What will my kit include?
When you receive your kit in the mail, you will open the box. Inside you will see a polybag. Inside the polybag there will be an anti-static bag, a white parchment paper bag, a leave behind card entitled "Important Information to Keep", and a return shipping label. There should be a unique identifier label on the anti-static bag along with a matching unique identifier label on your leave behind card. The instructions about how to register your kit and collect the hair sample will be indicated directly on the box. We have attached a link to our Youtube video to show you exactly what it looks like:
Inside Kit.pdf
Inside Kit.pdf
What's Inside My Kit?
How do I collect my pet’s hair sample?
You can take the hair sample from anywhere on your pet’s body. Brush with a clean comb/brush, cut, or gently pull. Whatever is easiest for you and your pet. The root is not required. If the hair is longer than 1 inch, please provide 10-15 strands. If the hair is shorter than 1 inch, please provide 20-25 strands.
How To Collect My Pet's Hair?
Should I change my pets diet prior to taking the test?
If a pet is suffering from noticeable symptoms and you are trying to determine the cause of the symptoms, there is no reason to alter the pets diet prior to taking the test. The purpose of the 5Strands pet test is to help you determine what foods could be triggering an unwanted symptom and remove those food items from their nutrition plan and see if the symptoms lessen or go away.
Does hair dye affect the test results?
Hair dye does not affect the results of the test. You will not have to wait until your natural hair grows in. You can test anytime.
Does hair dye affect the test results?
Why does 5Strands use hair samples?
Collecting a hair sample is easy and non-invasive. Hair testing eliminates storage, transportation and usability constraints that are associated with other types of tissue samples. Hair is stable. It’s not affected by factors such as recent meals, stress, medications, etc.
If I am bald, how do I collect my sample?
Any body hair can be used to conduct the test (arm hair, leg hair, nose hair, ear hair, facial hair). If the hair is longer than 1 inch, please provide 10-15 strands. If the hair is shorter than 1 inch, please provide 20-25 strands.
Do I need to wash my hair prior to testing?
It is not required for your hair to be freshly washed prior to submitting your hair sample.
Can your test help me lose weight, gain muscle mass, etc.?
The testing results will provide you with an elimination guideline to remove foods that may be causing unwanted symptoms. These foods can be causing inflammation in the body. If you stop consuming these foods, the bloating you might be experiencing can disappear and therefore show a weight loss. We have had many customers experience more energy and able to exercise more.
Are these tests suitable for children?
5Strands Affordable Testing is suitable for all ages. We have tested infants as young as 1 month old.
Does insurance cover this type of testing?
We have recently heard from some of our pet customers indicating that their pet insurance has reimbursed them for their pet test. Currently we have not heard of any health insurance companies covering the cost of the human testing. Affordable Testing has tried to keep the cost of the testing at an affordable price so that most consumers can afford the test without insurance reimbursement.
Should I test my pet for food intolerances even though they do not have any visible symptoms?
The beauty of our testing process is that it will register food items whether or not your pet has ever consumed the food item or not. That way you will know what items you should or should not feed your pet. Even if you have previously fed your pet an item, such as pork, and it shows up on the test, it does not necessarily mean that your pet will show a visible symptom. Most of the time the symptoms do not manifest unless you are feeding your pet that food item every single day. In addition, some symptoms are not always visible such as joint pain or a tummy ache. If you continue feeding your pet a food item every day, the symptom may continue until it manifests itself into a visible symptom. If you are already doing what you were intended to do with your pet's nutrition plan, then that might explain why your pet does not express any visible symptoms. We have had instances where pet parents have removed the offending items even though their pet was not showing any visible symptoms. After several weeks, they noticed that their pet showed signs of increased activity and energy. We have seen this happen with people too.
Do I need to bathe my pet prior to the testing?
It is not required to bathe your pet prior to the testing. However, the lab does need a sample that does not have any other visible items (dirt, leaves, etc.) attached to the hair.
If my pet is taking medication or a supplement, will the results be affected?
Medications or supplements being taken will not affect the testing results. Your pet can continue with any medication or supplement they are taking on a routine basis.
Will my pet's results be affected by medication or supp?
Can I use my HSA (health spending account) or FSA (flexible spending account) account to pay for this test?
Each HSA and FSA account has different rules and regulations. You will need to contact them directly to see whether or not they have coverage for at home testing kits.
Do I need to purchase another kit for retesting, or could you use the sample I sent in a year ago?
You would need to purchase another test kit and send in another hair sample. The lab will only keep the hair samples for 30 days. The bio-hazard company comes every 30 days to dispose of the hair samples.
How long do I have to complete the test? Does the test kit expire?
5Strands Affordable Testing kit does not have an expiration date. Once the test has been purchased, it can be completed at any time.
What happens to my hair sample after testing?
Once the lab has completed the testing, it is stored in a container for up to 30 days. A biohazard company comes every 30 days to pick up the samples and disposes of them according to EPA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines.