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Comprehensive Food & Beverage Sensitivity Test

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DETERMINE YOUR FOOD TRIGGERS. Symptoms like bloating, constipation, and eczema often arise from sensitivities to specific foods. Our food intolerance screening identifies these triggers, helping you understand what to avoid and what you can safely consume in moderation.

ANALYZES OVER 850+ FOODS & DRINKS. The 5Strands food sensitivity test detects your reactions to 854 common foods and beverages. This provides a proactive approach to eliminating the most severe triggers, allowing your body to naturally heal and rebalance.

SIMPLE AT-HOME TESTING PROCEDURE. (1) Register your test kit online. (2) Collect and send your hair sample to 5Strands using the provided prepaid shipping materials. (3) Receive your results via email 5 days after our lab processes your sample.

HIGHLY ENDORSED BY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. 5Strands is proud to offer an easy food sensitivity testing process that has helped over 250,000 people and pets gain valuable insights to improve their diets and lifestyles. Our quantum-certified testing is endorsed by functional medicine practitioners worldwide, and our support team ensures you feel confident throughout the process.

OPTIMIZING YOUR OUTCOME. To maximize your success, we recommend approaching this process with an open mind and contacting our support team with any questions. Consistent and proactive use of your test results is essential, as intolerances and imbalances take time to develop and won’t reverse instantly.

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Everyday Foods May Be Triggering Symptoms

Discover the food triggers behind symptoms like bloating, acne, and weight gain with the 5Strands Food Sensitivity Test. This extensive test analyzes over 850 foods across 14 categories, offering essential insights for dietary adjustments. The simple at-home testing process delivers results that pave the way for better health. Endorsed by functional medicine experts worldwide, this method has helped many people understand the impact of their diet. With commitment and a proactive approach, it's possible to systematically reduce and manage discomfort over time. Ideal for both adults and kids, this test is a valuable tool for achieving improved wellness.

0 Proteins
0 Fruits
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0 Grains
Parchment Bag
Silver Anti Static Bag
Shipping Bag W/ Label
Test Kit Box


1. Parchment paper bag to put the hair into

2. Anti-static bag to put parchment paper bag into

3. Return poly shipping bag or envelope

4. Return shipping label (only with poly bag)

5. Your information card to keep

*Instructions printed on inside of box*

If you believe an item is missing, carefully check inside the poly shipping bag. Sometimes the very small items will be in there and are easily overlooked. If you don't find the item contact us at or 833-600-8378.

Reading Your Test Results

Get Results In 4 Steps

  • Register Kit Icon


    Login to and click REGISTER KIT. Use unique ID code provided inside kit.

  • Collect Hair Icon


    Collect 5Strands of hair from head, arm, or body and place it inside the provided bag.

  • Mail Sample Icon


    Place bag back inside the kit. Make sure postage is good to ship box back to us.

  • Receive Results Icon


    A week after we receive the kit, we will be able to send the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

This sensitivity test includes food items, such as meats, seafood, dairy, vegetables, fruits, herbal supplements, spices, sweeteners, and probiotics.

Yes, both adults and kids can take the at-home hair collection food and beverage sensitivity test.

No, allergies are caused by the immune system's overreaction to substances, while intolerances or sensitivities are related to digestive enzyme issues.

You will receive your results via email and can also access them on our website or mobile app.

Yes, the 5Strands mobile app is free to download.

5Strands Food & Beverage Comprehensive Sensitivity Test

Comprehensive Food & Beverage Sensitivity Test

1 Review

Regular price   $129.99 Sale price   $109.99

5Strands excels in offering premier food sensitivity testing solutions, focusing on enhancing your health and wellness journey through our straightforward, lab-based testing kits. *Disclaimer: The information derived from 5Strands tests is meant for informational purposes only and is not to replace professional medical consultation. These insights are not intended for diagnosing, treating, or managing any health or medical conditions. Should your symptoms cause concern, it is imperative to seek advice from a healthcare provider. The content on our website serves an educational role and should not be used to neglect or delay seeking professional medical care. 5Strands interprets Food Sensitivity through bioresonance technology. Please be aware that 5Strands tests are not designed to detect celiac disease or lactose intolerance. Also, our testing services are not offered in the state of New York. Numerous clients have noted improvements in their health and well-being after using the 5Strands test, as reported by various research surveys

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