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Before & After - Jake's Testimonial

Before & After - Jake's Testimonial

At 5Strands® Affordable Testing (2019), our mission is “to empower families with a voice about their own health care and that of their pets.” We love hearing our customers’ “aha!” moments and their testimonials, knowing that we helped provide the keys to unlocking a healthier lifestyle that is catered to their unique bodies! Along with creating a lasting relationship with our customers, we also allow them to tell their story through case studies. 

Our most recent testament is from our wonderful customer, Jake Smith. Jake is 25 years old, enjoys sports and working out, and leads a relatively active and healthy lifestyle. Prior to taking his 5Strands® Comprehensive Sensitivity & Imbalances Test Jake was experiencing “headaches, joint soreness, rashes, bloating and fatigue.” He was also frequently getting sick with sinus infections, the flu, and a cold. He eventually went to the doctor where they tested him for Crohn’s disease, ulcers, adrenal fatigue and a multitude of other things but they could find nothing. Their recommendation was to drink less caffeine. Jake decided to make additional changes by eliminating processed foods and being on a stricter diet, recording his macronutrients, and intermittent fasting. Also, when working out, he made sure to burn more calories than he was consuming, but he was still gaining weight and not feeling better. Then he decided to take a different route by trying our 5Strands® Comprehensive Sensitivity & Imbalances Test (Smith, 2020). 

After receiving his test results, he noticed that “egg whites, spinach, ground beef and ground turkey, honey, a color additive, and a sweetener” were all listed on his results. These were food items that he was consuming on a consistent basis. He then decided to eliminate all level 3 items and some level 2 items as well. After one week, he noticed that his bloating decreased. After about two weeks his headaches decreased. After three weeks, not only did his rashes disappear, but he also found that sports and working out was more enjoyable. Within a month, he also saw that his headaches were gone, and he was becoming less and less tired throughout the day. One of the worst symptoms he experienced prior to the test was “a foggy mind,” so he has been taking supplements such as “fish oil-omega 3, 6, and 9, probiotics, and Vitamin D3, as well as eating brazil nuts to help with selenium.” He also mentioned that when he gets more Vitamin D through natural sun exposure, he can feel the difference.  He used to incorporate naps into his weekly routine because he was feeling so fatigued, but weeks after the elimination process, he has been feeling more energized and naps were no longer a weekly occurrence (Smith, 2020). 

A takeaway that Jake received from this life-changing experience is that “food affects people differently.” A piece of advice he stated in a 5Strands® interview was “if you’re going to try to make efforts in your health, you want to make sure that your efforts pay off” and that “if you’re not at peace with yourself and not feeling good, you are not living at your full potential.” At 5Strands® Affordable Testing, when we hear amazing stories like Jake’s, it makes us grateful for the opportunity to make a helpful change in another satisfied customer’s life (Smith, 2020)!



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