How do I apply these Deluxe test results to my everyday life?

Maybe your goal for taking this test was to learn more about your general vitality. Maybe your goal was to reduce & remove unwanted discomforts.The Deluxe Package provides a complete overview of how your body is responding to your current dietary intake and lifestyle decisions. These 4 individual reports should either provide you confirmations of what you thought might be an issue or  point you in a direction to assist you in accomplishing your desired transformation. Because this is our most inclusive package, there is a lot of information to take in.  Take a step back, be sure to read all the provided information, watch the FAQ videos available, and know that we are here to help ensure your success. We encourage you to use these results as a guide to become more conscious of your food and lifestyle choices.  Putting in the work now will help you achieve your desired results.

How do I apply these Standard test results to my everyday life?

Maybe your goal for taking this test was to learn more about your general vitality. Maybe your goal was to reduce & remove unwanted discomforts.The Standard Package provides a complete overview of how your body is responding to your current dietary intake and lifestyle decisions. These 3 individual reports should either provide you confirmations of what you thought might be an issue or point you in a direction to assist you in accomplishing your desired transformation. Because this is one of our most inclusive packages, there is a lot of information to take in.  Take a step back, be sure to read all the provided information, watch the FAQ videos available, and know that we are here to help ensure your success. We encourage you to use these results as a guide to become more conscious of your food and lifestyle choices.  Putting in the work now will help you achieve your desired results.

How do I apply these Food Intolerance test results to my everyday life?

Food provides fuel for our bodies. The 5Strands Food Intolerance results provide a snapshot of how your body is responding to your current dietary decisions. A few years ago, I was eating unconsciously. I believed everything was good for me and my body could process anything. However, I was experiencing discomforts at such a young age to where I recognized this could potentially cause long term health issues. After I received my Food Intolerance results, I took a step back from what I thought I knew about myself and general nutrition. I recognized that I am unique and there is no one size fits all diet. My 5Strands results provided me with a custom elimination guideline to optimize my health. Foods that I believed to be generally healthy, were not healthy for me. Foods that were staples in my diet, were causing my body noticeable symptoms. I learned that rotation and moderation is key. At the end of the day we all have the decision to make on what food we put into our body. The results are not a magic pill. You will only achieve results if you decide to put the work in. Many of our customers have tried traditional testing, done research, and still have not found solutions to their everyday discomforts. I ask you to look at these results with an open mind and give it your all for 6-8 weeks. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to be our next big success story!

"How do I apply these Environment Intolerance test results to my everyday life? "

Have you ever heard the saying that we are products of our environment? Sometimes it is easy to play victim to our environment.  There are subtle symptoms or issues that we start experiencing everyday that we eventually consider to be normal.  But they are not!  Headaches, skin irritations, runny noses are just a few examples as to how our body tries to communicate that an item in our environment can potentially be causing an intolerance resulting in unwanted symptoms. The 5Strands Environmental report will allow you to discover the items that you may be encountering everyday that could be causing those unwanted symptoms that you have just accepted as normal. I encourage you to look at this report with an open mind. Think about the fabrics you wear, the cleaning solutions you use, the shampoos or soaps you wash with, the trees and grasses in your yard. You might be surprised to see how many of these items are listed on your results. While it is impossible to eliminate all of your environmental triggers, use these results to be more aware and try to reduce your exposure as best as you can.

How do I apply these Nutrition test results to my everyday life?

Nutrition goes hand and hand with the food we consume. Our diet has gone from a traditional whole foods diet to one of consuming processed and prepared foods. Our bodies were not meant to break down, process, and absorb synthetic or processed foods. Because we have steered away from a clean whole food diet, we just assume that we can supplement our needed nutrients.  This is not always the case. Our bodies were not meant to absorb synthetic nutrients. The 5Strands Nutrition test is helpful in determining the nutrition items that your body is not absorbing and will need more of.  It is always better to try to get your needed nutrients from a whole food source. Our website has information on the items tested definitions tab that will provide you with food sources that are rich in the needed nutrients. If you can't get all your needed nutrients from a food source, you can always choose a supplement, but please be sure that it is made from a natural source such as plants or herbs. Each person is unique. Some people may require more of a nutritional item than others due to their diet, exercise, and lifestyle. 

