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    Intolerance vs Allergy

    Quinton Cranford | | 2 comments

    Most of the time, people use the term FOOD ALLERGY interchangeably with FOOD INTOLERANCE.  While some of the symptoms may be similar, a true allergy and an intolerance are completely different.  Read more

    We have some exciting news to share!

    Lauren Mihok | | 1 comment

    We have had such a great response from our customers that have had the opportunity to experience a consultation with Dr. Ruth Moore.

    5Strands would love to announce that Dr. Ruth Moore ha...
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    Traditional Medicine versus Bioresonance Therapy

    Lauren Mihok | | 0 comments

    Western medicine is typically about suppressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals.  It will ignore what it can not measure and thus leave a hole in our understanding of health. Traditional medicine considers t...

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    Austin Collins | | 1 comment

    Who doesn’t love to indulge in the occasional doughnut…or two? Many times, we find ourselves craving the sweet, fried, satisfying taste we get with each bite of a freshly made Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ doughnut. While we’re delightin...
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    Before & After - Jake's Testimonial

    Austin Collins | | 0 comments

    At 5Strands® Affordable Testing (2019), our mission is “to empower families with a voice about their own health care and that of their pets.” We love hearing our customers’ “aha!” moments and their testimonials, knowing that we hel...
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    Big Boys Don't Cry - Man Up

    Austin Collins | | 0 comments

    How many times have you heard this in movies, songs, or even over hearing it while out somewhere? What are the effects on the boys that grow up hearing this as they become men? We’ll explore this a little later. November 19<...
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    Michele Ackerman Interview

    Austin Collins | | 0 comments

    I recently had the privilege to talk to a wonderful women by the name of Michele Ackerman. Michele has been in the fitness world for over 20 + years. As she is currently now in the elite over 50 club, she is the living testament th...
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    Feeling Melan-Collie? Just Pug-Get About It!

    Austin Collins | | 0 comments

    I don’t know about you but anytime someone talks about dog shows I immediately think about one of the best dog movies of all time: Best In Show. It is because of this movie that every time I see a bloodhound I blurt out “How you do...
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