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Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test

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Are you looking to better your pet’s health? Is your pet constantly scratching, biting its paws, or experiencing an upset stomach? To alleviate their discomforts, you must get to the root of the problem and adjust their diet or environment. The 5Strands Pet Standard Package determines the key intolerances your cat or dog may be having to 380 of the most common pet food ingredients & environmental items.

5Strands scans your pet’s hair sample (10-15 strands) using bioresonance technology to provide an extensive, easy-to-understand report. You can expect to receive your pet’s test results within 5-7 days after the hair sample arrives at 5Strands processing center. For you to see any improvement in your pet, this test requires 100% interaction.

Holistic Health for Dogs & Cats. Time to give your pet a voice. The 5Strands Pet Standard Package offers intolerance testing to 380 commercial pet food ingredients. Proteins, grains, additives, preservatives, fruits, seafood, meal, grass, chemicals, plants, fabrics, etc. The results will create an instant elimination guideline, identifying temporary imbalances, and saving you time and money!

Your pet does not have to have ever consumed or encountered any of these items (both food & environmental) to register a response. This is the job of 5Strands. Intolerances can manifest from the body lacking the digestive enzymes or the overconsumption/overexposure of an item. 5Strands does not provide an immune system allergy test.

Our process is simple. (1) Purchase kit (2) Register kit (3) Collect hair sample (4) Send back to 5Strands (5) Receive testing results on customer portal within 10 days *of your sample's arrival. Be sure to keep your tracking information when sending back hair samples. This test requires 100% interaction to see any results. This is not a quick fix. It is an investment in better health.

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Results in 5-7 Days


    Once your collection kit arrives, register your unique ID code online.


    Collect 10-15 strands of hair so your results are accurate and successful.


    Mail hair sample to 5Strands. We will let you know when it arrives.


    Give us 7 Days to provide your road map to better health.


There are 2 tests included:
- Food Intolerance
- Environmental Intolerance

After you have collected your hair sample and sent it back to our processing center, we can promise results within 7 days!

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5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review

Identified my dog's sensitivity!

My little dog started licking her paws obsessively a few months ago and the veterinarian and I have tried everything, LITERALLY, to figure out why and stop it! Tried Apoquel, probiotics, l-Theanine products (to calm nerves), chews to stop itching recommended by pet stores, Benadryl (3x per day), Cetirizine, Bactine (has lidocaine in it to desensitize pain or itch), hydrocortisone ointment made for dogs (to relieve itch), medicated baths, and hypoallergenic dog food. NOTHING helped! Sent for the 5Strand test in desperation. Got the test results back from 5Strand and many of the 'red" items are things she doesn't eat nor is she exposed to, BUT, there were two that were big surprises! One was chlorine (the water in our new house that we moved in to a couple months ago is highly chlorinated) and chicken. CHICKEN? It's in everything! So, I removed all products containing chicken and feed her beef and rice, and started giving her filtered water, and her licking has almost completely stopped. I am still giving her cetirizine (allergy med) and will for a couple more weeks until her paws are completely healed. But removing those 2 items seemed to be the only thing that helped! THANKS 5Strand!

Lynn H.
United States United States
5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review

Helpful information

I like the report. Not sure how accurate the testing is but I’m using this to help with eliminating food and environmental intolerances. So we will see. So far it has helped me and my dog plan ahead

Angela S.
United States United States
5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review

Should’ve Gotten this Test Years Ago!

I’ve had amazing results since I stopped feeding my dog what he was allergic to. Very accurate and worth every penny. We are adopting a puppy soon and I will definitely be buying another kit for her as soon as she gets here.

Janice S.
United States United States
5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review

Tessie’s 5Strands Story

Welcoming a pitbull puppy into our home could’ve been difficult enough. Finding out that our puppy has all sorts of food intolerances is another issue altogether. This is Tessie, our two year old pitbull. We knew she probably had some sort of food intolerance, almost immediately. See that tear stain in her puppy photo, it was terrible. Eventually, she ended up with smelly double ear infections, and at one point had hives all over her body in lost a considerable amount of fur. The red yeast in her paws and arm pits was terrible. I ran into a Facebook post that mentioned these tests and immediately followed the link and purchased the pet version. I had no idea what to expect. I will say that once we get the results back a few weeks later, my feelings were mixed. What on earth could this dog actually eat to Thrive? Turns out she’s intolerant to most proteins, blueberries, cranberries, grains, and every additive that commercial pet food companies add to their bags of dog food. Also, with her pre operative bloodwork we found out that her blood sugar was extremely high because of the excessive carbs in her kibble. I worked closely with a local pet store to find some thing that she could eat. It took us about six months, but we eventually got her on the right proteins, the right carbohydrates and appropriate supplements and Tessie is now a thriving pitbull, free of skin issues, red yeast in her paws, ear infections and leaking eyes, who now understands, many commands, and can even do a few tricks. Her best trick, though, was stealing our hearts. I get compliments on her gleaming white hair coat when we are out with her. People want to know what we are feeding her. I tell them that it doesn’t matter what she eats, it matters that we knew what she was intolerant to because she didn’t start out looking as good as she does now. I tell them it started with a 5 Strands test. I tell everyone about these tests, they can change lives! Amy McGann (dog mom to Tessie the pitbull)

Amy M.
United States United States
5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review5Strands Affordable Testing Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Review


It started with a crusty ear back at the end of June. Over the past months, Amber's also torn up her hocks and front paws. She's been itchy and miserable, in pain and hiding. She's had multiple vet visits and steroid and antibiotic shots. She was on prescription allergy food for 6 weeks with no improvement, so I got her on the 4 month wait-list for the dermatologist, and I did some googling. I found @5strands.affordable.testing and learned all the things her gut was reacting to. I would have spent thousands at the vet and this hair test was less than $100. I went on a deep dive with cat food ingredients and found @vitalessentialsraw Pork patties. They don't contain any of her allergens and she loves them. I had to hand feed her for a couple days, and now, she is back!!! Her ear and paws are healing and she is no longer in pain.

Becky E.
United States United States


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