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Consultation (Pet)

17 Reviews

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This one-on-one consultation is highly recommended for pet parents needing assistance using the 5Strands results. This consultation focuses on finding a commercial diet for your cat or dog. 

Standard Includes:
- 1:1 session via Phone Call (note: 30 mins for standard)
- Review of current diet & 5Strands results
- Recommendations for a commercial diet
- Recommendations for chews and treats

Deluxe Includes Everything In Standard PLUS:
- 1:1 session via Phone Call (note: 60 mins for deluxe)
- Address your pet's symptoms and overall needs
- Options for commercial diets & pre-mixes
- Options for natural flea & tick
- Review of supplements if necessary
- Review of pet's environment, proper meal portions, and feeding schedules
- A written outline based on your pet's 5Strands results and individual needs

Note: Tazz will contact you directly via email with the next steps after purchase. You will receive a code within 48 hours of placing the order on the consultation description and the post-purchase email. Check your spam or junk folder if you do not see these emails in your inbox. You can schedule your consultation after completing the onboarding material and sending her your 5Strands results.

About Tazz Latifi, founder of The Petropolist Pet Nutrition Center, specializing in a holistic approach to Cat and Dog health and wellness using individualized, species-appropriate diets.

Tazz received her Pet Nutrition & Natural Pet Foods certification from the American Academy of Natural Sciences in 2012. She continues learning through continuing ed courses, traveling and touring pet industry manufacturing facilities, researching the ins and outs of food and animal wellness, attending lectures and seminars relevant to the field, and her popular pet industry podcast where she gets to interview incredible and knowledgeable professionals, doctors, veterinarians, food formulators, pet food safety experts in the pet health sector.

Our pet food and health consulting services empower pet owners to take their pets & health and well-being into their own hands (1) guiding each pet parent in the best way to care for your pets using whole foods and supplementation where necessary. (2) learn the dos and don’ts when buying food and treats from stores or online; (3) learn what questions to ask your vet and pet professionals to empower you and get the best care and information.

The education and guidance Tazz provides allow pet parents to know that their pet’s health needs are properly met and addressed. We are grateful to have clients continuously tell us that our sessions have given them the confidence to ask questions and make better choices without feeling doubtful, and their pets reap the rewards with a life of quality and comfort. We believe in proper nutrition and the tremendous value it can bring to the lives of both humans and animals. Our clients receive individualized attention and diets for their cats and dogs depending on the pet's condition and health requirements – it is not a one-size-fits-all assessment. Whether raw, cooked, or commercial diets, we provide you with the tools you need to address your pet's health and create the right dietary action plan. Our plans and sessions go further than just nutrition; it is important to address your pet as a whole – their environment and, activity levels, emotional health are all addressed in our sessions, and we will be happy to discuss your pet's health needs and condition along with our recommendation with your veterinarian.

Armed with over 15 years of hands-on experience with direct consumer contact, extensive up-to-the-minute knowledge of brands and companies that make, market, and sell pet foods and products. Couple this extensive knowledge of the pet industry practices and marketing tactics and her work as a certified pet nutrition consultant since 2012. Tazz Latifi is the person you need on your pet’s side in this ever-confusing world of pet food and pet health.

*The re-scheduling fee for the 30-minute appointment is $60.

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How It Works


    Login to and click REGISTER KIT. Use unique ID code provided inside kit.


    Collect 5 strands of hair from the body and place it inside the provided bag.


    Place the bag back inside the kit. Make sure postage is good to go and ship it back to us.


    After we receive the kit, we will be able to send the results back in just 1 week.

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Consultation (Pet)

17 Reviews


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Chosen by Over 250,000 Health-Focused Individuals

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