Deluxe Package (Adult 900 Items)

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What’s tested

  • 600 Food Items tested including wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs, meats, seafood, preservatives, fruits, & vegetables.
  • 190 Environmental Items Tested including pollen, grasses, & weeds
  • 80 Nutritional Items needed to keep your body healthy including biotin, iron, & calcium
  • 60 Metal/Mineral Items tested including mercury & lead
  • Check our Items Tested tab for each complete list

5Strands Affordable Testing offers 4 different types of test for people: (1) Food Intolerances  (2) Environmental Intolerances  (3) Nutritional Deficiencies (4) Metal & Mineral Imbalances. Our easy 4 step process provides you and your pet with a road map on how to achieve desired dietary & lifestyle adjustments.

5Strands chooses a hair sample collection method and utilizes bioresonance technology to identify temporary imbalances causing symptoms such as upset stomach, headaches, bloating, joint pain,  water retention and itching, paw biting, and hair loss. 5Strands does not provide testing for IgE or IgG mediated responses (true allergy involving the immune system).

You will receive a comprehensive report indicating the items that you registered an intolerance to.  The food report includes key proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten, lactose,  and synthetic additives.  The environmental report includes items such as cleaning materials, fabrics, pollen, trees, grasses, lotions, chemicals, and dust mites. The results will show only the items you registered an imbalance to upon exposure. That exposure is placed onto a severity scale and provided to you as a level of response the body may be experiencing.

5Strands also provides a Nutritional Deficiency test and a Metals & Minerals test. The Nutrition test will indicate which of the key vitamins, minerals, and amino acids the body is lacking. The Metals & Minerals test will indicate which of the toxic metals and minerals the body is not currently processing and eliminating . This testing provides the severity of the response upon exposure to the items. The report will not indicate a result for all of the items tested.  The lab will set a threshold and the results will be indicated for only those items that exceed the threshold.   Unlike traditional testing, it will not provide you with a physical measurement of the amount of the item in the body.

Testing results take 7-10 days after the hair sample is received at the processing center. Our incredible customer support team is accessible via email or phone to assist with any questions along your journey. When you get your emailed results, don’t be overwhelmed, take a deep breath, and be excited to start your journey to better health.

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49 reviews for Deluxe Package (Adult 900 Items)

  1. Avatar for Susan Metford
    Susan Metford 2 years ago

    When I asked my doctor about a minerals test he told me it was 450.00 I can’t believe I was able to get the entire test for a fraction of the price.

  2. Avatar for Laura Steinmart
    Laura Steinmart 2 years ago

    Just got my results back… I am a little freaked out but so happy I now have answers!!! It makes sense why my stomach hurts when I eat certain foods. I was really skeptical about this test but when I called the office and spoke to Elaine I knew this was a test I had to do. She answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with answers.

  3. Avatar for Keisha
    Keisha 2 years ago

    A great deal for all of this useful information. I am wanting to start a healthier life style and this test has provided me with some great guidelines to follow along my journey.

  4. Avatar for Natalie Young
    Natalie Young 2 years ago

    I LOVED THIS PRODUCT! Prompt, secure, and answered some lingering questions for me. Would definitely recommend and going to order for other members of my family. Thank you! Saved hours at doctors, weeks waiting on results, and lots of money. Worth every penny!

  5. Avatar for Elyse Byers
    Elyse Byers 2 years ago

    This was so helpful. It has helped me realize what allergens affect me and avoid them. Feeling better already.

  6. Avatar for SM
    SM 2 years ago

    I had been eyeing this test for awhile. I have taken alot if other tests but never had a breakdown of deficienies from nutrition and intolerance foods plus enviornment all together. The whole process was very easy. Once I got the results back I was a little overwhelmed because I wasnt sure how to action against it all and was my list too long and am I normal. I remember reading a review that someone else had said their customer service was helpful. So I called. And talking through my resumta quickly really helped me grasp it a bit further and it was all okay. Now I am taking action. Baby steps.

