Boob Jobs and Heavy Metals

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and we are all beautiful in our own individual ways. Some of us prefer to work with what we were born with and some of us work to enhance our beauty whether that be with makeup, buying new clothes, getting our hair done or even undergoing plastic surgery. Even though getting plastic surgery may enhance your looks, it may not necessarily be the best thing for you to do because it could have some adverse effect on your body.

Let’s take breast implants for example. Many women have this procedure done in order to look better and get the attention they may desire, but what they may not know is that breast implants contain several heavy metals that can be harmful to their body. An article entitled Breast Implant Illness (2017) listed a number of heavy metals that are inside breast implants. Some heavy metals in silicone implants are arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, silver and zinc. Some heavy metals in saline implants include arsenic, lead, manganese, platinum, tin and zinc. A few of these metals are fine to have in the body but many of them can cause damage to the body. 

Here are some of the negative effects of harmful heavy metals in the body: 

–acts as a neurotoxic to the brain and central nervous system

–displaces minerals and upsets digestion

–damages organs like the liver and kidneys

–contributes to fungal, viral and bacterial infections

–disturbs metabolic functions

–creates imbalances in healthy metals (low calcium, low iodine, high copper), and

–blocks, replaces, depletes, and poisons the body and its functions

If you are contemplating on getting breast implants, please talk to your doctor and be sure to ask them about all of the possible harmful effects that getting the procedure done will have on your body. There are also great push-up bras that will allow your breast to appear one or two cup sizes bigger, so getting a major surgical procedure may not need to be the route you choose. If you already have implants then it is best that you get a Metals/Minerals test done with 5 Strands Affordable Testing in order to see what heavy metals are prevalent in your body. Once you know, you can then talk to your doctor about alternative implants because your health is important to your overall well-being. When you put you health first, it will help you feel even more beautiful than you already are because you know that you are doing what is best for your body!


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