to tell us something. Found out she is allergic to Rubber, Leather, Cotton and Wool. We have fit her with new tack and she is lovely again.

Denise R.


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