  7. Avatar for Jared VL
    Jared VL 2 years ago

    This test was very helpful! I didn’t realize that some of food I was eating on a daily basis I was actually intolerant to. I had been feeling bloated a lot recently and its clearly related to the food I’ve been ingesting. I will definitely be making changes to my diet after reviewing the results from this test. The customer service was fantastic and helped with all the questions I had. Plus, it only took two weeks to get my results from the date I ordered. Definitely recommend this product!

  8. Avatar for Lauren Speer
    Lauren Speer 2 years ago

    I am a college student, and this test was extremely affordable! When I got my results back, it really made sense why I had an upset stomach after I ate certain foods. I would recommend this test to anyone who frequently has an upset stomach or other undesirable symptoms after eating something. I never linked it back to certain foods because I had been eating them my entire life! Now that I know, I have cut back a lot on the foods that affect me negatively, and I have seen a HUGE difference in how I feel. From my results, I have also been able to eat more foods that I have a deficiency in, and this has also positively improved my health. Overall, this test is a MUST buy!! You will not be disappointed!!

  9. Avatar for Cam
    Cam 2 years ago

    I’ve always ate fairly health and went to the gym regularly, but still struggled with my weight and would experience gas and bloating issues. I gave this test a shot and got my results in about 10 days. It was amazing to see the foods on the list that I was intolerant to.

  10. Avatar for Abby Turner
    Abby Turner 2 years ago

    I love how the company has on this website ALL the items they test for. It gives me comfort knowing that I can see the items and know that I can trust them when I call and they answer. They are very nice and helpful!

  11. Avatar for Billy
    Billy 2 years ago

    I understand this product is not promoted as a tool for weight loss, but by utilizing the elimination diet provided… I have lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. I am shocked. I have worked out and watched my diet for years. Affordable Testing informed me that I have built up intolerances to certain foods over the years (many of them I consumed on a regular basis). The built up was causing harmful effects such as bloating and joint pain that I have experienced directly after certain meals. The results helped aid me in knowing what to avoid and I have spoke with a nutritionist to find proper substitutes. 15 pounds lighter while still eating the same quantity of food daily.

  12. Avatar for Leah Walker
    Leah Walker 2 years ago

    I always wondered why my stomach would get upset after I ate chicken.. I found this company and did the test. I ended up having a level 3 intolerance to chicken, which mad total since because I ate chicken basically every night for dinner. I took chicken out of my diet for 2 months. I ended up getting retested about a month ago and chicken isn’t on there anymore!!!

  13. Avatar for Joe Atkins
    Joe Atkins 2 years ago

    I am so thankful I found this test. It has helped my health and has motivated me to get back into the gym to better my health even more! The customer service was awesome; I talked with Austin. They truly care about you and are here to help!

  14. Avatar for Adam
    Adam 1 year ago

    My wife had a few allergic reactions in the past and we couldn’t figure out the cause. We decided to get this test because it would have taken a while to get an appointment with an allergist. We wanted to at least know what certain causes would be. The results were impressive. Certain foods that showed up were the exact foods she ate prior to her reaction. Within 1 day of cutting out the intolerant foods from the test she felt better. If your someone who isn’t sure what is trigging allergiest I would recommend this test. I’m going to get one for myself

  15. Avatar for B Wells
    B Wells 1 year ago

    I have suffered with allergies since I was a child and more recently have suffered greatly with IBS. The information that I got from my report, mostly on the food allergies, has been most helpful for me to keep my IBS and chronic congestion in check. I’ve only had the report for a couple of weeks, but can definitely see a difference. I was so impressed that I bought a second test kit for my adult son who unfortunately inherited his mother’s allergies.

  16. Avatar for Jeni M Dixon
    Jeni M Dixon 1 year ago

    As others have noted, I received my results very quickly. I am super impressed with this service. I received my results on Monday, after mailing off the hair sample last Tuesday.

