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Detoxing The Natural Way

When people hear the word detox, they think of a specific process over a period where one abstains from or rids the body of unhealthy substances. Typically, this is done through eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the liver or colon. While there is not enough research to say that a “detox diet” can eliminate toxins from the body, your best bet is to try to help your body detox naturally every day.

Our body will naturally detox every day by drinking an abundant amount of water, eating enough organic fruits and vegetables, eating foods rich in fiber to help with the daily cleanse of your digestive tract, you can fast, exercise, use an infra-red sauna, or do massage therapy.

Avoiding certain foods will also help in the daily detox protocol. The following foods should be avoidedwhen trying to detox: dairy products-including milk and eggs, corn, peanuts, shellfish, soda, coffee, alcohol, white bread, wheat, soy, artificial sweeteners, condiments, and any processed foods.

Foods that you should be including in your daily diet: DRINK more fluids, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, increase your intake of pro-biotic rich foods, increase fiber intake with fiber rich whole grains, and incorporate flaxseed into your diet.

The following is a list of recommended foods:

  • Onions  Apples  Almonds  Chlorella  Chickpeas  Kuas
  • Beets  Pears  Coconut  Spirulina  Sauerkraut  Carrots
  • Cauliflower  Watermelon  Olive Oil  Dandelion  Kimchi  Cherries
  • Cabbage  Raspberries  Avocado Oil  Burdock Root  Keffer Herbal Teas
  • Brussel Sprouts  Blueberries  Green Tea  Milk Thistle  Yogurt  Lentils

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