Viva Las Vegas with Three Dog Bakery!

Viva Las Vegas with Three Dog Bakery!

Every year there are two very big trade expos in the pet industry. In the spring, we attend Global Pet Expo and in the Summer, it is Super Zoo. Attending these expo’s allows us to meet all kinds of people in the pet industry. We also learn about new pet products and pet foods on the market. In addition, we get to meet retailers that have unique stores.

Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada

One of those unique stores is Three Dog Bakery. They are actually a country-wide franchise. We met the owner of Three Dog Bakery in Las Vegas, Frank Shaw. Frank decided to carry our pet test in his store and has done very well selling the test to his customers. We are grateful to retailers like Frank for promoting our product and striving to provide quality pet food to their customers. Once the testing process has been completed and you receive your pet’s results, you can bring the report into his store and he will help you determine the best food to feed your pet.

     I recently planned a trip to see my son in Las Vegas and decided to take a side trip to visit Frank at Three Dog Bakery. I had always heard great things about the products they sold and wanted to see for myself.

We Bake Love into Every Bite

I stopped by the store and we took a video of Frank explaining various products and their in-store bakery. We hope to have the videos uploaded to our YouTube channel shortly.

Sweet without any pefined sugar

The store was designed to maximize space and features quality products, custom dog foods, and most of all custom baked treats that are literally edible by humans! I almost started drooling while eyeing the baked goods in the showcase! I could not believe the treats looked so yummy………

Pet Bakery
Love your Pet Bakery

For pets that have issues with the standard proteins, Three Dog Bakery carries jerky made from some of the exotic proteins such as Bison and wild game.

Plaque off System

Frank’s store also carries a full line of CBD products to help your pet with anxiety and inflammation problems. They even carry a special line of wheat-free food named after his dog, Gracie. 

     Aside from all of the custom food and treats, he carries a line of toys, custom pet beds, pet bowls/dishes, collars, leashes, first aid products, rawhides, bones, and much more!

     So forget about the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,”………when it comes to quality pet food. You need to tell all your family and friends about Frank’s pet store, Three Dog Bakery.

     The next time you are in Vegas, feel free to stop by and see Frank and the crew and try some of his homemade treats.

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