How do I apply these Metals/minerals test results to my everyday life?

We are constantly being exposed to metals and minerals in everyday life. These items can be found within the food we consume, water we drink, and even the air we breathe. In a world where we constantly use electronics and expose ourselves to materials hard for the body to process, we tend to accept the harmful effects that come with it. The lotions, shampoos, and makeup we use everyday can trigger adverse reactions such as skin problems or headaches.The Metals & Minerals results provided by 5Strands is meant to raise your level of awareness on how your body could be exposed to the items tested. Use these results as a screening tool or guide to understand your body’s ability to process and eliminate each item if or when you come into contact with it. Our website has an items tested tab with definitions and sources of where you could come into contact with these items.  Use this information to help alter your diet and lifestyle so you can reduce your chances of exposing yourself to these items.

Do I need to detox based on my Metals & Minerals results?
The purpose of the metals and minerals test is to raise your awareness of items in your environment that can potentially cause you harm. Since we live in a toxic world, it is best to consider doing a natural detox on a regular basis. Eliminating processed and prepared foods is the start. Incorporate whole foods into your daily nutrition plan that include green leafy vegetables, fruit, whole-grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Vegetables and fruits contain enzymes that help improve digestion and also many nutrients that are strong detoxifying agents. In addition, drink lots of filtered water to enable your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Do something every day that makes you sweat. Whether you exercise or sit in an infrared sauna, sweating equals detoxification!
How can I have an intolerance to soy buy not soy sauce?
Not all "soy" items are created equal. When you take a particular food items and add ingredients to it, it will change the chemical and physical composition of the item, therefore your intolerance to it can change. In the case of soy sauce, the soy in the sauce is “fermented." That means that the soy is broken down by microorganisms, and the remaining sauce doesn’t have the same soy proteins as soybeans.
Soy but not soy sauce?
What do the E-items mean?

E-items are additives, other than the basic raw ingredients, used in processed or pre-packaged foods that affect the food's characteristics.
Here is the breakdown of what an E-item number refers to:
- 100-199 Food Coloring
- 200-299 Preservatives
- 300-399 Antioxidants
- 400-499 Thickeners, Emulsifiers, Stabilizers
- 500-599 Acidity Regulators, Anti-caking Agents
- 600-699 Flavor Enhancers
- 700-999 Sweeteners, Foaming Agents, Gases

For the full description of each E-Item please visit our Items Tested tab

What do the E-Items mean?
What is the difference between wheat intolerance and gluten intolerance?

The terms gluten-free and wheat-free are often used interchangeably when they aren’t the same thing at all. Gluten is a protein found in many grains, including wheat,  while wheat is simply a grain that contains gluten. A gluten-free diet will be free from wheat and all grains and processed foods that contain gluten, but a wheat-free diet will not necessarily be free of gluten. So just because you have an intolerance to wheat does not mean you are gluten intolerant.

I thought fruits were healthy...Why do I have so many listed on my Level 3 results?

Fruits are considered to be generally "healthy foods"! Just because fruit is considered a healthy food, does not always mean it's healthy for you. If you are lacking the digestive enzymes that will break that food down, it may take only 1 or 2 items on your Level 3 list to disrupt or disturb your gut health or microbiome. Once this is damaged, generally healthy foods can start to cause you those unwanted discomforts. In order to restore your gut health, you may have to say goodbye to a few of your favorite fruits, but just for a while!  Also don't forget that over consumption of an item can cause stress on your body. Daily intake of a specific fruit could prevent  your body's ability to process and break it down. This is where we suggest removing, replacing, allowing the body time to restore balance, and then consume in rotation and moderation.  

