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Welcome To Our Customer Portal

Please watch this quick video to learn HOW TO REGISTER your 5Strands kit. After registration is complete you will be 1 step closer to receiving your testing results from 5Strands.

If you are new to the 5Strands family, then you will create your account during the registration process. If you already have an account with us, or have multiple tests to register, you will be prompted to login.

You can use this login to view your testing results inside our FREE 5Strands App (iPhone & Android). We encourage you to look at the testing results delivered via email first as the format is different and easier to read :)

Click Here to Register Your Kit→

  • Step 1 (Complete)

    You have already purchased and received your collection kit :)

  • Step 2 (In Process)

    Register your kit and collect your sample to send to us!

  • Step 3 (Pending)

    We will notify you via email once we receive your sample. If it has been longer than 2 weeks give us a call :)

  • Step 4 (Pending)

    Results can take roughly 7 days to receive. Please view them on email first and then login to the mobile app!

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