Circle of Love

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This circle pendant is carved out of burned wood. It is then coated with epoxy resin that contains clear quartz flakes. Nickel free jump rings and clasps are added. The pendant is then finished with the imprinting of your choice.

  • Every pet has an energy field radiating from their body.  Sometimes this energy field becomes disrupted or out of balance due to external/environmental factors or emotions.  Since energy is present in all things, it has the ability to change through intentions. intentions are commonly sent through "sending good vibes (vibrations)," prayers, positive reinforcement, and more.
  • The 5Strands Quantum Pendant is handcrafted and contains clear crystal quartz flakes that are imprinted with positive intentions.  These positive intentions will help balance negative frequencies/intentions allowing the body to perform optimally.
  • Imprinting means that an item is infused with information that is vibrational in nature or like an energetic message.  Using the quartz flakes can naturally amplify any energy or intention.  
     We have provided you with a selection of intentions that can be imprinted onto the pendant you choose. Please review the selections and decide which intentions may help balance your pet’s energy field.
  • The photo is a representation of the actual design but may not be exact because no 2 pieces are exactly the same. 

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