Can I get a list of food items I did not register an intolerance to?
The lab does not generate a list of items that did not register an intolerance. Only the items that registered an intolerance are available on the results report. Since we are testing for intolerances only, we will not know whether or not you have a "true allergy" to a particular item. We would not want to actually tell you it is ok to consume or be exposed to an item that can be life threatening to you. Instead, we recommend cross-referencing to the master list.
"I reviewed my food results and still do not know what I should eat? "

Try focusing on what you CAN eat. Look at your test results and see all of the items that are listed as insignificant responses.These are the food items that you can consume during the  6-8 week elimination period. You do not want to consume the level 3 items. If you choose to consume level 2 and level 1 items, try not to consume them more than 2 times a week. Our testing results format makes it much easier to identify the foods that you should be consuming.

I completed my elimination plan and my symptoms are better...Should I be doing anything else?

We are excited that you are feeling better and congratulations on sticking to the plan. Digestive enzymes may help with breaking down different parts of food such as fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They may help aid your digestion. Since some intolerances may be due to a lack of good gut bacteria, aiding them may be beneficial. Probiotics help add good gut bacteria to your body and prebiotics feed them. At this point you should have become more aware of your body and the issues that may begin to present themselves. Try to keep eating a variety of foods and listen to when you may to need to temporarily cut some something out. For more information go to our helpful links page on our website.

What should I do after implementing my elimination plan?
After completing your 6-8 week elimination plan, you can take one food at a time that was on your level 3 or level 2 list, and re-introduce it back into your diet. Eat it, and wait a few days to see if you have any noticeable symptoms. Since intolerances are temporary, your body may have been able to heal and rebalance from the offending item during the elimination period. Remember to always eat in moderation and rotation.
What is after the elimination plan?
Once I have purchased just an individual test, can I upgrade to a package?
The lab will retain the hair sample for approximately 30 days before it has been disposed of. As long as the sample is still available, you can pay the difference between the test you purchased originally and the test you would like to have run. You would need to contact our customer service team at 1-833-600-8378 to process the request.
Are there reference ranges so I can compare the tests I received from my doctor?
Our testing cannot be compared to blood tests, saliva tests, or skin prick testing. We are only testing for intolerances and energetic imbalances, and our independent lab sets the rates and thresholds. This method of results reporting is proprietary to the lab that 5Strands utilizes for the testing.
It says I will receive a How To Interpret Sheet to help understand my results. I am not seeing that sheet. Where do I find it?
The How To Interpret Sheet is actually the first page of your testing results. It is not a completely separate document.
Where is the "How To Interpret"?
Can you explain what the different levels mean on the food intolerance test?
The different levels indicate the severity of the symptoms you may experience from ingesting or being exposed to items you registered an intolerance to. Level 3 items can present themselves as noticeable symptoms such as joint pain, diarrhea, constipation, itchy skin, dry skin, inflammation, headaches, mood changes, and more. Level 2 items are less severe, and IF they are noticeable symptoms, they will be more mild than the level 3 item reactions. Level 1 items are just beginning to affect the body at a cellular level and will most likely not have any noticeable symptoms.
Can you explain the different levels?
"What do you mean by rotation and moderation of my foods? "

Rotation and moderation is key. What we mean by this is that your diet needs variety. You should not consume the same foods every day. If you eat a food that you have an intolerance to every day, you will experience noticeable symptoms.  Once you have completed your elimination plan and let your body rebalance, you can reintroduce the food item. On average, most people may be able to consume a food item 2-3 times per week without experiencing any symptoms.  You will have to figure out what is your normal. Just remember not to go back to eating the same item every day.

