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Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test

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Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test
Pet Nutrition (Vitamins & Minerals) Imbalance Test
Pet Metals & Minerals Imbalance Test
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The Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test was designed for customers who feed their pets a RAW food diet (BARF, Ancestral, or Whole Prey Diet).   The foods tested consist of over 300+ meats, seafood, bones, fruits, veggies, oils, and several grains. The results will create an instant elimination guideline, identifying temporary imbalances and saving you time and money!  

How ARE WE DIFFERENT ~ With this at-home collection kit, learning how your pet responds to their current diet has never been so easy. We use BIORESONANCE technology to determine the food items creating an imbalance in the gut microbiome. Eliminating these intolerances from their diet will allow their body time to rebalance.  Then, you can start the re-introduction process to create their everyday nutrition plan.

Actual REVIEWS ~ Do not just take our word for it. Read our hundreds of verified testimonies. Our USA Small Business aims to empower people with educational information about their pets’ health to reduce everyday discomforts like paw biting, scratching, upset stomach, hot spots, eye boogers, hair loss, etc.

Why Customers LOVE 5Strands ~ Many customers find answers to problems that traditional medicine could not solve. Our holistic approach using energy-based technology allows us to get to the ROOT CAUSE of any dietary discomforts. Create a lifestyle and dietary change that will last. No more prescriptions or bloodwork! Just a HAIR sample. Learn how to provide rotation and moderation to your pet's nutrition plan today!

ACT NOW to achieve better health for your pet! Our process is simple. (1) Purchase kit (2) Register kit (3) Collect hair sample (4) Send back to 5Strands (5) Receive testing results in the customer portal within 7 days of your sample's arrival. Be sure to keep your tracking information when sending back the hair sample. This test requires 100% interaction to see ANY RESULTS. This is not a quick fix. It is an investment in better health for your pet. 


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Results in 5-7 Days


    Once your collection kit arrives, register your unique ID code online.


    Collect 10-15 strands of hair so your results are accurate and successful.


    Mail hair sample to 5Strands. We will let you know when it arrives.


    Give us 7 Days to provide your road map to better health.


You will be tested for 317 unique pet food ingredients.

After you have collected your hair sample and sent it back to our processing center, we can promise results within 7 days!

If you avoid the problem causing items for 60-90 days you should not only feel better, but also have a much better relationship with food. An intolerance is not always forever, you can try some of those previously problem causing items if you wish to and observe how severe of a reaction your body has.

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5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test Review

Pet Raw Food Test

This is the second time I have used this test. I would highly recommend using this at least once a year, "especially" for dogs with itchy skin and intolerances to foods! Get off foods that are inflammatory to your dog as intolerances change at anytime. I have given 3 tests in total and have loved getting results in a matter of days with my dogs.

A 5Strands Affordable Testing Customer
Jannell M.
United States United States
5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test Review

Confusing and Contradicting

Been feeding raw for almost a year. Our white Bull Terrier suffers from hives. We assumed it was a food allergy, and decided to have him tested through 5Strands. The web results are contradicting. I needed to call to a representative to explain it to me. The pdf results are confusing. How can Protein - Beef Ground (grass fed) be insignificant, but other parts of the same grass fed protein, be considered severe? Chicken Necks (conventionally raised) - with loads of God only knows-hormones pumped into them, is considered 'Insignificant", but Chicken Necks (free range) is a Level 2? Basically, my dog is allergic to everything except air and water. I should have just had my vet do the testing by a blood sample instead.

Pam T.
Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States
5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test Review5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test Review5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test Review

Best test

Good new test for raw foods. Found out my dog is allergic to some of the organs added to raw foods. Doing so much better now and reintroducing some things back in diet. Have to watch where you get products from.

Teri K.
Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States

Raw food test for dogs

Using the test was easy, convenient, and quick. The results were quick. Unfortunately my dog came back positive to almost everything that was tested. It makes me question how to approach anything from here and what on earth I should feed my dog. I’m still working through it.

Kelley M.
United States United States

This test will guide you to maintain your dog's gut at its best!

I used to feed my dog a very diverse raw food diet (meat, veggies, nuts, grains, diary). By the time he was 2.5 years - it caused him an infection and eventually he developed food allergies to most of the foods he was fed at the time. I now cook for him as I don't want to risk giving him another infection from the raw food. I had to do a food eliminating trial at home to identify what causes his symptoms, which takes months. His symptoms would vary, but mostly it was frequent urgent loose stools or full diarrhea, occasional skin bumps, shedding, eye discharge, itchy paws or ears, hair loss on his back. My holistic vet recommended to do an expensive saliva test that he "trusts". I paid $250 for that test and got results for only 20+ ingredients that I already knew he was allergic to. And no solution as to what I can feed my dog. I had to look for other options and found 5 Strands. I was extremely surprised to see that 5 Strands' test picked on all of the foods that I already knew my dog was allergic to (through my food eliminating process). But it also gave me options as to what my dog can eat. I was surprise to learn that a dog can be allergic to certain cuts of meat and not others, as well as grass fed meats vs grain fed. And I did test it on my dog as I couldn't believe it can be true. For example the only protein my dog seems to tolerate is pork. But he is Level 3 allergic (severe reaction) to pork belly, Level 2 (moderate reaction) to pork butt, and no reaction to Pork **** and pork chops. I'm not sure how it's possible, but yes - after adding Pork belly to his diet he had a full blown diarrhea the same day. After feeding Pork butt for a few weeks - he had on and off urgent loose stools, itchy paws and ears. And he is doing absolutely fine eating Pork **** and Pork chops (small well formed ****). 5 Strand's raw food intolerance test gave me guidance to develop a safe menu for my dog and saved him from being on prescription kibble diet. He has normal bowel movements, no shedding, no skin bumps, no eye discharge, doesn't stink (he is an intact male), no itchy paws, and no ear infections. Needless to say - I'm a huge believer in this test! (photos are from when he had food allergies).

United States United States


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