Food Intolerance & Nutrition Test Combo

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5Strands Food Intolerance and Nutrition Test Combo includes:
(1) Food Intolerance Test:
- Food Intolerance Test (600 items)
- View Food Intolerance Items Tested Click Here

(1) Nutrition Test:
- Nutritional Imbalance Test (80 items)
- View Nutrition Items Tested Click Here

  • This 2 pack provides an instant nutritional guideline (60-90 days) for you.
  • 5Strands utilizes bioresonance technology and a hair sample collection method.
  • The results will indicate the severity of response the sample registered upon exposure to each item tested. 
  • The Food Intolerance & Nutrition Test works for ALL Ages.
  • 5Strands does not provide testing for IgE or IgG mediated responses (immune system responses).

This package is 5Strands #1 recommended combination package for Athletes, Trainers, Competitors, or anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. The Food Intolerance Test & Nutrition Test will provide an amazing overview of just how your body is responding to your current dietary & lifestyle decisions.
You will receive two reports. One will provide you the severity of response your body has against 600 food items. The second will provide you a guideline to what nutrients your body is not absorbing properly or lacking.

Utilizing these two reports and cross referencing which foods your body is responding negatively to or asking for more of will assist you in achieving your personal health and wellness goals. These results are bio-individual, meaning tailored specifically to you. There truly is not a one size fits all diet. That is why 5Strands provides you a custom and tailored road map to better health.

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