    I was keen on learning what my intolerances are as I’ve been getting worse and worse acid reflux over the last few years and have developed issues swallowing. I have “GERD” and esophagitis. It’s been building for years, but I just think “oh who can cut out all that food – I love food” and keep on keeping on. Recently I had a serious swallowing incident at work where I ended up running out of a meeting choking on food, and then vomiting in our waiting area. I cannot keep running these risks. So to treat GERD you cut out the obvious stuff (fatty food, acidic foods, alcohol, coffee, fun….) and they also suggest food intolerances as a big cause, so here I am buying this test.

    What I’ve learned is that I’ve had it all wrong. I thought maybe I was gluten intolerant so I cut out gluten for about 3 years. I now know I am not gluten intolerant, and things I’d replaced in my diet (champagne instead of beer, rice flour instead of wheat flour) are actually the things I’m intolerant of!! WHAT?!! So I had it all wrong. And now I know this crazy list of stuff I can filter out of my diet over the next 5-10 weeks and see if I can get my dang esophagus to heal so I can swallow like a normal human again.

    I had bought this test kit above the others primarily because of 1. the price point and 2. the fact that I didn’t have to prick my finger and send in blood. I’m highly needlephobic, and have wanted to get intolerance testing done for years and this is literally the first time that I was able to do so and not have to deal with a major needle incident.

    This test is life changing. I cannot wait to see how I feel in a couple months once I’ve eliminated some of these key items from my diet. I’d recommend this test highly. Knowledge is power!! Science and technology now allow even this helpless needlephobe access to crucial info that can help my health with very little cost and no pain and speedy results with great customer service. ALL THE STARS.

  17. Avatar for Rod R
    Rod R 1 year ago

    Learned a great deal of information from this. Well worth the purchase

  18. Avatar for Sarah Whitehead
    Sarah Whitehead 1 year ago

    So much information. This is the first time I have ever felt like I received education information about my own personal health that I can utilize and fix my personal health on my own. Best money spent. Thank you for the coupon code from the Gluten Free show

  19. Avatar for Arnold Byrd
    Arnold Byrd 1 year ago

    This test can be life saving! My doctor has told me for years that something in my diet could be causing my issues. Was tested for celiac, and lactose intolerance, and all showed negative. However, just cause the allergy shows negative, does not mean you are not intolerant. Removing the items you suspect you are intolerant to, can make a tremendous difference in your quality of life. I’ve bought probably every dietary supplement known to man, with little to no change in my life. The biggest changes will come when you lower inflammation, and you lower inflammation by removing inflammatory foods. This test makes that process way easier then just removing things one by one, it could take years, even decades before you figure out what truly causing you inflammation.

  20. Avatar for Adam
    Adam 1 year ago

    My wife had a few allergic reactions in the past and we couldn’t figure out the cause. We decided to get this test because it would have taken a while to get an appointment with an allergist. We wanted to at least know what certain causes would be. The results were impressive. Certain foods that showed up were the exact foods she ate prior to her reaction. Within 1 day of cutting out the intolerant foods from the test she felt better. If your someone who isn’t sure what is trigging allergiest I would recommend this test. I’m going to get one for myself

  21. Avatar for Cody M
    Cody M 1 year ago

    Thanks for the help, I had a few questions and was so happy to be able to talk to a live representative!

  22. Avatar for Myers
    Myers 1 year ago

    Great purchase. I had to clear out our pantry and fridge at home, but it was for the best. What a great test with loads of information.

  23. Avatar for Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith 1 year ago

    Thank you for helping provide my husband & I a great starting point! We have lots of information to study and research now on our own and we are excited for the challenge!

  24. Avatar for Shelby V.
    Shelby V. 1 year ago

    A great package deal for me and my husband. We thought it would be fun to try this test and create a 30 day meal plan from it. We learned about our deficiencies and then foods that were causing me to retain water weight as well as possibly bloat. My husband was able to figure out that beef & lactose was causing probable joint issues. We removed what Affordable Testing marked as a level 3 intolerance. Our results were incredible. Through proper dieting and working hard at Gold’s Gym, we lost a combined 11 pounds in a month. That might not seem like a lot, but for us that is huge progress in just 30 days at the age of 48 and 52.

