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Our mission is to empower families with a voice about their own health care and that of their pets.
We strive to fill the void of consumer-driven needs with our affordable testing.


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Purchased this test for my dog, because he would always behave differently when I would change his food. Come to find out through the test, that he is allergic to fish. I no longer purchase any food that contains fish and now he is great. I would like to thank the makers of the pet intolerance test. Would highly recommend this product.
Cameron Estep
My dog has been experiencing itchy, red, scanned skin recently. It wasn’t anything that was too concerning but we were monitoring it to make sure it didn’t get any worse. I figured it was some sort of allergic reaction and I was correct, after reviewing our results from this test. My dog was intolerant to the chicken in her food we were giving her. We’ve recently switched food brands, hoping that works!
Andrew Marolda
When I first received the results, I immediately thought they must be incorrect. I was thinking I was lactose intolerant and it did not show up as such. Instead, many other foods were in the red list. There was NO WAY I was sensitive to what it was saying. But over the next week, I noticed that my stomach issues were linked to those specific ingredients. I didn't want to believe it, but it does correlate. It gave me reality check I needed to start changing my diet.
Amazon Customer
I purchased this test because my dog was constantly scratching and the vet could not figure out what was causing it. She had been on steroid medications for several months and nothing was helping. After receiving the test results, it showed that my dog has an intolerance to beef which was the main ingredient in her dog food. Within 2 weeks of changing her dog food, the itching has stopped! This test has been a life saver! I would definitely recommend this product to any pet owner.
Elliott Larmie
We have an 8 1/2 year old Olde English Bulldog. She had been having back to back allergic reactions both food and environmental based across almost 90 days. We had her allergy tested with the company who gave us wonderful fast results and very clear findings. This is a hair follicle DNA test for which she didn't have to be off her px to take. Results came back in a week! The company offers test kit on Amazon and you send it back to their research labs in Atlanta. I highly recommend this test option if your pet is too ill to wait to be off meds for a blood allergy test and seeing a dog allergist is not a viable option. The best part is the test results come back in a week!
Aaron Stockle
Definitely recommend! My pup was having really bad diarrhea after we switched brands of dog food to a less expensive brand. We heard about this test from a friend and decided to try it out. The test came back that our dog was having a reaction to the fish in the food which was one of the main ingredients.

Why Choose 5Strands

5 Strands® Affordable Testing utilizes a hair samples for determining temporary imbalances for food and environmental intolerances, nutritional items, and metal/minerals items.

Collecting a hair sample is easy and non-invasive. We require only 10-15 strands of hair.
Hair testing is completed quickly and efficiently with results reported within 7-10 days after the sample arrives at the lab.
We provide a way to test more items cost-effectively, allowing us to pass the savings along to the customer.
Our testing is not affected by factors such as recent meals, stress, medications, dye, etc. Hair testing eliminates storage, transportation and usability constraints that are associated with other types of tissue samples.