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Intolerance Testing for Dogs & Cats

Understanding and addressing pets' health concerns is essential, as they are sentient beings with both physical and emotional needs, fostering their overall well-being and strengthening the bond between humans and their beloved companions.

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What Are Intolerances?

Pets, like their human companions, can suffer from sensitivities to food and environmental factors. When a pet's immune system incorrectly targets common dietary or environmental elements as threats, it can trigger a range of subtle yet significant reactions such as inflammation or digestive issues. These sensitivities can lead to an overactive immune response, affecting your pet's vitality and overall comfort.

  • Food intolerances in pets occur when their bodies lack the enzymes necessary to digest specific foods properly.

  • Environmental intolerances in pets arise when they react negatively to substances or conditions in their surroundings.

  • If not addressed, these sensitivities can lead to symptoms such as bloating, skin issues, joint pain, and general discomfort in pets.

  • Fortunately, you can manage both food and environmental intolerances for your dogs and cats with a temporary elimination plan.

  • Gradually removing triggering foods from your pet's diet will help their digestive system rebalance and heal naturally over time.

  • Identifying and reducing exposure to environmental triggers will support your pet's immune system, allowing it to heal and reduce reactivity.

5Strands uses cutting-edge bioresonance technology to conduct a thorough analysis of your pet's food and environmental intolerances. This provides you with tailored insights to make well-informed decisions about their diet and lifestyle. Help your pet achieve optimal health and well-being by addressing their sensitivities, ensuring they enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Get Your Personalized Results In 4 Easy Steps


    Login to and click REGISTER KIT. Use unique ID code provided inside kit.


    Collect 5 strands of hair from the body and place it inside the provided bag.


    Place the bag back inside the kit. Make sure postage is good to go and ship it back to us.


    After we receive the kit, we will be able to send the results back in just 1 week.

Read What Customers Have To Say

5Strands is proud to have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

  • rjlandis63

    Verified Buyer

    My Life is Forever Changed!
    “My life is forever changed because of the knowledge that I’ve gained and the experience I’ve had with 5Strands! In the spring of 2022, I took the 640 item Bio-Resonance test. I mentally struggled with the results, but eventually brought myself to submit to its findings. Truthfully, I’ve felt bad for many years and had been on lots of medications. The changes I have experienced have been very invigorating. I’m 59, but I feel 18 again. I’ve almost come completely off prescription medications and should be off them by the end of 2022. Reflecting… I had a heart attack in 2020, but now I’m in great shape… My PC Physician calls me “The Miracle Man.” ... ”

  • Jainie M.

    Verified Buyer

    Highly recommend
    "I am so glad I finally got this test! I’ve been meaning to do so for ages. Very informative and detailed. So much invaluable information, which makes the elimination process so much easier. Customer service is also amazing! So grateful for this company and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. General Health Assessment."

  • Leah

    Verified Buyer

    Very accurate!!!
    "I’ve always felt sick with different foods and drinks ,and never really knew why or what was causing it .I did not know where to start ,i just knew many things made me feel really sick minutes after consuming it .After trying to get a food allergy test and intolerance test i found this one which is very affordable and honestly accurate to the majority of the foods i feel sick after eating and even some which i did not really bother paying attention to. Im surprised and happy with the results and how fast i got them! I would definitely recommend this to anyone having similar food issues its very easy ,simple and affordable comprare to other brands."

  • Andres

    Verified Buyer

    Your test has saved my life.
    "Your test has saved my life. I battled from an inner ear imbalance and a severe case of Vertigo dizzy spells. Your test results guided me to a healing path without medication. I am now back to my normal routine and life. In my situation, vertigo dizzy spells were triggered by certain foods. Foods I was intolerant to resulted in horrible balance and walking. I lived like this for 10 months in pain. I would cry daily too (hard to admit as a grown man). I have introduced over 20 people to your test personally as well as their pets. On my profile you will see my dog Frankie's results. His results showed intolerances to protein. Now he is on an all..."


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