Why is there a difference between cooked vs raw food?
Any time heat is added to a food, the composition of the food changes. Therefore it can affect the way your body reacts to it. This is true for any process a food undergoes. That is the beauty of this type of testing. It opens up more food choices for you when you are preparing your elimination plan.
Cooked VS Raw
I have a known allergy. Why did this not show up on my results?
5Strands tests for intolerances, and not true allergies. True allergies trigger the immune system, and intolerances do not. If you have a true allergy to an item, it does not mean that you will be intolerant to it also.
I have a known allergy not on my results...
Is this food report my forever diet?

Your 5Strands Food Intolerance test results are not your forever diet. This report is an elimination guideline.  After you conduct the elimination plan, if your symptoms have lessened or disappeared, you can reintroduce one offending food item at a time back into your nutrition plan. If you do not experience any noticeable symptoms, it means you will be able to consume the once offending food item in moderation again! As we always say, rotation and moderation is key.

Why do my blood tests results not correlate with my nutrition results?

At 5Strands, we utilize bioresonance technology which means it is energetic in nature. The results will show the body's inability to absorb the needed nutrients from your food or supplements. It will indicate what nutrients you need more of.  Unlike blood testing, it is not measuring the physical presence of the nutrients in your body. Blood testing can show that your system may have the adequate range of nutrients but it will not tell you if your body is utilizing it the way it needs to.

What do the levels of the nutrition test mean? Am I deficient or am I intolerant to these items?
This test will indicate your body’s inability to absorb and process the particular nutrient tested. It does not mean you are intolerant to the nutrient, it means your body is not getting enough of it, and you will need to consume more foods that are rich in that particular nutrient.
What do the level of nutrition mean?
After viewing my metals and minerals report, do I need to detox?

Whether you need to detox or not is entirely up to you! At 5Strands, we believe that everyone should consider developing a natural detox routine on a daily basis.  Doing a daily detox could aid in eliminating heavy metals or other harmful toxins from the body. We recommend starting with the elimination of processed foods and substituting them with more green leafy vegetables, fruit, whole-grains, beans, nuts and seeds and drinking plenty of filtered water. If you are considering any further detox protocols, you should consult with a health care practitioner or nutritionist for additional assistance.

Why did the same item register on both my Nutrition and Metal/Mineral Imbalance results?
An item showing up on both the Nutrition test as well as Metals/Minerals test indicates that the body is not processing the item properly. Rather than being absorbed by the body to be used in beneficial ways [reported as a nutritional imbalance], excesses are being stored in the tissues and the imbalance is reported as an overload of that item (metals/minerals imbalance).
Why did the same item show on both Nutrition & Metal/Mineral?
How could I come into contact with all these metals and minerals?

It's easy to come into contact with any of the metals and minerals that show up on your results. It can be in the air that we breathe, water we drink, food that we eat, as well as the appliances that we use to cook the food, and don't forget about the containers that foods are stored in!  It's hard to completely avoid these items since they are literally everywhere. Utilize your test results to become aware of what you come into contact with on a daily basis. Then you can make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle such as using a water filter, purchasing foods stored in glass containers or changing your cookware as a start.

What does bioavailable nutrients mean?

We want to emphasize that purchasing a cheap bottle of supplements will probably NOT fix your nutritional deficiencies. Your body has a hard time recognizing supplements in this form. When you think about it, from the beginning of time, how did people receive their nutrients? Through whole foods! Nutrients don’t become bioavailable when you take them as supplements. If you eat the nutrients as they naturally occur in foods, the body can more easily recognize them. 

