Are you or your pet experiencing temporary imbalances like an upset stomach, bloating, water retention, joint pain, acid reflux, or constant itching?
Living with these discomforts should not be be acceptable! 

5Strands was created out of a burning desire to assist others experience what healthy feels like. Sometimes in this busy world we neglect looking after our own body and that of our pet’s. It is extremely easy to just eat the first thing in sight or what is available in the present moment, or to just open up a bag of kibble and pour it in a bowl. How many times will you and your pet suffer for this later?

When we expose ourselves or our pets to food or environmental items that the body does not agree with, this is called an intolerance. An Intolerance presents itself with physical symptoms to let you know that there is a temporary imbalance that occurred upon exposure or digestion. The body notifies us with the hope that we listen and reduce or remove future exposure opportunities.

It can be extremely difficult to micromanage your nutrition plan and observe how the body responds to each item because an intolerance does not present an immediate response. It may take hours to exhibit a physical symptom. Don’t worry, that’s where 5Strands comes in.

With a 5Strands Test, each item is tested on a severity of response scale upon exposure.  The items you or your pet responded to are then provided in an easy to read report for you to utilize as an instant elimination guideline. These imbalances may not be forever (like a peanut allergy). Utilizing these results will help assist you and your pet  on a  journey to better health.

“Our mission is to empower families with a voice about their own health care and that of their pets. We strive to fill the void of consumer-driven needs with our affordable testing.”