Giving it a “SHOT” at Dog Behaviors

We all love our dogs and want the very best for them. We try to feed them the best pet food, shower them with lots of love, and make sure they get the best medical care that we can afford. Unfortunately, some of the vaccinations that are given to our pets are not the best thing for them or they are administered too often or too carelessly to your pet. One of these vaccinations is the Rabies shot.

Rabies shots can have adverse side effects that we are sometimes not informed about. Stated in an article entitled “Dog Behaviors After Rabies Vaccine”, there are three side effects your dog could experience after they are given the rabies vaccination including “allergic reactions, itching at the injection spot, or aggressive displays of behavior”. Some dogs who have aggressive behavior could be experiencing a condition called Rabies Miasm, in which the dog’s behavior after given the rabies vaccination mimics the behavior of a dog who has contracted rabies. After the shot, the dog could be overly aggressive to both humans and animals like wanting to bite, snarling of the teeth, and sudden and unprovoked attacks (Rabies Vaccination And Aggression In Dogs, 2019). Other behavioral changes are involuntary urination, lack of affection, tail chewing and destructive behaviors.

My dog actually showed some unprovoked rage after being vaccinated just last year. At first, my husband and I were shocked because he’s normally a playful, loving dog, and we were unsure as to why he could be acting so ferociously. He was growling at my husband, showing his teeth and constantly trying to bite him and one time he actually bit him! We weren’t really sure what to do so since we are crate training him anyway, we just kept him in his crate until these behaviors subsided after a day or two.

However, if your dog does experience these aggressive, unprovoked behaviors, be sure to treat this as an emergency and contact your local vet. If your vet does not treat this as an emergency, then take your dog to a vet who will. Be sure to monitor your dog’s behavior over the next few days to ensure that these negative side effects dissipate. Also, be sure you are fully aware of the vaccinations your vet is giving your dog at every visit. We all love our dogs and want the very best for them so be sure to be attentive to their needs and their behavior on a daily basis and they will continue to treat you as their best friend.


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Written by Yvonne Sims

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  1. Kc

    My dog actually attacked his friend our other dog Hana by the neck almost looks like he’s in a kill him but now couple days later they’re just fine


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