Some dairy items didn’t show up on my level 3 results but lactose did. Should I eliminate all dairy products?
Our testing list is item specific except for a few categories such as lactose, whey protein, and gluten. If lactose shows up on your results, you will need to eliminate all dairy products even if all individual "dairy" items did not register on your lists.
Does a level 3 lactose mean to eliminate all dairy?
After receiving my results, I am still confused on what to do. Do you have anyone you can refer to me for help?
5Strands does not have nutritionists on staff. However, we do work with many different holistic practitioners. You can always contact our customer support team and see if they have anyone in your area that can help you.
Why would it show that I have a nutritional imbalance on an item I am already taking a supplement for?
If you are currently supplementing with a particular vitamin/nutrient, and you registered that item on your results report, it can indicate that the source of the supplement is not being absorbed properly by the body. This would mean you need to try and consume whole foods that contain the nutrients you need versus continuing on the supplement. Our bodies are designed to naturally absorb nutrients from whole foods instead of synthetic supplements. If you are unable to incorporate the whole foods containing the nutrients you need into your diet, you can search for an organic/all-natural supplement that may be better absorbed by the body. Always consult with your doctor or healthcare practitioner before starting a supplement.
How will I know if the intolerance is gone without doing another test?
Our testing is designed to help you become more in tune with your body. After eliminating the level 3 and level 2 items for 6-8 weeks, you can re-introduce one item at a time into your diet. If you eat it and wait a few days, and do not have any symptoms, then your body may have re-balanced and you will be able to continue to eat the item again in moderation. Some of our customers choose to retest every 6 months or so, but this is not entirely necessary if you have become more in tune with your body and can identify what foods may be causing the symptoms you experience.
Is it correct that something can show up as an intolerance because the pet has been consuming the item often?
If your pet has a food intolerance, it means that your pet is lacking the digestive enzyme to break that particular food down. So the reaction is not life threatening and may take hours or days after eating the food to manifest any type of symptom. Unlike a true allergy, where only a trace amount can trigger a reaction, with an intolerance symptom, it may manifest only if they eat a substantial amount of the food. So it is not the act of consuming the item often that creates the intolerance. The intolerance is always there, it is really the manifestation of the symptoms that becomes more apparent with overconsumption. That is why it is always recommended to feed in rotation and moderation after the initial elimination period to avoid triggering any unwanted symptoms.
If an item did not show up on my results, what does that mean?
First, it would be important to check the master list to see if we test for the item in question or not. If we test for it, and it did not show up on your results, then you are not intolerant to it on any level. If we do not test for the item, then we would not be able to indicate if you would have a reaction or not. We recommend not eating any items we do not test for during your elimination period to achieve optimum results.
What if an item did not show on my results?
How is the nutrition test for people and pets determined? What do the reference ranges mean?

The testing parameters are determined by the lab that conducts the testing.  The lab will set the parameters in the machine as to where they consider an imbalance to occur. These parameters are proprietary to the lab and can not be compared to any other blood or saliva testing conducted at another lab. So if you take your results to your doctor and they decide to run a blood test, the results will likely not correlate with your 5Strands Nutrition Test.

If I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, why is gluten not on my test results?
Celiac disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. If you have celiac disease, eating gluten triggers an immune response in your small intestine. Over time, this reaction damages your small intestine's lining and prevents it from absorbing some nutrients (malabsorption). The intestinal damage often causes diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, bloating and anemia, and can lead to serious complications. The testing that 5Strands conducts does not test for immune system responses. We test for only intolerances. You can actually have an immune system response to gluten, but not an intolerance response. For individuals that have not consumed gluten for an extended period of time, it typically will not show up on their results report.
What is the difference between the nutrition report and metals/minerals report?

While some of the items on both your Nutrition report and your Metals/Minerals report may overlap, they do not indicate the same information. The Nutrition report indicates your body’s inability to properly absorb and process the particular nutrient tested. It does not mean you are intolerant to the nutrient but that your body is not properly utilizing it and you may need more of it. The Metals/ Minerals test results, on the other hand, indicate a severity of response report of your body’s ability to process and eliminate each item tested or you may have too much of it in your body.

