Golden Nuggets About Gold

For centuries, gold has been a hot commodity and used for many different things for everyday life. They have been used for coinage, jewelry, skin care products, technology, medicine, art and even as food decoration. Gold, scientifically known as aurum (Au), is a highly ductile and malleable precious metallic element that is not subject to oxidation or corrosion ().

This versatile element has a myriad of health and beauty benefits that many of us currently use. Some of us aren’t even fully aware that our everyday items contain gold, nor do we know why gold is put in these products. Here are but a few reasons why using gold on a daily basis can improve one’s health and beauty:

Alleviates inflammation/arthritis

Gold is an antioxidant and contains anti-inflammatory properties that “can protect your skin against free radicals that cause wrinkles or sun damage” (Ilagan, 2018). Using skin care products that contain gold can aid in protecting the skin. Also, wearing gold can help reduce arthritis pain. 

Helps reduce acne and allergies

Chinese and Egyptian medicine contained gold because they believed that it helped blood circulation which reduces acne and allergies. Many Egyptians and Chinese also wear makeup and jewelry that have gold for this reason, as well as for beautification purposes (Ilagan, 2018). 

Skin care treatment

There are so many skin care products that contain gold because they improve elasticity by toning and firming the skin. Skin care products with gold “can reduce the breakdown of elastin and restore the elasticity of the tissues” (Ilagan, 2018). Pure gold is also in dermatological treatments and keeps skin youthful, radiant and beautiful (Amin, Karmakar, Shaun, & Yates, 2019). Using creams or masks every night or every week can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.

Reduces soreness

Because gold improves blood circulation, it can also help with healing the body. Applying gold to a sore spot can relax the blood vessels and helps regulate oxygen in the body. If you have sore muscles, joint pain or aching feet, apply products like Gold Bond, or other balms to reduce the pain and soreness (Amin, Karmakar, Shaun, & Yates, 2019).

Regulates body temperature

If you experience hot flashes, chills or night sweats, gold can aid in the reduction of these symptoms due to it increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. Incorporating skin care products that contain gold into your daily skin care treatment can aid in these issues (Amin, Karmakar, Shaun, & Yates, 2019).

Rejuvenates the body and mind (mood enhancer) 

Elyse Ilagan (2018) wrote in her blog that “there are ions present in gold that can help in stimulating skin cells, nerves, and veins in your body”. It also soothes and attunes the mind and body into a better state, as well as increases your energy, focus and libido! All of these qualities improve our overall mood and rejuvenates the mind and body, which is vital to our well-being.

Gold has a number of uses that are beneficial to us all: from being used in skin care products to jewelry to medicine, it is an important element that we use every day. Although it contains various helpful qualities, you also want to be sure that you do not overuse this precious commodity. Using too much of one thing can create an intolerance and your body could then develop a sensitivity to it. In order to know if you have been exposed to too much gold, you can get a Metals/Minerals intolerance test done with 5Strands® Affordable Testing. If your personalized results show that you have a high level of gold exposure, it may be best to minimize of eliminate exposure for a few weeks. Nevertheless, gold is a very important and advantageous metal and who doesn’t love gold?! Just simply adding a nightly cream into our beauty regimen or wearing more gold jewelry can work wonders for our skin and overall health.



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