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5Strands® Affordable Testing provides a simple at home testing kit to determine the food and environmental substances that may cause non-IgE mediated reactions, known as INTOLERANCES. The testing process is simple and painless due to utilizing a HAIR sample. Intolerance reactions are not life threatening and have a delayed onset with symptoms appearing several hours or days after ingestion or exposure.

Common symptoms include eczema, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, pain, inflammation, or weight problems. In addition to the possible 650 food and environmental items, 5Strands® can also test for exposure to 50 metals & minerals and 115 nutritional deficiencies. This comprehensive test can be utilized as a screening tool to allow you to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.

Austin Collins 

Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower families with a voice about their own health care and that of their pets. We strive to fill the void of consumer-driven needs with out affordable testing."


Meet the team

We are passionate about providng you with the most ...

  • Lisa Blaurock

    Co-Founder, President
    – Pet Food Nutritionist

    “Simply a mom on a mission who got frustrated with the system and desired to find a better way”

  • Ethan Steed

    Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

    “Shoot for the stars and even if you land on the moon you are still in space”

  • Austin Collins

    Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
    – Reiki Healing
    – Radionics Therapy
    – Raw Dog Food Nutritionist

    “As the vibrational frequencies of our bodies lift and our mind lets go of its resistance to what it cannot see, feel or hear, the light will become easier for people to receive and to work with on numerous levels.”

  • Elaine Byers

    Chief Technical Director
    – Whole Food Nutritionist
    – Pet Food Nutrition Specialist
    – Certified Reiki Healer

    “You are only as old as you feel… & boy do I feel old”

  • Robert Sims

    Director of Research & Development
    – Holistic Nutritionist
    – Holistic Herbalist
    – Reiker Healer
    – Radionics Therapy

    “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” -Jim Rohn

  • Melissa Blaurock

    Director of Brand Development
    – Raw Dog Food Specialist

    “Carl … but with a K”

  • Lauren Mihok

    Director of Customer Support
    – Acute Canine Herbalist
    – Raw Dog Food Nutritionist

    “What’s for lunch?”

  • Yvonne Sims

    Research & Development Manager
    – Radionics Therapy
    – Pet Food Nutritionist

    “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”

  • Emily Vigue

    Equine Division Manager

    “To Thine Own Self Be True” – Shakespeare

Some love from our clients


5 Strands® Affordable Testing utilizes a hair samples for determining temporary imbalances for food and environmental intolerances, nutritional items, and metal/minerals items.

No pricks, no prods, no pain!

Collecting a hair sample is easy and non-invasive. We require only 10-15 strands of hair.

Faster Results

Hair testing is completed quickly and efficiently with results reported within 7-10 days after the sample arrives at the lab.

Affordable Cost

We provide a way to test more items cost-effectively, allowing us to pass the savings along to the customer.

Hair testing is stable

Our testing is not affected by factors such as recent meals, stress, medications, dye, etc. Hair testing eliminates storage, transportation and usability constraints that are associated with other types of tissue samples.

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Monday - Friday

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09:00 - 16:00

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