"Is there a correlation between my diagnosed disease/illness and my test results? "

Our testing process will indicate results for food and environmental intolerances, nutritional and metal/mineral imbalances. As most of these results will indicate temporary imbalances, it is difficult to say that they can be correlated to an actual disease. For example, people who are diagnosed with Celiac's disease ask why gluten does not show up on their results. This disease actually involves the immune system. Since our testing does not look at immune system responses, gluten may not show up. Just because you have an allergy to a food item does not mean that you will also be intolerant to it. So to answer the question: maybe. If you are eating foods that are causing inflammation, or not eating the nutrients your body needs, it can create a domino effect and cause further illness. Rather than trying to piece together what caused what, focus on doing what you can do to become a more healthier you. 

How can my pet be intolerant to just a part of the cow (like beef liver) and not all beef?
Our test is very item specific. Certain cuts of meat and organs can resonate differently. If it is listed on the master list of food items we test for and it does not show up on the results, then it is ok to consume that particular item.
How can my pet be intolerance to just a part?
How long does it take to see improvement for you or your pet once you eliminate level 3 and/or level 2 food items?
If the elimination plan is done correctly, you or your pet should start experiencing improvements within 2-3 weeks of the elimination plan.
I reviewed my pet’s food results and still do not know what I should feed them?

If you were currently feeding your pet commercially prepared pet food, we are unable to endorse a specific brand of commercial/processed pet food. Sometimes it is not as simple as changing the protein source of the pet food. They may have intolerances to all the other fillers and additives in the pet food that can be causing their issues.  You may have to consider taking your pet off of kibble and cook for them or even consider feeding raw.  Our helpful link section on the website has several DIY dog food recipes. During the elimination period you really need to find one or two protein sources and a vegetable.  You will feed this to your pet for the next 6-8 weeks and see if their symptoms lessen.  If so, you can then begin the reintroduction process.  That is how you will determine their forever diet. If you are still having difficulty understanding how to do this or do not want to cook for your pet, we do have a pet nutritionist that we can refer you to that will help you figure out what to feed your pet.  Just call or email our customer support team and we will be happy to send you her information.

Do you have a database of pet foods that I can feed my pet based on their results?

At 5Strands, we currently cannot make recommendations for particular pet foods that your pet can have based on their test results. However, on our website, we do provide several helpful links that can aid you in creating the best elimination plan for your pet. If you need additional help, we have a pet nutritionist that we can refer you to who can consult with you and help  you find the right food for your pet.

How important are pet supplements?

Customers that decide to cook for their pet are always asking about supplements.  During the elimination plan, your focus should be on determining what foods are triggering your pet's issues.When creating their forever diet, you should be feeding them a variety of proteins, veggies, and fruits.When you feed your pet a rotation diet, they should be getting all of the nutrients that they need from their food. If you are still concerned and want to supplement, it is suggested that you find a supplement that is as close to natural as possible. Look for ones that are made from herbs and plants and not synthetic chemicals. Pre and probiotics are good to add to their nutrition plan especially if they have been on medications such as antibiotics as these drugs will destroy their natural gut microbiome.

How can my dog be “allergic” to dogs?
5Strands tests for intolerances, and not true allergies. Your dog may register intolerant to other dogs if the hair, fur, or dander creates a response in their body. The best way to eliminate any potential issues that may come with this, is to keep your dog(s) washed and brushed, keep your floors cleaned and vacuumed, and potentially purchase an air filter/purifier.
How is my dog "allergic" to dogs?
My pet had immediate reaction after consuming a level 1 item. Why did this happen?
Please remember that our test is identifying intolerances and not a true allergy. Your pet can have a true allergy to a particular food item which will not be indicated on our test results. The key is an immediate reaction. If the reaction is immediate and severe, it is probably a response to an allergy. If this happens, stop feeding your pet this item. Allergies are a bit easier to identify due to the immediate response as opposed to intolerances which have a delayed response.
Should I retest my pet? If so, how often?
It is not necessary to retest your pet. The goal of our testing is to help you be more aware of your pet's health. After you have gone through the initial elimination period and started reintroducing food items, you should eventually be able to come up with a nutrition plan that will keep your pet from experiencing any unwanted symptoms. Rotating your pet's foods and recipes can help to prevent an intolerance from reoccurring. If your pet has a flare up of symptoms and you can not determine what has triggered the issues, you can choose to retest your pet and modify their nutrition plan accordingly.
"What is the difference between chicken, chicken meal, and chicken by products? "

