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What’s tested (Ages 14 Under)

  • 550+ Food Items tested including wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs, meats, seafood, preservatives, fruits, & vegetables.
  • 100+ Environmental Items Tested including pollen, grasses, & weeds
  • 115 Nutritional Items needed to keep your body healthy including biotin, iron, & calcium
  • 50 Metal/Mineral Items tested including mercury & lead
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What’s Tested

  • 650 of the most common Food & Environmental intolerances including proteins, grains, dairy, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, “E” items (which include additives, preservatives, food coloring), grasses, trees, fabrics, cleaning supplies, mold, pollen, and more.
  • 115 of the most common Nutritional Deficiencies including amino acids, ionic minerals, vitamins, biotin, calcium, potassium, iron & more.
  • 50 of the most common Metal Mineral exposures including Aluminum,  Arsenic, Bromine, Carbon, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Tin, Titanium & more.

5Strands® Affordable Testing provides a simple test to determine what food and environmental substances that may cause non-IgE mediated reactions, known as INTOLERANCES. The testing process is simple and painless due to utilizing a HAIR sample.  Intolerance reactions are not life threatening and have a delayed onset with symptoms appearing several hours or days after ingestion or exposure. Common symptoms include eczema, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, pain, inflammation, or weight problems.

With this test, you will be able to see the different food intolerances your body has, environmental allergens your body reacts to, the metals you need to avoid and any nutritional items (vitamins and minerals) you need to implement in your diet. Alongside these results, you’ll be able to gain the proper knowledge in order to create the perfect diet, unique to you.  These results will act as a guideline for you to use and help your body start the healing process.

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11 reviews for Deluxe Package (Children 815 Items)

  1. Avatar for Jessica Ross
    Jessica Ross 1 year ago

    I would just like to state that this test has been a great tool to help figure out what my son has been having issues with. We took Jacob to go get allergy tested at the doctors office in hopes for answers and receieved nothing. He kept crying to me about having tummy aches and we couldn’t figure out what the issue was. One of the ladies at work said she bought the children test and it helped answer why her daughter kept pushing away certain foods. The results from Affordable Testing (received in 6 days after sending off sample) provided us with a great elimination diet. We took our results, sat down with Jacob, and then asked how he felt about each one of the foods on the report we were given. We noticed that almost half of the foods on there Jacob said he didn not like eating but did because we told them they were good for him. After speaking with one of the customer representatives for Affordable Testing, they helped explain that each person and child is unique in the form of dieting. What is “healthy” for one person might not be for the next.

  2. Avatar for Tanica Jenkins
    Tanica Jenkins 1 year ago

    Great customer service.. I purchased the standard, then decided to upgrade to the deluxe. Received soo much information which is not a bad thing after leaving the doctors office with no answers now twice.

  3. Avatar for Adam
    Adam 1 year ago

    My wife had a few allergic reactions in the past and we couldn’t figure out the cause. We decided to get this test because it would have taken a while to get an appointment with an allergist. We wanted to at least know what certain causes would be. The results were impressive. Certain foods that showed up were the exact foods she ate prior to her reaction. Within 1 day of cutting out the intolerant foods from the test she felt better. If your someone who isn’t sure what is trigging allergiest I would recommend this test. I’m going to get one for myself

  4. Avatar for Christine
    Christine 1 year ago

    Can’t speak highly enough about this company!

  5. Avatar for Julia N
    Julia N 1 year ago

    I knew there was something wrong!!! I am so mad at the doctors I took Ethan to. I found out he was intolerant to gluten just like I suspected. His rashes have now gone away after avoiding the level 3 foods!! Thanks for the help

  6. Avatar for Carla
    Carla 6 months ago

    My child wasn’t thrilled with me pulling our some of his hair, but I assured him it would be a lot less painful than a needle taking out blood. Once I got the results back, we found that our child was intolerant to milk chocolate (his favorite) along with many other items. He was not happy with us for saying he can’t have milk chocolate anymore, but he’s young, he’ll live. Try this for your child who may be a picky eater with tummy troubles.

  7. Avatar for Donna
    Donna 5 months ago

    I want to give this test a higher rating, but here is my dilemma….. My son has always had food issues and I wanted to find out what was causing it. It showed up with a lot of things he has never eaten. I called customer support and asked and they said they were still able to test for things he has never eaten. I just wanted to know more about things he HAS eaten though. I guess it makes sense they can’t do a custom test for every person, but I wish they could.

  8. Avatar for Mary Jo
    Mary Jo 5 months ago

    Worked wonders for my children!! I don’t have one thing that I don’t like about this test.

  9. Avatar for Taylor
    Taylor 2 months ago

    I got this test for my son who is 3 because he always has an upset stomach, and we had tried everything. I wish I had gotten this test for him a long time ago because it has helped so much!

  10. Avatar for Ronni Kim
    Ronni Kim 3 weeks ago

    My child is the pickiest eater I know. I bought this test for her because she only eats about 10 items in total, and I wanted to see if she was having issues with any of them. After getting the results, I sat down with her and educated her on the things causing her to have an upset stomach. She agreed to start trying more foods and branching out. She needs to start eating things she is not intolerant to. It is a battle, but we will see.

  11. Avatar for Tyson D.
    Tyson D. 2 weeks ago

    It’s a little hard to monitor what my kid eats at school but so far I’ve been great results

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