  25. Avatar for Carter Arbogast
    Carter Arbogast 1 year ago

    Testing for my whole family ended up saving me so much money by finding this company! All of our test results were spot on! Highly recommend!!

  26. Avatar for Marry Weathers
    Marry Weathers 1 year ago

    It was difficult to understand the report at first. Lots of information. I called the phone number provided on the website rather frustrated and could not have asked for a better customer service experience. Elaine from the 5Strands team spent over 20 minutes helping me understand the reports and some next steps to take. I advise anyone who is overwhelmed to reach out to the customer care team.

  27. Avatar for Jason Stidham
    Jason Stidham 1 year ago

    I got this test done because I was having a lot issues with taking medications
    I will 100% recamand anyone with allergies,allergic reaction to purchase
    This product
    It has helped pinpoint answers to what my doctors have been trying to figure out

  28. Avatar for Maria Niles
    Maria Niles 1 year ago

    Ok. I bought 4 of these. Two kids and two adults. Our family results have been outstanding. It’s been 1 week of following everyone’s diet. This has been challenging because some people are allergic to wheat, others beef, others salmon, and a bunch of other items we eat very often. BUT after a one week test. My little one with eczema has not itched one bit. She was sensitive to cotton ‍♀️. My other child had constant belly aches and Gas – FIXED. I was feeling constantly tired. I feel great! I really wish the kids test would also test for metals and preservatives like the adult test. However everyone is feeling much much better. I’m very happy with this product. I’m seriously thinking about giving this to everyone as a Christmas gift.

  29. Avatar for Lily Boulderson
    Lily Boulderson 1 year ago

    This was a good chunk of money.. but not in comparison to what it would have cost if my whole family was to go to the doctors and get the blood test results. This information was also (in my opinion) more informative! The customer service i received from Melissa was outstanding!

  30. Avatar for Ashley Carter
    Ashley Carter 1 year ago

    Ordered for the whole family (5 people). The results came quickly. Turns out, we are alike but very different. It will take some time to implement, but we received some very interesting information. Very reasonable, I recommend the test for anyone who wants to know and understand more about their body.

  31. Avatar for Aiden Sims
    Aiden Sims 1 year ago

    Easy to do! This was fun and informative for my whole family! Now it is my job to make sure we continue to implement this information

  32. Avatar for Holly H.
    Holly H. 1 year ago

    Easy to use. Quick response from the lab. Easy to read. I thought for years that I had no food intolerance….turns out I have quite a few! Now I know why my skin has been itchy.

  33. Avatar for Wilson family
    Wilson family 1 year ago

    Purchased a test over the holidays for my family! I was expecting a delay and received the results within 6 days of them receiving my families samples! Great information to help us start our New Years

  34. Avatar for Melanie
    Melanie 1 year ago

    I spoke with Elaine at the company about my test results. She helped me better understand the report and help me not be overwhelmed. Lots of information, but exactly what I was looking for.

  35. Avatar for Rob
    Rob 1 year ago

    Lots of information

  36. Avatar for A.S.
    A.S. 1 year ago

    Easy and fast way to know how is your health

  37. Avatar for Andrew J
    Andrew J 1 year ago

    This test did it’s job, gave me a strict elimination diet to follow while I trained for my competition! I recovered super fast after workouts and I credit it to knowing what food to avoid and supplements to take. The nutrition report was my favorite

  38. Avatar for Cory
    Cory 1 year ago

    I asked for this as a Christmas gift because I was curious but skeptical. The results came in very quickly and I did my best to cut as many of the foods on my list as possible. The personal results a I felt afterwards were fantastic! I went from feeling bloated, sick, and tired all the time to the old me! It takes some discipline to cut out the foods, but it’s worth it. My digestion has improved, I feel less bloated, and uncomfortable. I don’t live in fear of what foods might ruin me for days on end. I’ve slowly been adding some of the foods back into my diet to see which ones are the worst for me. I can’t say I was able to 100% eliminate everything but the results were there. Overall I’d say it’s worth the money especially if you have unresolved digestive issues. Obviously consult a doctor when necessary, but this did a lot of good for me!

