How do I register my kit?

Go to www.5Strands.com/registermykit
-Enter the unique identifier number provided on the information card inside the kit and on the anti-static bag.
-Follow the prompted instructions

How to register my kit
How to register my kit.pdf
How To Register My Kit
What happens if my sample gets lost in the mail?
If you have not received a confirmation email within 7 days of mailing your sample back, please contact our customer service team via email at info@5Strands.com or call 1-833-600-8378. You will need to provide them the unique identifier number, your order number, purchase date, name, and email address.
What Happens If My Sample Gets Lost?
How do I mail back my completed test kit and hair sample?
Place the antistatic bag (with the hair sample) inside the box. Close the 5Strands box and place into the provided poly bag. Secure the provided shipping return label on top of the poly bag. Place the bag inside the mailbox and wait to receive your confirmation email upon your sample's arrival at our processing center.
Mailing Back Sample
Can I track my package?
The return label provided in your kit has its own unique tracking number on the label. 5Strands does not have access to this number. You must write this number down on the leave behind card in order for you to be able to track the package. The average return shipping time is 3-5 business days.
track package.pdf
track package.pdf
Can I Track My Package?
Do you offer testing in other countries?
5Strands Affordable Testing is happy to announce that we can offer our testing anywhere in the world. While we can only ship the testing kit in the U.S. and Canada, we can offer a downloadable option to other countries. You can contact our customer support team at info@5Strands.com or call 1-833-600-8378. Your payment information can be submitted via a PayPal invoice or over the phone. A special testing form with a unique identifier code will then be emailed to you with instructions on how to submit the hair sample.
What if I am missing an item from my kit?
Please take a moment and refer back to the FAQ on what is included in my kit under our General Information Tab. Once you have verified that an item is missing, please contact our 5Strands customer support team for further directions at 1-833-600-8378.
I Am Missing Something In My Kit
I can't find the parchment bag in the kit. Is it necessary to place the hair inside it or can I use something else?
The white parchment bag is very small and can be overlooked. Please check inside the silver anti-static bag and see if it is there. In addition, check inside the envelope/poly bag to see if it is hidden inside. If you did not receive one, you can always just put the hair inside the silver anti-static bag or inside of a sealable plastic baggie. You will just need to make sure that the hair sample is labeled with your unique identifier number or bar code.
Where is the parchment paper?
I made a purchase but it now shows that it is "ON HOLD" ...what does that mean?
If you have paid for your purchase with Amazon pay, the transaction can sometimes show that it is ON HOLD and will not complete the transaction. Our shipping manager is diligent in rectifying these issues as they come up. However, if you do not see it as a completed transaction, please reach out to our customer support team and bring it to their attention.
How can I have my app log in the same as my portal (kit registration) log in?
Once you have registered your unique identifier code on www.5Strands.com/registermykit you will see a pop up box that indicates it is time to download the 5Strands app. Hit the OK button and another screen pops up that says Access Community. Click the Access Community button. A pop up box will then prompt you to download the app. Click the download app button and it will take you to your app store. Follow the prompts in your store. Once it has downloaded, hit open and it will take you to the opening page of our app. Click the sign in button and use the same email and password that you used to register your unique identifier number.
How to register my kit.pdf
How to register my kit.pdf
Will the results still be accurate if my hair sample was delayed in getting to the processing center?

Yes, that is why 5Strands utilizes hair samples. Hair does not deteriorate like blood or saliva. Even if the hair sample was taken weeks ago, you can still have the test results run.