Our testing is very item specific. Each item listed is processed differently. If you are feeding your pet kibble, you may see these listed as ingredients on the bag.  Chicken- meat from a chicken (this will be in kibble or it will be what you can buy at a store)
Chicken by product- is used as a major component only in processed pet foods. It will consist of chicken carcasses, bones, feathers, and possible even road kill! Chicken Meal- This will also only be found in processed pet foods.  It consists of chicken tissues that are not edible for humans.  Since we are testing for Intolerances, each item will affect your pet differently.  Whereas if your pet has a true allergy, they will likely have an issue will all of these items.

Infografia Chicken (1).pdf
Infografia Chicken (1).pdf
Is it normal to have so many items listed on my pet’s test results?
5Strands strives to offer testing that includes many items that can be potential intolerances. With that being said, there may be many items that show up on your pet's test results. Every pet is unique, and some pets will have more items registered than another pet.
Why So Many Items?
What should I feed my pet?
Unfortunately, we are unable to endorse a specific brand of commercial/processed pet food for each pet. 5Strands testing results provides you with an elimination guideline. In order to determine what you can feed your pet, start by cross-referencing your pet's results with the master list of items tested. Cross off the level 3 and level 2 items, and only feed your pet the remaining items. If you are unable to find a kibble or canned food that is suitable for your pet's needs, you may have to consider switching to home cooked or raw feeding during the 6-8 week elimination period. Pick a protein on the master list that is not on their level 3 or level 2 list, and pick a few vegetables that also did not register. You can cook them in a slow cooker, and portion them off into baggies. You can find more details on how to home cook for your pet online, or you can email us at info@5Strands.com.
What should I feed my pet?
How can my pet come into contact with all these metals and minerals?

Metals and minerals are everywhere including the air that they breathe, water that they drink, food that they eat and the ground they walk on. But it doesn't stop there, it's in the grass from the pesticides and fungicides that are sprayed on yards, it could be a cleaner that you use in your home each day. Let's not forget that it could even be in their toys and bowls. They are hard to avoid since they are literally everywhere! But you can make adjustments such as filtering your pet's water, reading the ingredient list on your pet's kibble, and wiping down their paws before they come inside, or changing your household cleaning materials.

If an item on my pets level 3 intolerance list is listed as an ingredient on their bag of kibble but it is towards the end of the ingredient list, can they still eat this kibble?
When it comes to intolerances, it does not make a difference where the item is listed as an ingredient. It could be the last item on the list and it could be the trigger that is causing your pet to experience unwanted symptoms. It is best to make sure that when preparing to do the elimination plan, all of the level 3 items have been eliminated from your pet's food for at least 6-8 weeks. You can then begin introducing those items and see if your pet does not respond to those level 3 items. If this elimination plan is followed the way it was intended, you should see improvement within 2-3 weeks. If you choose to feed your pet items that are on their level 3 intolerance list, just remember that it could take longer to see improvement. Unfortunately, we never know for sure, which items on that level are the ones that are triggering the unwanted symptoms your pet may be experiencing.
Can they still eat Kibble?
Can I get my results emailed, faxed, or mailed to me?
Our results are generally sent to customers via email and the app. However, we would be happy to manually mail or fax your results to you if needed. Please email us at info@5strands.com to request a hard copy to be mailed or faxed, or call us at 1-833-600-8378.
Can you provide my results in a csv or excel format?
Our lab is only able to generate the results in a PDF format. We do not offer the testing results in any other format for your safety.