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What Are Intolerances?

An intolerance arises from a lack of specific enzymes responsible for breaking down food components, leading to the creation of abnormal byproducts that trigger unwelcome symptoms. In cases of food intolerance, individuals can consume small quantities of the problematic food without immediate consequences, but consuming larger amounts can result in symptoms like stomach cramps, nausea, or diarrhea. Therefore, there is a direct connection between the quantity of food ingested and the intensity of the symptoms experienced. Symptoms of food intolerance may not manifest immediately and can take several hours to several days to appear.

How Do Symptoms of Intolerances Affect You?

Symptoms of food intolerance may not manifest immediately and can take several hours or days to appear.

Eczema | Acne

Headaches | Fatigue

Arthritis | Swollen Hands

Acid Reflux | Inflammation

Constipation | IBS & Gas

Joint Pain | Poor Recovery

Weight Gain | Depression

Insomnia | Eye Mucus

Upset Stomach | Bloating

Where are you in your journey toward better health?


  • Proteins
  • Nuts
  • Seafoods
  • Oils
  • Grains
  • Spices
  • Dairy
  • Additives
  • Fruits
  • Preservatives
  • Vegetables
  • Sweeteners
  • Fats
  • Alcohol

* You DO NOT need to consume all 640 items prior to testing

Easy Five- Step Process


    Once you receive your kit, go to our website and register the provided code.


    Collect 10-15 strands of hair so your results are accurate and successful.


    Use the prepaid postage we provided to ensure your sample arrives safely.


    We will send your results roughly 5-7 days after we receive your sample.


    Implement dietary and lifestyle changes to improve your health & wellness.

What keeps our 5Strands team going?

We LOVE to receive meaningful testimonies with before and after pictures.


I am glad my body knows more immediately which foods work best in my body’s favor. This helps keep me on track as far as sticking to the foods that I know will help me feel my best. I like how this test clearly states which foods my body should stay away from and which foods I could continue to consume. I also like how I was able to receive my test results quickly, the outstanding customer service I received when I needed help with my test results, and the fact that the elimination is temporary. I am glad that this test could not only give me these helpful guidelines, but that it also made me more conscientious of what I’m eating, and it showed me that I could take more control of my health in a more natural, inexpensive way!


My life is forever changed because of the knowledge that I’ve gained and the experience I’ve had with 5Strands! In the spring of 2022, I took the 640 item Bio-Resonance test. I mentally struggled with the results, but eventually brought myself to submit to its findings. Truthfully, I’ve felt bad for many years and had been on lots of medications. The changes I have experienced have been very invigorating. I’m 59, but I feel 18 again. I’ve almost come completely off prescription medications and should be off them by the end of 2022. Reflecting… I had a heart attack in 2020, but now I’m in great shape… My PC Physician calls me “The Miracle Man.” I’ve been following the plan for 6 months now and the results have been amazing. I’ve lost over 35 lbs. and my whole countenance has been revitalized. I’m certain my gut health has improved. I just recently sent in hair samples to 5Strands for another evaluation just to see if my intolerances have changed. I’ll never be the same after this whole thing! I am speaking with everyone I know about this life-changing breakthrough! The story is more than I can tell here… attached are some pictures of myself before and after. I’m so blessed! Thank you 5Strands!


I had severe Eczema on both hands. After 6-7 months the rash started to spread up my arms. I got my results, consulted with a nutritionist to help solidify my elimination plan, and within a few days I saw remarkable progress on the eczema. I was desperate to find relief from the itching and was so grateful to have come across 5Strands.

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