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Spring Roll Into The New Year MSG Free

Today is the start of the Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Pig, which represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty, general prosperity, symbolizing a hard working, a peace-loving person, a truthful, generous, indulgent, patient, reliable, trusting, sincere, giving, sociable person with a large sense of humor and understanding.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, most of us may go out and eat Chinese Food. Some popular Chinese foods are Sweet and Sour Pork, Kung Pao Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Orange Chicken, Wontons, Dumplings, Chow Mein, Spring Rolls, Sesame Chicken, and we can’t forget about the Fried Brown Rice. As these foods are delicious, they may contain multiple additives, flavorings, and preservatives. One of the most common food additive is Monosodium Glutamate. Better known as MSG. MSG is made up mostly of free glutamic acid, or glutamate, an amino acid found naturally in most foods. It’s produced by fermenting molasses, starch, or sugar cane. This fermentation process is like the process used to make wine and yogurt. The primary use is a food additive to enhance the flavor of some foods. (E-621) It has become an important additive for the food industry because it doesn’t compromise flavor if lower quality or less fresh ingredients are used.

Some people may experience adverse effects from consuming MSG. This condition is called the Chinese restaurant syndrome or MSG symptom complex. People may experience symptoms within two hours after eating foods that contain MSG. Symptoms can last a few hours to a couple of days. Common symptoms include:

Their are treatments for common symptoms: Mild symptoms usually don’t require treatment. Taking over-the-counter (OCT) pain relievers may ease your headache. Drinking several glasses of water may help flush the MSG out of your system and shorten the duration of your symptoms.

Evidence indicates that MSG is safe in moderate amounts. If you react adversely to MSG, you should not eat it. The adverse reaction could mean an allergy or intolerance to it. 5Strands Affordable Testing can help determine whether or not you have an intolerance to MSG as it is one of the items tested for under the Food Only and Deluxe testing packages.

If you know that you are intolerant to MSG, you will need to learn to read labels with the list of ingredients. When you eat out at a restaurant, you will need to find out if their food is MSG free. Some may indicate that on the menus, but if they don’t, you will need to ask.

In addition, MSG occurs naturally in certain foods. The foods include potatoes, peas, tomatoes and tomato juice, mushrooms, grapes, grape juice, parmesan cheese, and roquefort cheese.

It is important to know your intolerances so you do not have to cut out healthy foods unnecessarily.

5Strands Affordable Testing is here to help!

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