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How I Ensure My Horse Is Thriving In Health

Identifying the root cause of your horse’s discomfort without painful shots and numerous vet visits is the key to improving their physical and mental health, and it’s only attainable through the holistic approach that 5Strands bioresonance intolerance test provides.

Hi, I’m Kristina Star,

I’ll introduce myself fully in just a moment, but right now I want you to look at what I’m holding in my hand.

It’s an Equine Intolerance Test from 5Strands. The number one way to identify a food intolerance in horses without taking painful blood samples.

And the best part is, these results provide an instant elimination diet. A custom guideline to reduce daily discomforts such as inflammation, digestive issues, skin irritation, fatigue, joint pain, coat problems, cracked hooves, nasal discharge, and hair loss. Overall, it helps your horse live a more comfortable life!

Traditionally, these symptoms would be ignored and viewed as regular occurrences for horses. But additional studies have shown that such symptoms are typically a result of dietary or environmental intolerances. If the intolerance can be identified and eliminated, the symptoms go away!

For over 23 years practicing as a Holistic Equine Health Consultant, I’ve seen hundreds of different cases and I’m here to reassure you that if you’ve tried various solutions with no results, it’s not your fault. The majority of cases I’ve dealt with relating to a horse’s health revolve around more than you think - their history, environment, nutrition and intolerances all come into play. It’s difficult to determine exactly which of these aspects contain imbalances, and when they are not corrected, you may end up on the wrong path and spending more money than needed on useless, feed supplementation and more!

The 5Strands Equine Intolerance Test is totally different. 5Strands utilizes a NASA-based technology to identify temporary imbalances in the body that may be causing discomfort.

Most veterinarians will try to sell you on the painful process of expensive intradermal skin testing, and it’s a huge hassle! First, the horse is sedated and restrained in a standing position. Then, a rectangular area of hair is shaved away from the horse’s neck. Next, your horse is poked with 50-60 painful needles each injecting a different allergen substance. Lastly, it’s a grueling waiting game to see which sections of the skin are sensitive to the respective substance in the form of a red, itchy raised area. This procedure is costly and extremely uncomfortable for the animal. The reality is that you don’t have to jump through all the stressful hoops to find out what your steed has an intolerance to. You can pay only a fraction of the cost and get the answers you need. 

And those answers are crucial. A study performed by the Allen & Page team highlights the importance of addressing a horse’s intolerance (rather than allergies) as a necessary solution to fix negative behaviors. They found that “Intolerances in horses can cause unwanted and unexpected reactions, including excitable or bolshy behavior, lumps and bumps or itchy and scurfy skin. Finding out exactly which feed ingredient the horse is intolerant to can be a tricky task, as, if the antibodies involved do not spark a true allergic reaction, then this may not appear visible when the blood test is taken and analyzed, so, we are no closer to a true answer.” This further confirms the significance of intolerances on a horse’s behavior, and that even intradermal skin tests may not address the root cause of the problem.

This is an important issue for me because it’s something that I’ve personally experienced. My horse, Piper, was suffering from rashes and swollen fetlocks for months as I desperately grasped for any available solution out there. Her discomfort showed every day, and began trickling into her negative behavioral symptoms too. Training became difficult, she was acting out aggressively and was always reaching around to scratch a seemingly endless itch. I knew something drastic had to change, and fast.

I tried all the tips and tricks. Supplements, swapping out food items without fully understanding what she needed to eliminate, and countless veterinary visits that cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, none of this worked.

That’s when I realized there was a unique opportunity to reach the equine field and administer guideposts in health. I knew that if I could accomplish this I could get to the root cause of Piper’s discomfort and help her live a better life. So I partnered up with Austin Collins, CEO of 5Strands Affordable Testing, to develop a test that is affordable, easy-to-use, pain-free and most importantly, provides answers. After years of grueling research and testing, it worked!

Now, people all around the world are using the 5Strands Equine test. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out these reviews from real users:

⭐​​⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Florence P. (Verified Purchase)

I am thrilled with the in depth report provided. My horse was experiencing some issues and I could not figure out what the root cause was. After making some dietary adjustments, within 2 weeks I saw improvement and will continue to follow the 5Strands protocol.

⭐​​⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Trisha L. (Verified Purchase)

I’ve always been fascinated by the results a hair sample can come up with. I didn’t have any real reason to do this test other than being curious. This test was so easy to process. It comes with everything you need (DONT throw away the box, you’ll need it for shipping). I collected hair from my horses mane wrapped them up and shipped them off. Within a few days, I received an email notification that my sample was received and a few days later I had my mares results! What an eye opener! Apparently my mare is very intolerant to alfalfa and carrots - thankfully I feed her orchard but she was on alfalfa for some time. I’ll be avoiding those now just in case. The other shocker for me was leather!! So, I’ll be playing with synthetic tack to see if that changes her mindset when it comes to under saddle work. She has always done a weird head shaking thing after I put a bridle on (with or without a bit) but fine in a nylon halter… so I do think there is something to this. Very interesting data that I will be utilizing in the care of my horses. This has me interested in trying out the tests for people!

What makes 5Strands superior to other alternatives is the fact that it is a simple solution that is easy to use. It requires zero preparation, no visits to a specialist, and no trial and error. It can be completed from the comfort of your own home!

The Equine Health Test covers a total of 300 common food, environment, metals & minerals items that horses are commonly in contact with. The at-home collection kit only requires 10-15 strands of hair and you’ll receive the results in 7 days. It was an absolute breeze collecting the hair samples from Piper and she made no fuss about it.

What makes 5Strands unique is the BIORESONANCE technology used to determine the food items creating an imbalance within the gut microbiome. Once you know what food items may be causing your horse discomfort, the results will guide you toward helping eliminate any intolerance or sensitivities. These imbalances when removed allow the gut time to rebalance.

You know the negative effects of ignoring intolerances can have on your horse’s health. My bet is, you’ve experienced first hand trying other techniques that didn’t help. But you’ve seen the results and reviews from real people whose animals had intolerances. 

Now it’s time for a decision. There are 3 options:

Option 1: Do absolutely nothing and push it off down the road.

Hopefully resentment doesn’t build towards your noble steed and they don’t do any irreversible damage to you, your property or others.

But if you’d like to address the issue before it gets worse, you have 2 options…

Option 2: Continue trying cheap tricks.

Supplements, diet changes, environmental changes and fancy gimmicks are all seemingly viable “techniques” to fix your horse’s health.

But as you now know, if your horse has intolerances, the symptoms are not their fault and these “techniques” don’t address the root cause. 

Option 3: Give 5Strands a try. 

I’ve done the research, worked with the experts, and found the proven way to isolate the true cause of discomfort.

It doesn’t require multiple vet appointments or a big dent in your wallet like traditional blood allergy testing will.

Of the three options, what’s going to be easier for you?

In this world, there are two types of people. Those who continue to push their problems off and accept discomfort as part of daily life for them and their loved ones, and those who identify what is truly causing discomfort and create a plan to eliminate it.

The majority of people will say they want their horse to live a happy and healthy life, but we both know very few actually take proactive action. 

It’s the classic tale of the willful and the wishful. 

Intolerances are something most people will ignore, while the few who are actually serious about quality of life will realize the long-term effects and take the initiative. 

Since you’ve read this far, I think you’re one of the few special ones.

If I’m right and you’re still with me, make the decision to improve the life of your horse and click the button below for more information about the 5Strands Equine Health Test and get one today!

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