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    This Test Eliminated My Daily Discomfort

    Austin Collins | | 2 comments

    Finding the root cause of chronic digestive, skin, and joint issues without expensive and invasive blood testing is the key to a happy and healthy life and it's only attainable through the holistic approach t...

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    Dog Health Testing

    Lauren Mihok | | 2 comments

    The long awaited moment has arrived!  So you have a new puppy…….now what?

    You start with buying supplies and making your home safe. But how do you Read more

    Food Intolerance Elimination Diet

    Lauren Mihok | | 2 comments

    What is The Elimination Diet?

    An elimination diet is an individualized eating plan carried out for a certain length of time. It omits a specific food or a group of foods believed to be causing an adverse food reaction ...

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    Cat Food Allergy Symptoms

    Lauren Mihok | | 2 comments

    Is your cat scratching more than he or she used to? Do you find that your cat vomits more often, either after eating a meal or for no apparent reason? If so, it could be because of a food or environment...

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    Best Rated Pet Intolerance Test Kits

    Lauren Mihok | | 0 comments

    Have you noticed that your pet has changed their behavior? Are they scratching all the time, or do they turn away from the food you are feeding them?
    If this is your pup or kitty, then they could possibly be suffering from allergi...

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    5Strands #1 Intolerance Test Kit For Pets

    Austin Collins | | 2 comments

    Identifying the root cause of your pet’s discomfort without painful shots and numerous trips to the vet is the key to improving their physical and mental health, and it’s only attainabl...

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    Pet Dog Symptom Checker A To Z

    Lauren Mihok | | 4 comments

    By Robbi Hess

    Our dogs can’t tell us when they aren’t feeling well or what is sore or aching. Pet parents who pay attention to their dog’s body language can quickly recognize when something just isn’...

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    Top 5 Food Intolerance Tests

    Lauren Mihok | | 1 comment

    Have you been experiencing digestive issues, skin issues, or headaches lately?  If you are having these symptoms everyday, especially after you eat, then you might be experiencing symptoms caused by a f...

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    Intolerance vs Allergy

    Lauren Mihok | | 2 comments

    Most of the time, people use the term FOOD ALLERGY interchangeably with FOOD INTOLERANCE.  While some of the symptoms may be similar, a true allergy and an intolerance are completely different.  Read more


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