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Traditional Medicine versus Bioresonance Therapy

Traditional Medicine versus Bioresonance Therapy

Western medicine is typically about suppressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals.  It will ignore what it can not measure and thus leave a hole in our understanding of health. Traditional medicine considers the body as a working machine that looks at fixing or removing a malfunctioning part.  While this might work for acute illness or injury, it is concerning for chronic or degenerative illness.  We need to find the root cause of the illness or it will continue to reoccur.  


If given what it needs, the human body has innate intelligence and will regulate on its own.  While medical science is only looking at a small piece of the puzzle, Quantum physics recognizes that there are invisible and immeasurable fields which surround us that can influence our health.  The body is a complex collection of waves created by electromagnetic vibrations of many cells that reinforce and interfere with each other. 


Bioresonance therapy employs concepts, remedies, and techniques.  It does not isolate and treat symptoms but instead treats the overall physical, mental, and spiritual health of a patient.


Let's look at 10 reasons why it will be the future of therapies:

1) It studies cause, not symptoms - Treating symptoms of a disease is not identifying the root cause. While this is not a bad approach, it certainly is not going to keep you healthy for long. Figuring out what actually prompted your issues can help you be free of the problem entirely.

2) It is a non-invasive procedure - Bioresonance therapy is designed to work with the body. It does not have any side effects.



3) It is DRUG FREE - Bioresonance is completely drug free, and it works by harmonizing your body's energies.


4) It is suitable for all ages - Some therapies are only designed for certain age groups. Bioresonance wellbeing therapies are designed for people of all ages, and even animals!

5) It is a good diagnostic tool - Many alternative therapies make you feel better, but they are not a good diagnostic tool. Bioresonance can be an incredible diagnostic tool allowing you the chance to find the underlying condition and then be able to fix the problem too!


6) It is all-natural - Many people are growing disillusioned with pharmaceuticals and turning to more natural solutions to heal the body. Bioresonance works with the energies of the body only.

7) Fast Results! - Many alternative therapies take time to work properly or have a cumulative effect. This means they work more when given time. With Bioresonance, it starts working immediately and can give you rapid relief from your issues, continuous and permanent improvements.

8) Perfect for low energy people - Long term or chronic pain can leave people with little to no energy. It wears you down and leaves you exhausted. Bioresonance is not demanding on the body, and you can even have higher energy afterwards.



9) Allergy relief - Allergies or intolerances can be triggered by a number of things and can be difficult to deal with. Bioresonance therapy offers not only relief but a solution to dealing with those unwanted skin conditions and symptoms connected to those problems.

10) Supportive staff - Bioresonance therapy is a niche in the health and wellbeing sector. You must really know what you are doing and have a great love for what you do in order to help clients work through chronic pain, illness, and lifestyle limitations. Therapists want to give people the best option, so everything they do is done for your benefit.



Bioresonance therapy balances and enhances the energy flow within the meridians so a person can easily return to full health. There are many positive clinical human studies on bioresonance therapies covering areas such as allergic disease, smoking cessation, functional diseases of the gastro-intestinal system, rheumatic disease, obstructive airway disease, hepatic disease, pains, infectious disease, and amalgam elimination.



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