DiorABelle's Story

DiorABelle’s Story

5Strands Affordable testing occasionally will share their customer’s history and testimony. When you hear the stories of other pet parents, you do not feel alone. Below you will read the story of DiorABelle, the Long Coat Chihuahua:

Diorabelle was very itchy all over, watery eyes, balding ring around both eyes, red eyes, thinning and bald patches from fur loss, red itchy ears, tummy gurgling, constipation and diarrhea, constant fatigue and over all feeling yucky and very clingy.
DiorABelle’s diet consisted of a prescription food from the veterinarian. Hill’s Science Diet ZD formula. Cornstarch protein.

2 years of constant research had yielded very little results in how to rectify the health issues Diorabelle was having. This food was somewhat helpful but still did not yield great results.

During my research in late 2017 early 2018, I happened upon 5Strands Affordable Testing in my online searches. I immediately further researched it and was hopeful this could help us figure out some of the issues. I decided to take a chance on the test. The price point was reasonably affordable and I had tried most other options already. I had no idea how much this product would change our lives for the better.

Once I received the results from 5Strands Affordable Testing I was shocked at the amount and type of food intolerances. Honestly I was a bit overwhelmed at first look. Even with the ease of reading the results, I thought how am I gonna tackle this? I quickly took a breath and made an easy plan. First, I hunted for ANY pre made dog food I could purchase that didn’t have the Red food intolerances in them. Unfortunately, DiorABelle’s intolerances are most common proteins and fruits & vegetables included in most dog foods. I could not locate a single brand to fit her needs. I decided at that point to start her on a raw diet. I haven’t looked back since. It was way easier than anticipated and the results were phenomenal. I decided to eliminate the red foods first, then work my way to yellow and finally green. IT WORKED! Within 1 week of eliminating the red food intolerances, DiorABelle’s fur was coming back. She was finally gaining weight, her energy levels were up, her itching was down, eyes were bright and her tummy woes were more in check! (Way less butt baths happening … happy pup and mom). We have continued the raw diet for over a year now and can not be happier with the results. Thanks to 5Strands Affordable Testing, DiorABelle is a thriving healthy dog.

5Strand Affordable Testing is accessible to all. Affordable, quick and easy to read results, and within 2 weeks time you can have the results of what is making your pet so sick. Then YOU get to decide how and what to eliminate. Putting you back in charge of your pets needs. I absolutely love that and I absolutely love this company and this test. Without it, I would still be struggling to figure out why DiorABelle is not thriving. For a year now I have had a healthy happy pup with a full coat of fur … Could not be happier or more grateful to 5Strands Affordable Testing!

I now recommend this test to everyone-both pet and human.

We are always interested in hearing your stories. If you would like to participate in our case study program, please let us know.

Written by DiorABelle’s Mom

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