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What is it? Quantum physics explains how everything works. However, there is no single quantum theory and yet there are so many that explain how everything interacts with each other. It is known that everything is made up of atoms. Quantum physicists discovered that each atom has its own specific energy and assemblies of atoms collectively radiate their own unique energy pattern. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. states in The Biology of Belief, “So every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature.” Although many ways atoms and energy relate to each other are known, there are many more ways that can be observed but have no explanation.


The Hidden Messages in Water is a book written by Masaru Emoto in which he demonstrated the power of our words and intentions. He demonstrated this by freezing water in a petri dish and photographing the frozen crystals under a microscope. Emoto demonstrated an experiment by projecting positive thoughts upon the water and taped words such as love and gratitude to the petri dish, then repeated the process. The outcome of those crystals developed into beautiful crystal patterns that resembled each positive thought. He did the same experiment with negative thoughts and the crystals came out deformed and unnatural. Positive and negative emotions have the greatest effect on water. Love is the most important intention for it raises the energy level of water and brings it into balance. Considering that over 50% of our bodies are made up of water, we must be aware of our thoughts and words we use for ourselves and others. We must also pay attention to our environment so we can keep our water beautiful.    



The energy that flows from vibrations creates a definite pattern which can produce sound. We can’t see it but it is accepted because we can hear it. There are some sounds that we cannot hear but animals can and we never question if that energy is present. Just like the water experiments above, sound vibrations produce their own patterns. This has been proven through a variation of experiments such as playing sounds behind a flowing stream to observe the changing pattern. Another is shown by playing sounds on a vibration plate covered with salt to produce a visualization of the patterns that sounds make. This goes to show that the energy we can’t see does have its own unique signature that can alter the physical environment around it.    




Machines (MRI, CT scans)

- Conventional medicine embraces scanning technologies that read energy fields. They can analyze frequencies emitted by our body’s tissues and organs to detect abnormalities non-invasively. An MRI machine works by placing the body in a strong magnetic field which aligns part of the hydrogen nuclei in the body. Energy in the form of a radio frequency is then added. The frequency depends on what part of the body they want an image of because different parts of the body respond to different frequencies. When the radio frequency is turned off the tissue of the part of the body being tested relaxes at a known rate and emits its own energy in the form of a radio frequency. This is then plotted to create an image. Abnormalities are found because they won’t relax at the same rate as the tissue being tested.


CT scans work by sending beams through the body. Tissues and bones in the body absorb or block the energy of the beam at different rates and there is a sensor that records the beams passing through to create an image.



Eastern medicine is based on the belief that vital energy (qi) flows through the body. It is connected through 12 meridians that extend to all parts of the body. It is believed that if the energy isn’t balanced throughout the body or is blocked, it can cause illness. The imbalance of the qi energy is thought to stem from external or environmental factors, internal e-motions, and lifestyle factors such as diet. Different modalities are used to balance qi and restore balance such as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

HOLISTIC APPROACH (Symptom vs. Root Cause)

Conventional medicine utilizes a symptom approach. With different specialists for specific parts of the body, it’s easy to become disconnected. Treating one symptom may cause temporary relief, but our body is a whole system so the actual root cause of an issue might be a completely different part of the body than what is actually being treated. Since the body is composed of various systems, taking a holistic approach to find the root cause might be the best solution to restore balance to our body’s health.      



Environment -  As we have seen above, our environment has an affect on us. Sometimes physical issues are manifested from emotional or energetic issues. In today’s fast paced, technological world, we are constantly being bombarded with different energetic frequencies and negative thoughts from ourselves and others. Oxford University’s Biologist C. W. F. McClare did research on the comparison of energy signals and chemical signals in biological systems. It revealed that energetic signals are a hundred times more efficient in relaying environmental information than physical signals. We all know or have heard of electrical signals all around us that hurt us, why not start modifying our environment to add those that help us?

 Energy Field - Humans have become dependent on the spoken and written language to communicate. We have neglected our ability to read and communicate with our environment through the energy fields available. We each have our own energy field that flows through and around us. Have you ever walked into a room or met someone who instantly uplifted your energy or mood? What about the opposite? This is your body reading the energy field in the room or from that person. We do have the ability to influence or be influenced by other people’s energy fields. Have you ever thought of someone and they contacted you or vise versa? Believe it or not, our thoughts produce energy as seen in the water experiment above and can also receive thoughts sent out by others.

Conscious vs. Subconscious -  As we have now seen, our thoughts have energy. This energy can be constructive or destructive. The conscious mind is our current awareness, sensations, thoughts, feelings, etc. It is in the moment. Our subconscious mind which is more powerful includes things we are not currently thinking of. This includes thoughts and behavioral actions or responses that have become habits. Have you ever arrived at work but don’t remember the journey to get there? That is your subconscious. Chances are you were consciously thinking of what you had to do the rest of the day or having a personal concert with you as the lead singer. You’ve driven to work so many times that it becomes autopilot. What about hearing the word “no” as an adult when you ask someone a simple question like grabbing a drink from the refrigerator. Does your child self come out and feel hurt and pouty? Chances are you’ve heard “no” way more times than you’ve heard “yes” and the response to that is embedded in your subconscious. On a more serious note, how many times have we heard doctors telling patients they only have a few months to live, yet they lived well past the predicted date? Some have even had full remission of a terminal disease they were diagnosed with. This shows how powerful the subconscious can be when filled with positive beliefs and responses. What would life be like if we recognize the negative responses and replace them with positive ones?

Placebo Effect- Many placebos have shown to be just as effective as the actual medication itself. This topic has become very popular and various studies have been created involving medications, drugs, alcohol, and even fake surgeries! These studies prove the true power from the human mind. Pharmaceutical companies have even picked up on this idea and study the consumers they work with to get them out of early clinical trials.

Muscle Testing - Many healing modalities utilize muscle testing to find the root cause of imbalances in the body. There are many different techniques to implement muscle testing. One of the most common is to have someone stick their arm out to the side and resist as someone else pushes down on it. You can say a positive word like Love and see the muscle reaction when pushing down on the arm. Then, follow it up with a negative word like Hate and push down on the arm again to see what happens. The effect of the energy of those words can be seen in how hard or easy it is to push down your arm. The positive intentions will energize and strengthen the body, while negative intentions weaken the body. The same can be done with stating beliefs such as “I am loved.” You consciously say or think that but if your subconscious doesn’t it will weaken your body. If your subconscious does believe this statement, it will energize the body. This can also be done with objects such as holding a food that is healthy for you versus a food that is not.


Imprinting - Imprinting is used to send frequencies from energy to a carrier substance such as a liquid or material such as a quartz crystal. These substances have the ability to hold energetic frequencies as shown in the ‘Messages in Water’ experiment. Imprinting a substance that can hold a frequency is equivalent to speaking or thinking positive intentions constantly. This technique has the ability to increase or decrease the energy of specific parts of the body or the mind. 

Our pendants are imprinted with the purest frequencies from words such as Love or Compassion. These positive frequencies can have a great improvement on the body’s energetic field and can physically be proven through muscle testing. We cannot promise specific improvements that may occur because they are unique to each person. But through scientific research and personal experience, we are able to confirm that energy is present in all things and has the ability to change through intentions.  



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