  39. Avatar for A. Parker
    A. Parker 12 months ago

    I have had a lot of gastro-intestinal problems for many years and when I’ve had more issues, I often couldn’t figure out why. I decided to try 5 Strands to see if I could get some information on food intolerance or even if I had any.
    I received fast test results and great customer service when I had questions. I decided to go cold turkey and eliminate everything for a brief period. The improvement was almost immediate. Now I’m adding foods back in and my symptoms have worsened after eating certain things again. We can develop intolerance for foods that we consume a lot of, and on my ketogenic diet, that certainly proved true for me. The good news is that we can avoid these foods for a couple months and try again. Often they are ok then. Some of my no-no foods, of course, are not in this category, so it is very interesting to see what turns up. The nutritional deficiencies, though very few for me, were totally reflected in the symptoms I’ve been experiencing. I don’t have many symptoms with environmental sensitivities, but, surprisingly, there are quite a few grasses and weeds, etc. that I need to avoid. Luckily my lawn grass is not one of them!

  40. Avatar for Benjamin C.
    Benjamin C. 10 months ago

    I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience with this company. This product popped up while I was investigating online options to search allergies and intolerances. I always have so many questions and curiosities about what I should or shouldn’t be eating and have not had much luck with doctors allergy tests. This test was very simple and provided very quick results. All you have to do is send a hair sample and wait a few days.
    My results provided dietary items to avoid listed in green/ yellow/ and red as to warn me against the severity. In addition to diet, this test also provides environmental intolerences such as plants and dust, as well as minerals you might be defecient in.

    In the ongoing quest to become the healthiest version of myself, this test has put me leaps ahead of where I was before (in the dark).

    Furthermore, this companies customer service is top notch. I am one to have way to many questions about things with my ever curious brain, and every email I sent was answered back thoroughly within the same day, and sometimes immediately. Lauren was the one who helped me specifically and I could not be more blown away with the quality of service I received.

  41. Avatar for Christi
    Christi 8 months ago

    My biggest culprit was gala apples. Who would have thought? I figured apples were healthy so I ate one every single morning. But I was always bloated and constipated. Once I changed my breakfast routine to something I wasn’t intolerant to, it was crazy how quickly I started feeling better and more myself.

  42. Avatar for John Floyd
    John Floyd 8 months ago

    Haven’t heard anything back yet

  43. Avatar for Tristan
    Tristan 6 months ago

    Lots of pros and cons to this. Customer service was helpful and amazing. List of intolerances was very lengthy and had a lot of items that I didn’t know.

  44. Avatar for Suzanne
    Suzanne 6 months ago

    I have learned so much!!!!!! 🙂 I love this test. So easy and informative. Can’t wait to share with family and friends 😀

  45. Avatar for Jordan
    Jordan 6 months ago

    The deluxe test is well worth the money. You get tested for everything they have.

  46. Avatar for Dr. Faleh hujailan
    Dr. Faleh hujailan 4 months ago

    i like it and i talk about this test in my twitter account (Arab_tree)

  47. Avatar for Danny
    Danny 3 months ago

    The Deluxe test is your best bet to figure out what may be causing you any kind of health issue. I am so glad I tried it. I have made many changes, and thanks to my test results, I knew where to start.

  48. Avatar for Aleece
    Aleece 2 months ago

    Worth the money! They test for so many items, way more than my doctor does. It is way cheaper than my doctor wanted to charge too. I feel like the information I received was so helpful and valuable. I am excited to make some changes.

  49. Avatar for Beverly
    Beverly 2 months ago

    Be sure you pay attention to what test you’re buying. I wanted to be tested for everything so that is why I got the Deluxe Test Kit. I would highly recommend this product.

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