Pet Metals & Minerals Test


Learn Which Metals & Minerals Your Pet’s Body Responds To

  • This at home test provides you with a report that indicates which toxins are creating an imbalance in your pet’s body and prohibiting the body’s ability to process and eliminate items properly.
  • 5Strands utilizes bioresonance technology and a hair sample collection method.
  • Unlike HTMA / Blood Testing, it WILL NOT provide you with a physical measurement of the amount of the toxins in your pet’s body.

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The Pet Metals & Minerals Test will indicate your pet’s ability to process and eliminate the items tested. Of the 40+ items, the report will not indicate a result for all of the items tested.  Only those items that exceed the threshold set by the lab will be on the report.  Unlike blood testing or HTMA testing, it will not provide you with a physical measurement of the amount of the metal or mineral in the body. Testing results take 7-10 days after the hair sample has been received at the processing center.

If and when your pet would come in contact with any of the metals/minerals that register on their results, their bodies may not be able to process and eliminate those items the way their body was intended to. This can end up causing symptoms in the body (vomiting, diarrhea , seizures, bloody stools, lethargy, and loss of appetite) that may be hard to pinpoint where it is coming from. 

Ingestion of excessive mineral doses by animals can occur in several ways. Heavy metals have the largest availability in soil and aquatic ecosystems and a smaller proportion in the atmosphere.  Other possible sources of exposure can come from the following: mistakes in balancing mineral supplements and/or commercial pet food, intake of plants that have high mineral concentration, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides used on pasture or tillage where plants and/or grains will be used for animal feed, decomposition of urban and industrial wastes, leaks and accidental spills of pollutants, licking of painted surfaces containing metallic pigments and pharmaceutical medicines.  

It is very difficult to control your pet’s  exposure to these items.  However, if your pet is exhibiting unexplained symptoms, these test results will be one more tool that may help give you another piece to the puzzle.  It will help you determine whether or not you choose to vaccinate your pet or continue with certain medications or supplements.  You might decide that you wish to change the protein source of your pet’s food from a “seafood” to something else.  Sometimes it may even indicate that you stop feeding your pet commercial dry food and switch to home grown or organic whole foods that will assist your pet’s body to naturally detoxify. Please remember that you should always consult with your veterinarian in regards to any detoxification protocols if needed.

In order for you to see ANY positive transformations, this test requires 100% interaction. Our incredible customer support team is accessible via email or phone to assist with any questions along you and your pet’s journey. When you get your pet’s emailed results, don’t be overwhelmed, take a deep breath, and be excited to start their journey to better health for your pet.

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