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We have some exciting news to share!

We have had such a great response from our customers that have had the opportunity to experience a consultation with Dr. Ruth Moore.

5Strands would love to announce that Dr. Ruth Moore has now been added to the team as our Chief Medical Officer!

Dr. Ruth Moore is a Fellow with the Complementary Medical Association, National Health Advocate and Consultant, Integrative and Holistic Health Practitioner, and Cognitive Behaviorist who is able to see the broad picture, help her clients identify goals, and translate these into actionable and attainable objectives. She has a background in cognitive neuroscience and behaviorism, spiritual psychology, and holistic kinesiology, specializing in stress reduction and balancing the autonomic nervous system. Her services also help with pain reduction for patients who have experienced complex traumas.
Dr. Ruth Moore’s education was launched in Military Service schools, including Georgia’s Military College. From there, she completed her undergrad work at Excelsior College and then specialized in Behaviorism at National University. Her doctoral training was at Esoteric Theological Seminary: Theological Doctorate (Spiritual Psychology), then she achieved her Post-Doctoral Certificate in Integrative Medicine from Saybrook University. She is now entering her dissertation stage as she completes her Ph.D. in Psychoneuroimmunology (Mind-Body Medicine) also at Saybrook University.
Dr. Ruth Moore was Awarded the Voice for Change Award at the Truth and Justice Summit in Washington, DC and she was featured in the documentary ‘Make the Connection; Veteran Recovery and Empowerment.’ She has also been a featured guest expert on the television show ‘Inside Edition.' Dr. Moore has spoken at the University of North Carolina, the SheWINS International Summit, presented at the Washington, D.C.’s Mayor’s office on Veteran’s Affairs, and has spoken as an expert on the subjects of Functional Medicine / Neuroscience and Integrative Medicine.
In addition, Dr. Ruth Moore is also the Founder and Board Director of INTERNITY. This organization has a mission to advocate for, assist, educate, and empower veterans as they adapt to and overcome barriers that arise from their disabilities. This work has led to the formation of the Ruth Moore Act, the creation of a provision in the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, changes in Title 38 of the Federal Registry, and both direct and indirect services to over 1.2 million veterans who have received over 6 million in back benefits and 7.8 billion dollars in future healthcare services.
Dr. Ruth has a sidekick too!
Dr. Ruth travels everywhere with her sidekick, Cooper. Cooper is a certified seizure dog so he has a very important job as well!
5Strands welcomes Cooper to the team since the office is pet friendly! With his sweet demeanor and big frame, Cooper is definitely what you would call a gentle giant.
Cooper spent his time in the 5Strands' office getting to know his fellow coworkers. He definitely fit right in!
100,000 miles for Cooper
On October 24, 2021, Cooper Moore celebrated his 100,000 mile frequent flyer moment with his human handler, Dr. Ruth Moore and Pilot Christopher Corcoran of Delta Airlines. Cooper is Dr. Moore’s service dog and has been coast to coast, from California to Maine, and Georgia to Lake Michigan; with his most notable stops in Denver, Colorado, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, California, and the beautiful coastline of Monterey.
In the airline community, Cooper is noted for his exemplary training and in his past 5 years of flying, has been known to assist airline security and TSA for drug reconnaissance and bomb detection. He has also been identified as “Grande Pero” in California, “Mr. Magnificent” in JFK, and “Small Pony” from Boston, for his 130-pound frame. When seen on the many concourses, he has a way of “herding” the passengers to the various sides of the passageway by lumbering down the center with his big smile and Dr. Moore in tow. He loves being in his vest and providing service, and has even helped other people when they have had medical issues.
When asked about his many adventures, he just smiled patiently and told us that it’s a dog’s life. His favorite rest stop is the Bangor International Airport’s Pet potty, where he faithfully checks his pee-mail. Although not fully retired yet, he mentions that his future plans are to enjoy the lake life at Graham lake in Ellsworth (#lakelifefromgraham).
Cooper is on a mission with Dr. Ruth to help people and pets live a healthier life!

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  • Posy Bass   |  

    I assume Cooper the Magnificent has been tested? Does he have food intolerances? You should train him to detect cancer. My daughters dog met a friend of mine, a tall imposing man. He (the dog) usually shy, was in his face licking him everywhere! I thought he was being friendly, could be, but still unusual. Then a thought came to me-maybe he smell my friends cancer?

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