Healthy Dads and Lads

Father’s Day is just around the corner! It is a day that families show their appreciation for everything that the man of the house does for them all. They work hard during the day, fix things around the house, teach the little lads how to be men, and show the girls how a man should properly treat a young lady. A father’s influence is crucial to the development of the children and the household and doing their daily tasks can be exhausting and time-consuming. With that being said, it is important for dad’s health to be in excellent condition so he can have the energy to effectively complete his day-to-day duties.

In order for dads to stay healthy and have energy to do all that he needs to do for the family, there are some things that the family can do:

  1. Motivate proper diet and exercise. When dad has little energy, it can be because he is not eating foods that give energy like fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables. Also, he may not be taking enough time to exercise, which boosts energy levels up when it is incorporated into his daily, or weekly, routine. Remind dad to choose better foods instead of eating burgers and beer so much, and push him to workout more, even if it’s going for a 10-minute run around the block. Dads may need a push every once in a while!
  2. Help with tasks at home. Making sure the house is clean, dishes are done and food is prepared allows for dad to come home with less to stress about. It will also free up his time to spend with the family instead of doing other things around the house.
  3. Allow him to recuperate. Dads work hard, so they need time to rest and recuperate. At times, that means just getting good, quality sleep or allowing him to have some “dad time” to relax, or spend time with his friends, or doing whatever he loves to do without being interrupted from things that are on the “honey-do list”.
  4. Spoil him on occasion. Dads are awesome and they deserve to be catered to, not only on Father’s Day, but on other days as well! Spoil him! Ask him what he likes and what he enjoys doing, and make those things happen for him. When a person is shown appreciation, it makes them feel good and will likely make them want to do more for others in return. Showing appreciation and spreading happiness promotes less stress and longevity, so try to show dad how much you love him for what he does on more occasions.
  5. Afford him the gift of a 5 Strands Affordable Test. Some dads have a proper diet and exercise on a consistent basis, but sometimes that is not enough for a healthier dad. This can be because he is eating foods that he’s intolerant to or exposed to certain factors that he is intolerant to but doesn’t know it. If dad gets a 5 Strands Affordable Deluxe Test done, he can find out what foods, environmental items, and heavy metals he’s intolerant to, along with learning about what nutrients he’s deficient in! This would be the perfect gift for dad and will allow him to make changes in his foods and environmental exposure, which will improve his overall health and “dad duty” efficiency.

Healthy dads make for healthy ladies and lads. Our dads make a huge difference in our lives and we all love them dearly for everything that they do. Motive him, help him around the house, allow him to recuperate and get him a 5 Strands Affordable Test so he can continue to be the best dad that you know and love!

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