But That’s My Go to Snack

We have all heard the saying “Too much of a good thing isn’t good for you”. Well there is some truth to this cliché. We eat certain foods that we like on a consistent basis and wonder why they all of a sudden make us feel bad. This may be because your body has developed a food intolerance or food sensitivity to these particular foods.

A food intolerance is developed when your body is unable to properly digest those foods. Many of us mistaken food intolerances for food allergies, but they are not the same. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to food are more severe than symptoms of food sensitivity, trigger the immune system, can cause swelling of the body, and could even become fatal. According to a Medical News Today article written by Christian Nordqvist, common symptoms of food intolerance are bloating, migraines, headaches, cough, runny nose, stomach ache, irritable bowel, hives, or simply feeling under the weather. These symptoms aren’t as bad as those of a food allergy but they can be very uncomfortable and can inconvenience your day to day activities.

Nordqvist (2017) also mentioned some common food intolerances to foods like “lactose, wheat, gluten, caffeine, histamine (present in mushrooms, pickles, and cured food), additives such as artificial sweeteners, coloring, or other flavorings”. Food intolerances can be caused by the absence of an enzyme, which is needed for proper digestion; chemical causes like amines in some cheeses, or caffeine in coffee and tea; food poisoning toxins like aflatoxins in undercooked beans; occurrence of histamine like in fish that has not been properly stored, or from salicylates which come from salicylic acid that is present in most plant-sourced foods like tomato sauce, berries, and citrus fruits which have high levels of salicylates (Nordqvist, 2017).

My youngest nephew used to eat a lot of dairy when he was younger and now has a food intolerance to anything with dairy. Now, he does not eat dairy at all but will occasionally have soy milk or soy cheese instead. As for me, I have noticed that my body will react to certain beans, yogurt and some smoothies, so I try to be attentive to how my body reacts to these foods if I decide to eat them, and I try my best to limit my intake of those foods.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix your food intolerance issue! First, be sure to get your Food Intolerance test done through 5Strands Affordable Testing [insert link here]. This test is non-invasive and only requires a few strands of your hair in order to create personalized results for you. Once you get your results, you are then able to see which foods you are intolerant to and should begin eliminating one or two of those foods for a few weeks to see how your body reacts. Then you can progress to the rest of the foods from your results. After a few weeks, your body will build up a tolerance level and you can choose to eat some of those foods again. Be sure to monitor what you’re eating and the amount of those foods you are eating if you decide to begin eating those foods again. Also, try to incorporate a more balanced diet instead of consistently consuming the same foods. Meal prepping is a great way to help you have a variety of foods and meals throughout the week, and it limits unhealthy snacking. Your body is your temple so make sure you are giving it the proper food and fuel it deserves!


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    Brian 10 months ago

    I have heard of endorphins being released from eating an intolerant food. So we may be craving what is actually bad for us.

    My sister is 56, retarded but craves peanut butter. 5 Stands had that show up as Level 3 Red. It’s been only a few days but so far no “Anger Bursts”. The doc just wanted to drug her.

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