What Exactly is Bio-Resonance?

Bio-Resonance technology is a safe, non-invasive, form of assessment for energetic alignments in the human body. The premise is based on biophysics and quantum mechanics. All particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles and emit electromagnetic waves. Each person, microbe, food substance, or toxin has its own unique wavelength or frequency with individual characteristics. This includes all the cells in the body as well as substances such as pollens, toxins, viruses, bacteria, food, etc. 

How Does Bio-Resonance Work?

Bio-Resonance works by scanning a hair sample to create a profile of the energies that radiate from a person or pet.  This is called their energetic blueprint or profile. With this created profile, it can now be compared to all of the energetic profiles of all of the other items we test for. If the created profile from the hair sample does not harmonize with the items tested, the energy is distorted and the intolerance or imbalance is detected. The stronger the distortion, the higher the intolerance or imbalance.

Functional disturbances occur whenever the delicate guidance of bodily processes is influenced too greatly by interfering and unnecessary (pathological) oscillations. These malfunctions may eventually cause physical manifestations of dis-ease if the body cannot adequately compensate for them.  For example, harmful substances (like the heavy metals commonly found in food, drinking water or environmental pollution) not only affect the body with their physical-chemical nature but also affect it on the regulatory, informational level by way of the ultra-fine oscillations that they too possess.

If a cell is healthy, it will harmoniously resonate in a free manner with other cells.  If a pathogen attacks a cell, then a signal from the cell becomes distorted. Radionicists believe that all dis-ease originates first within the energy field of the subject.  The analysis identifies subtle energy resonance of the subject.  This is how every imbalance is identified using Radionics (bio-resonance). Radionics helps the body on a subtle energetic level to access the energy it requires to support the physical cells and processes.


What Is The Difference Between Blood Testing & Bio-Resonance Testing?

Many people often wonder why , despite our scientific advances in medicine, more and more people struggle with maintaining good health.  Some disorders are diagnosed but can’t be treated and are simply managed.  Unlike blood work and other biochemical tests, the cellular energy of tissue is always affected before the byproduct of the tissue is altered in any way.  This cellular evaluation can help us see potential problems before blood chemistry reveals any changes.  This explanation sheds light on why people would have “normal” blood work and then the next year can be diagnosed with a disease.

5Strands has taken the original concept of bioresonance treatment and therapy and developed the “at home” testing kit that utilizes the first step in this technology by reporting the findings of the imbalances that are presented.  Instead of the customer then having to be available for therapy, they can then follow the guidelines given in the results report that provide a comprehensive elimination plan.  Utilizing this guideline the customer can then figure out how to change their diet and lifestyle in order to lessen or eliminate the unwanted symptoms they are experiencing.

Please remember that the testing process provides a report that will only be as successful as the diligence of the individual implementing the results.  Education of the consumer is key to the success of the process.

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