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Environmental Intolerance Test

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The 5Strands Environmental Intolerance Test is a Functional Health Assessment that helps you take the first steps on your wellness journey. This complete assessment compares your body’s resonance to everyday environmental items, including pollen, plants and grasses, animal dander, natural and synthetic fabrics, and cleaning solutions. This assessment accurately measures incompatibilities that can lead to the development of sensitivities or more severe reactions that may need medical interventions.

Using cutting-edge, NASA-based science, we specialize in using BIORESONANCE technology to determine which items tested resonate as intolerance or imbalance with your body. From a health perspective, imbalances may look or feel like skin irritation, neurological issues, sleeping difficulties, eye mucus, behavioral disorders, etc.

How ARE WE DIFFERENT? Our USA Small Business is on a mission to empower people as they take back their health and wellness decisions from big pharmaceutical companies and insurance corporations. Many of our customers find answers to personal health challenges that traditional practitioners are not trained to resolve! You will also have access to our knowledgeable providers who can interpret results more deeply, make detailed recommendations, or help you with specific lifestyle challenges. Do not just take our word for our clients’ successes. Read our hundreds of verified testimonies to see the differences!

Learning about how your body responds to your current dietary & lifestyle decisions has never been easier. ACT NOW to achieve better health! Our at-home collection process is simple. (1) Purchase your kit (2) When you receive it, register it online or with the enclosed paperwork (3) Collect your hair sample (4) Send it back to 5Strands, and keep your tracking information in a safe place. You should receive your results on the customer portal within 7 days of your sample’s arrival.

When you receive your results, print the information on a color printer and build your elimination diet based on your specific intolerances and imbalances.

The 5Strands Environmental Intolerance assessment is NOT a blood-based “allergy test” for immune system responses; however, when interpreted or used in the manner intended, it can be a solid indicator of potential challenges your body may experience. For many, some items within your environment can contribute to bodily sensitivities or reactions. Your results will create awareness that you can use with a recommended avoidance plan that supports a better life.

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Understand Your Environmental Triggers

When we think of intolerances, food items usually come to mind, but it’s important to understand that certain environmental items in your daily life can also cause discomfort. The 5Strands Environmental Intolerance Test evaluates your body’s response to over 190+ common environmental items, including cleaning supplies, fabrics, and foliage. This allows you to mitigate exposure as needed to alleviate symptoms and live a healthy, comfortable life.

0 Fabrics
0 Trees
0 Animals
0 Flowers
Parchment Bag
Silver Anti Static Bag
Shipping Bag W/ Label
Test Kit Box


1. Parchment paper bag to put the hair into

2. Anti-static bag to put parchment paper bag into

3. Return poly shipping bag or envelope

4. Return shipping label (only with poly bag)

5. Your information card to keep

*Instructions printed on inside of box*

If you believe an item is missing, carefully check inside the poly shipping bag. Sometimes the very small items will be in there and are easily overlooked. If you don't find the item contact us at or 833-600-8378.

Reading Your Test Results

Get Results In 4 Steps

  • Register Kit Icon


    Login to and click REGISTER KIT. Use unique ID code provided inside kit.

  • Collect Hair Icon


    Collect 5Strands of hair from head, arm, or body and place it inside the provided bag.

  • Mail Sample Icon


    Place bag back inside the kit. Make sure postage is good to ship box back to us.

  • Receive Results Icon


    A week after we receive the kit, we will be able to send the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be tested for 197 items found in the environment.

After you have collected your hair sample and sent it back to our processing center, we can promise results within 7 days!

If you avoid the problem causing items for 60-90 days you should not only feel better, but also have a much better understanding over your environment. An intolerance is not always forever, you can try some exposure to those previously problem causing items if you wish to and observe how severe of a reaction your body has. Realistically you wouldn't want to do that if possible and apply these results until your living circumstances or environments start to shift.

Access your results by logging into your account on our website or mobile app.

No, allergies are caused by the immune system's overreaction to substances and intolerances or sensitivities pertain to your digestive enzymes.

Environmental Intolerance Test

Environmental Intolerance Test

7 Reviews


5Strands excels in offering premier food sensitivity testing solutions, focusing on enhancing your health and wellness journey through our straightforward, lab-based testing kits. *Disclaimer: The information derived from 5Strands tests is meant for informational purposes only and is not to replace professional medical consultation. These insights are not intended for diagnosing, treating, or managing any health or medical conditions. Should your symptoms cause concern, it is imperative to seek advice from a healthcare provider. The content on our website serves an educational role and should not be used to neglect or delay seeking professional medical care. 5Strands interprets Food Sensitivity through bioresonance technology. Please be aware that 5Strands tests are not designed to detect celiac disease or lactose intolerance. Also, our testing services are not offered in the state of New York. Numerous clients have noted improvements in their health and well-being after using the 5Strands test, as reported by various research surveys

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