Nutritional Deficiency Test (115 Items)

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What’s Tested?

  • 115 Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Calcium, Iron,  Manganese, Melatonin, Potassium, Sodium, etc)
  • Amino Acids
  • Ionic Minerals
  • Vitamin (A, B1, B11, B12, B13, B17, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B9, C, D2, D3, E, K1, K2)
  • Omega (3, 6, & 9)
  • Check our Items Tested tab for each complete list

5Strands® Affordable Testing provides the most comprehensive at home testing system. The NUTRITIONAL testing package will determine whether or not you are registering a nutritional deficiency for over 115+ items such as amino acids, vitamins, ionic minerals, and Omega 3. Nutritional Deficiencies are shown through joint pain, inflammation, skin irritation, headaches, poor immunity, etc.

Your vital nutrients will determine how well your cells function and impact your mental and physical performance. Minerals are needed for the production of energy and other processes. An imbalance in these minerals can lead to illness or disease.

Even if you are eating a whole food diet, there is a possibility that your body is lacking in important nutrients. There are other factors that can affect the absorption of nutrients such as age, certain health conditions, stress, hormone changes, taking certain medications, soil quality, food processing and storage.

Most symptoms of nutritional deficiencies can be minor and may be mistaken for something else. Most people think they may be eating healthy since they may not notice any symptoms of a deficiency unless you are experiencing a severe deficiency over a long period of time. Symptoms can vary to a large degree. The most common symptoms are dry hair or hair loss, muscle cramping, tingling, scaly rash/skin, poor wound healing, brittle/soft nails, and dry/cracking skin.

This hair analysis test helps take the guesswork out of knowing whether you have any deficiencies. Once you review your list, try to get the needed nutrients your body needs from whole foods. Minimize processed foods as much as possible. A well balanced diet should provide everything your body needs for good health.

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21 reviews for Nutritional Deficiency Test (115 Items)

  1. Avatar for Julie
    Julie 2 years ago

    The test was fairly simply. They provide you with a ziplock bag for hair strands, and information on where to send it to. I just took a few strands and sealed it in the bag provided. Results came within a week by email and showed I was deficient in a few things. I bought those vitamins and honestly feel much better than before. I recommend this to people who want to know what they’re lacking.

  2. Avatar for E White
    E White 1 year ago

    I received my order on time and once I mailed it in, the results were ready in about 7 days. It let me know what I was deficient in and it was very helpful. I learned that I was deficient in ZInc which I learned I was near the bottom of normal after a blood test. It also said i was deficient in Vitamin B13, however I do not know anything about that particular vitamin.

  3. Avatar for Jen
    Jen 1 year ago

    Quick results

  4. Avatar for Phil
    Phil 1 year ago

    This product tests for a lot more than the doctors do and the price is about the same as a co-pay My entire family found they were lacking in vitamins and minerals. There’s some vitamins like C and B1 that cause scurvy and beri-beri, achy etc. This test saved everyone in my family about 15 orders because of it.

  5. Avatar for E Sparks
    E Sparks 1 year ago

    Wow. Awesome inexpensive resource! My son has autism and epilepsy and the results were very accurate for his condition. Now we know several of his deficiencies, and we better understand what is going on with him. He’s only 5 and non verbal, so this was an awesome resource I have shared with everyone I could possibly tell. Can’t wait to order the allergy test and the metal test. And then try all of them on myself.

  6. Avatar for Robert S.
    Robert S. 1 year ago

    I got my results quickly and I appreciated their follow up with my questions.

  7. Avatar for Ashley
    Ashley 1 year ago

    I knew I was deficient in something, I had skin issues and nasty welts popping up on my head. I lost some confidence in myself and in my doctor after they prescribed my a topical that burnt my head and made my hair fall out.

  8. Avatar for Diane
    Diane 1 year ago

    The processing of my son’s hair sample was very quick and provided a good starting point for us with his treatment by highlighting a deficiency that gave us an ‘aha’ moment. I will probably do samples for each of us in turn.

  9. Avatar for Jennifer Long
    Jennifer Long 12 months ago

    love this product – very accurate results. highly recommend! learned a lot about myself

  10. Avatar for Trixie
    Trixie 10 months ago

    I use this personally and recommend it as a health care professional. It is a simple test which will lead to an understanding of what to supplement. I have repeatedly cross checked this, compared it to other more expensive and comprehensive tests, and witnessed the results of supplementing per what the results say is deficient in patients. I am very pleased with this product and trust it.

  11. Avatar for Carly
    Carly 9 months ago

    used for my own personal knowledge, just good to know info about your health

  12. Avatar for Shannon
    Shannon 9 months ago

    I have had so much difficulty finding a doctor that will listen to me. I’ve had to pay for testing on my own and this is by far the most affordable test. It is also very detailed and I will be able to take it to my naturopathic doctor! Great customer service and very quick responses also. Thank you for your help.

  13. Avatar for greg
    greg 8 months ago

    Easy and painless. Very affordable too!

  14. Avatar for Georgia
    Georgia 5 months ago

    Simple, easy, kind of fun haha. I have learned a lot. I may retest in a few months to see if I have improved on my deficiencies.

  15. Avatar for Cierra
    Cierra 5 months ago

    I am deficient in items that I take in vitamins which is frustrating, but I am trusting that I need more of these things.

  16. Avatar for Eileen
    Eileen 2 months ago

    I wish it showed the levels of everything I was tested for, but other than that it is a good test that tells me what I am deficient in.

  17. Avatar for Cyndi
    Cyndi 1 month ago

    I have been supplementing with foods the nutrients that I am deficient in from this test, and I have never felt better!

  18. Avatar for Kevin Fox
    Kevin Fox 1 month ago

    I was going through weeks of being bloated without changing my diet. I did this test and so glad I did. #absfordays

  19. Avatar for Priscilla
    Priscilla 3 weeks ago

    They were very quick to respond to my email when I had questions.

  20. Avatar for Ty
    Ty 3 weeks ago

    I was deficient in a lot more than I thought. Time to start changing my diet for the New Year. It is going to be hard because I am not the biggest fan of vegetable. I called the company with some questions, and they were very helpful.

  21. Avatar for Teri
    Teri 1 week ago

    Great results

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