Introducing Affordable Testing’s New Horse Test

Introducing 5Strands® Affordable Testing’s  
New Horse Test

While working with many dog and cat owners over the past year, a question frequently arose, “Do you offer testing for horses?” We recently decided, “Why not!” Based on the popularity and success of our testing for dogs and cats, we are happy to announce our new testing for horses. We use the same simple methodology of analyzing hair samples. All that’s needed is 10-15 strands of your horse’s mane, tail or body hair. Now you can find out if symptoms like skin problems, heated hoofs, colic, heaves, changes in behavior or performance, etc. are due to food or environmental intolerances.

After interviewing many horse owners and professionals in the horse industry, we have identified key items that are important to be analyzed for the effect on a horse’s health. Our comprehensive intolerance testing includes 60+ foods and 25+ environmental items, covering all the major proteins, most grains, fruits, vegetables, food additives, fabrics, pollen, grasses, trees and more! We also test for over 30 nutritional deficiencies and 8 metals/minerals.

Test results are provided in a comprehensive report that is emailed to the horse owner with 5-7 days. The retail price of the test is $189.

The majority of issues related to allergies in horses are caused by intolerance or sensitivity to something they commonly eat. Until 5Strands® introduced the Affordable Test for Horses, the only dependable method to test for a food intolerance or sensitivity in horses was to completely remove the suspected food item from the horse’s diet for at least 4-8 weeks. If the horse responded well and the symptoms diminished, the suspected food trigger was then fed to the horse again to see if clinical symptoms returned. This is an extremely challenging process for horse owners/trainers/managers. In addition, elimination diets are not practical for some horses, especially competition horses. These horses require a steady diet of rich feed to maintain their weight, strength and performance during training and competition.


Imagine the possibilities that 5 Strands® Affordable Testing offers for competition horses. For example, with the ability to develop a specific nutrition plan, which would be expected to reduce inflammation and improved performance, an owner could help maximize their horse’s potential. Could this result in more wins?!

If you’re a horse owner, trainer, or have a passion for horses, this test could be the answer to a happy and healthier horse! 5 Strands® Affordable Testing can help remove guesswork and allow for a horse’s diet, environment and lifestyle to be tailored to fit their immediate needs.

Aside from food intolerances/sensitivities, “true” allergic reactions that take place in the body’s immune system, are far less common. 5 Strands® Affordable Testing does not test for this type of allergy. Studies have shown that the most reliable testing method for these more serious allergies is the Intradermal allergy test (IDAT). The IDAT test involves injection of allergens into the horse’s skin after the horse has been sedated. After several hours, the skin is examined for any symptoms of reactions. The horse can not be on any medication for several weeks prior to this test to achieve accurate results. This type of allergy testing is time consuming and costly and usually requires a vet coming to the horse.

According to an article in Practical Horseman Magazine by Stephen White, board-certified veterinary dermatologist and professor in the Department of Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, blood tests available for food allergies are extraordinarily inaccurate.

University of North

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Graduated From University of North Georgia this past May with a Marketing degree.

The saying, “you remain friends after college” is definitely true. 
Since working at Affordable Testing, I’ve gotten back into the gym. My health is a top priority and I am blessed to have friends and co-workers to push me to be my best self.
I adopted Lily May in April 2015 and she’s been a blessing ever since.
Taken at Tybee Island on vacation.

There have been a lot of changes in my life the last few months! I graduated college, moved back home, and started working full-time. Those three things can seem stressful for a moment, but they’ve been a complete blessing.

I know my friends are always just a phone call away. My parents have helped me with the transition and always supported me. Some people think having a job after college will result in working 9-5 at a job they don’t enjoy. My experience is the opposite. I totally enjoy my job! At Affordable Testing, we are a family. We bounce off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses to help the company succeed.

Every experience from my childhood to present day has molded me into the women I am. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way… Whether you’ve had some bad days lately, reflect on the fact that it will get better. Start tomorrow as a new day and with a positive attitude. Treat others the way you want to be treated and remember someone is always looking up to you for guidance. Be the person they want to grow up to be. Surround yourself with loved ones and a job you like to wake up to.


National Holistic Pet Day – August 30th

National Holistic Pet Day – August 30th

Holistic Health is a wellness approach that takes into account the whole individual – body, mind, and spirit. It’s a preventative lifestyle that’s based on social, psychological and environmental influences that affect health, including nutrition, exercise, and mental relaxation. A holistic practitioner helps uncover underlying causes of symptoms and the person takes responsibility for and an active role in their own health care. In traditional medicine, the physician looks at the person’s symptoms and treats them with prescriptions or surgery while the patient takes a passive role in their health care.

Holistic medicine has grown in popularity but until just recently, people were not considering it for their pets! Holistic Pet Day was started by Coleen Paige from the Animal Miracle Foundation to encourage owners to look at all issues that could impact the welfare of their pet. Holistic Pet Day was started to try to bring more publicity to the idea of treating your pet holistically.

Holistic pet care improves nutrition, increases your pet’s energy, prevents disease and can even cure chronic conditions. Using holistic treatments may not only give your pet a long, healthy, happy life, it may also save time and money. While there’s nothing in the world we wouldn’t do, no sum of money we wouldn’t spend for our pets, sometimes the means to do so just aren’t available.

What can you do to improve your pet’s quality of life?

The first and most important cornerstone of good health is nutrition. Feed your pet a diet of natural and organic food and treats. We all understand the benefit of eating a healthy diet.

Reading the labels on all products is a must. Purchase items with only natural ingredients. No chemicals, additives, preservatives, or dyes. Our pet’s digestive system is not designed to deal with these types of items found in processed pet foods. You should consider ingredients that are selected to benefit the animal, not just make the food item look more appealing to us.

In the pet food industry, it is the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) that establishes the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods. However, AAFCO does not regulate, test, approve or certify pet foods in any way. Rather, it is the pet food company’s responsibility to formulate their products according to the appropriate AAFCO standard. When choosing the best formula of food for your pet, consult with your veterinarian, who can inform you of any specific needs your pet may have. Again, read the package labels so that you know what’s in your pet’s food.

Here are a few holistic examples you can easily implement at home:

Clean, fresh water should always be available. You can keep your pet’s water safe by using filtered water. Use stainless steel bowls rather than plastic too.

Pets need exercise just like we do. It is important to keep your pet physically and mentally fit. Take them for plenty of walks, play fetch, chase them around the house, play with their favorite ball or toys, hide treats and make them find them, or use puzzle pet toys.

Use natural grooming products that use essential oils and extracts instead of chemicals. Make sure you keep your pet away from any household products that contain chemicals. Consider using natural pesticides around your home and natural soaps and cleaning products.

Affordable Pet Testing also offers a simple, holistic way to improve your pet’s health. Our testing checks for intolerances against over 300 items and gives you answers on the best nutrition and environment for your pet and what items should be avoided.

Use this day on August 30th to learn some other ways on how you can holistically care for your pet and improve their quality of life.