One of the new buzz words or phrases today is “heavy metals” and or “heavy metal toxicity”. With all of the medical issues people are having today, this topic of conversation seems to come up more times than not.

Our bodies were designed as perfect well oiled working machines. If everything is working properly, we should be able to naturally detox. Unfortunately, some of us accumulate more toxins than others in our tissues. Why is this so? Some of us were born nutritionally deficient and already exposed to certain toxins that were transferred in-utero via the placenta from our mothers (yes people you can blame your moms!) Others have poor diets, some live in toxic environments, and others have a slower metabolic process.

Then let’s add the fact that the world we live in is polluted. Toxins come from the air we breath, water we drink, the soil, and the food we eat. EVERYONE is exposed to toxins on a daily basis. Unless you decide to live life in a bubble, there is no way to avoid exposure to these harmful toxins.

I have spoken with people after their test results have come in and they have said to me there is no way that I could have been exposed to these items. However, did you know that pesticides and fertilizers sprayed in another country can be carried through the air due to winds and deposited in our water and soil. Amalgam fillings in your teeth can account for high levels of mercury toxicity. Deodorants, shampoos, bleach, detergents, cosmetics, soaps, all contain chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and end up being stored in your tissues. We are still seeing the effects of nuclear plant melt-downs in opposite ends of the world due to the prevailing winds.

Now are you still wondering why our bodies can be a toxic waste dump? These toxins can contribute to multiple diseases and can be the cause of all of the aches and pains you might be feeling.

You have all heard about the common heavy metals and minerals such as Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. However, did you know that the 5Strands Affordable test can test for some far out metals/minerals such as Polnium, Uranium, Radium, Osmium, Molybenum, Rhodium, and Scandium. Some of you may have not heard of these metals/minerals but they do show up on our customers reports.

Let’s take one of the most obscure metals/minerals- Polonium and talk about it in relationship to how it could possibly show up on someone’s report.

Polonium- Because it is present in small concentrations, isolation of polonium from natural sources is a tedious process. The general population is exposed to small amounts of polonium as a radon daughter in indoor air. Polonium is indeed an element naturally present in all humans, contributing appreciably to natural background dose, with wide geographical and cultural variations, and particularly high levels in arctic residents. Tobacco smoking causes additional exposure to polonium. Polonium-210 in tobacco contributes to many of the cases of lung cancer worldwide. Most of this polonium is derived from lead-210 deposited on tobacco leaves from the atmosphere; the lead-210 is a product of radon-222 gas, much of which appears to originate from the decay of radium-226 from fertilizers applied to the tobacco soils. Polonium is found in the food chain, especially in seafood.

Polonium is a radiation hazard only if it is taken internally through breathing, eating, our entering through broken skin/wound. It is not a hazard on the outside of the body as it will not go through unbroken skin. Long term exposure can lead to cancer, organ failure, and even death.

You might say, why do I need to know this information? My point is that even though you may not have heard of these heavy metals, you are being exposed to them on a regular basis. Now how your body eliminates them is the question. You must figure out what routine works for YOU. Not all bodies are created equal. Finding the right nutrition plan that includes foods that will naturally help the body detox is key. 5Strands Affordable testing can help you with determining what you should be focusing on. The purpose of this test is to help you determine how to naturally take care of your body without taking prescription medications. Medications are filled will all kinds of additives and chemicals that can add to your bodies toxification. No one talks about this since it is easier to just take a pill and move on with your day. Medications are only masking your symptoms. 5Strands Affordable Testing wants to teach you how to become responsible for your own health.

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